New mobile template now available

Published: 22/05/2015 By Tom Masters

Today we have launched a new mobile template, you can view an example here.

The new mobile template incorporates many exciting new features to benefit our customers and is available free of charge for most customers.

Google has recently made changes to prioritise a mobile friendly website in their mobile search results making a mobile optimised version of your website an absolute must. This new version will provide additional content and page for search engines to index relevant to your business.

New features include:

Automatic mobile website page creation
Webdadi automatically creates a mobile version of all web pages on your desktop website meaning an update to a page will now only need to be made in once. It also means that all the pages are now available on your mobile website too, this includes office pages, area guides, news stories, call me back forms and so on.

Swipe image viewer on properties
No more awkward previous and next buttons. The new image viewer allows your customers to swipe images to quickly explore a property they are interested in.

Property Search
There is now a shortcut to the search available on every page. Users are then able to quickly navigate to your property stock from anywhere on the website. Users can also search via area, street name or postcode.

Click to call
A list and clickable link to call your offices is also available on all pages providing a quick and straight forward way for customers to get in touch.

GPS location search
Your customers can quickly find your properties near their current location via the GPS location search available on the property search on all pages.

Improved URL structure
Like your desktop website, we have made some improvements to the url structure to ensure we always use human readable url’s. This provides the search engines with a similar structure to that of your desktop website and a suitable mobile optimised page for when potential customers are searching in your area for high value search terms.

Mobile friendly menu
Off canvas menu available on all pages and expands into view when clicked. The menu includes links to all pages and even supports a secondary tier to help a customer to easily navigation your website and get to the information they require

Google Streetview
Now available on all properties along with an interactive location map.

Similar properties
This is a great feature for users browsing your property stock as it will provide similar property suggestions to help keep them engaged.

If you are a Webdadi Customer and are interested in updating to this new version then do please contact us on 0208 246 6060. If you are not a Webdadi customer and would like to enquire about a mobile optimised website for you estate agency then do please contact the Webdadi Team.