New Features Available in VIA Now

Published: 09/06/2020 By Elliott Rowland

We've released new features and functionality into our VIA software. As ever, all of these updates are completely free of charge, and have been automatically rolled out onto the system and available to everyone as soon as they logon.

Tools for remote and home working

  • All users can set a status so all your colleagues know what you’re up to (eg: “working from home” or “on holiday”)
  • See all of your colleague’s statuses at a glance, and whether their logged into to the system right now.
  • You can also upload a personalised profile picture.

Book a viewing or a valuation in a click

  • You can now book a valuation or viewing appointment into your calendar directly from the property or contact record, without having to go into the calendar itself.
  • Right click any property or contact direct from the search or add an appointment directly from the record itself.
  • Adding an appointment not only tracks all the activity against your properties and contacts, but sends a confirmation email to all attendees to accept or reject the appointment.

Training Centre Update

  • Visit our redesigned training centre to see instructional how to videos and articles as well as hints and tips to help you improve things such as your SEO
  • The training centre is now found under the “Help & About” menu tab

Recently Edited Tile

  • The recently edited tile now shows your recently edited pages and blogs, as well as your properties and contacts, so you can revisit anything your working on quickly and easily

Miscellaneous Changes

  • SMS moved from the dashboard to the office tab
  • New third Party tile on dashboard with downloadable files for LettsPay integrations
  • Font size and style standardised across all tabs of VIA
  • Design changes to the Google Authentication, property and contact fields
  • Update to the latest security libraries for login and JWT authentication
  • New properties an contacts can have notes added when you first add the record to the system
  • About Menu changed to “Help & About”


  • Upgraded to font awesome 5.13.0
  • MailMerge - VIA Default MailMerge Templates contain new templates
  • Update to the News Tile
  • Email tracking
  • Saving a user profile now remembers the linked contact
  • Fixed padding in associated property view on contact popover