Need help maximising the effectiveness of your website & software?

Published: 28/10/2015 By Elliott Rowland

No matter how good a product, if you’re not using it to its full potential, you’ll never get the rewards you want.  You could have the most advanced website in the world, but if the features that make the site tick are just gathering dust, then you’re wasting the tools at your disposal and missing out on potential business. “That’s not me” I hear you say, “we know exactly what we’re doing.” Are you sure?

Did you know you can add a video to a property? Did you know you can add specific keywords to a property to improve your SEO? Do you know how feed a new property through to the property portals?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then listen up.

We’ve just launched a brand new online Help Desk. It will give you solutions to any technical problem you might be having with Webdadi as well as features and articles with step-by-step instructions and advice. The better you and your staff know our product, the more you and your business can achieve when using it. If you want to find out what you might be missing out on, or if you simply need more training on how to use the Webdadi product, then just visit our brand new online Help Desk to start maximising your Webdadi experience.