Want to give your customers a head start working out their financial situation?

Published: 12/01/2016 By Angela Peters

We know that having an realistic idea about finances is an important part of the decision making process when choosing a rental property, or buying a first home. As you may know we recently launched the Mortgage Calculator and the Stamp Duty calculator. And this month we are bringing out a Lettings Affordability Calculator that allows a user to input their income and see properties that are within their affordable budget.


If you fancy adding the Lettings Affordability Calculator, a Mortgage Calculator and/or a Stamp Duty Calculator as additional pages on your website now you can. These have been custom made by Webdadi and you can have full control over where you them on your website.


We have added a handy little guide to our Help Desk along with visuals to help you add your calculator of choice with ease.


These calculators are available to our Zephyr, Quantum and Cascade clients.