Webdadi's Sister Company Launches Additional Photography Services

Published: 07/02/2014 By Elliott Rowland

Datography is proud to launch its new studio set up.

After taking delivery of a brand new studio set up, the Datography team seemed to forget the end of the working week was nigh.

A 7ft backdrop, a trio of lights, and more accessories than you can shake a stick at saw a flurry of excitement sweep through the office. For the first time ever the team were wishing the weekend would wait just a little longer as people couldn’t wait to play with the new toys on offer.

Shy, retiring personalities were put aside as diva fever swept the office in a clamber for new Facebook profiles and Photo shopped portraits.

Once the initial excitement has died down and the divas are back at their desks, we’ll be proud to open our doors for portrait and product photography in the newly converted office.

If you need staff portraits for a new website or promotional material, give us a call now.

The new set up will also allow us to shoot an extensive range of stock photography to add to our current site, so watch this space for updates on when these images become available on our About Town stock site.