New features to help you manage your website leads

Published: 25/07/2022 By Elliott Rowland - COO

Who’s this update for?


What's the cost and how do I get it?

Nothing, it's free for everyone. The feature will simply be available the next time you login to VIA

What’s the update:

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to see your website leads and action a response.

The new website leads panel shows you every lead that’s come in from your website, summarizing the key information, and allowing to email or phone the applicant or vendor in one click.

You no longer have to work off of email to see your website lead details, so you don’t need to worry about important leads going into your junk folder or another staff’s inbox. We’ll continue to send you an email as well, but now you can simply mark your lead as complete directly through the dashboard to stay on top of your website enquiries.

Best of all, the feature is available when you login to VIA on your mobile, meaning all of your members of staff can see and action responses to website leads on the go by simply clicking the email or phone icon. Your VIA users will only see the leads that are relevant to the branch they are associated with, meaning streamlining your lead responses across your business has never been easier.

If you have our Lead Manager or CRM Edition software, you can also:

  • Add a note to the lead
  • Access reports to see who actioned what and when to give you complete transparency over your website leads
  • Filter reports by sales/lettings, type of lead (arrange a viewing, valuation etc), actioned or unactioned leads, plus a date picker to see over a specific period of time
  • See you average time to action, as well as a leaderboard across your business, branches and individuals to see who’s getting back to your enquiries in the quickest time
  • See every website lead a contact has ever made, or all leads made a against individual properties

If you interested in any of these features and are interested in upgrading your software to Lead Manager or CRM, please contact your account manager by clicking here

For more information about how to use the new Website Leads tile, search "website leads" in the VIA Training & Support centre, or read the how to article directly by clicking here