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Published: 16/02/2016 By Angela Peters



We all know that Estate Agents are a good looking bunch. So why not visually show your clients exactly who is managing each of your properties. Why not add a little 'Meet Your Agent' box to the property page. If you are on a responsive template (Zephyr, Cascade, Quantum etc.) and have CRM activated with us, this is a wonderful little innovation to help make your property page even more personal.


You can post your Estate Agent's picture, along with a personal quote about the property and include the Estate Agent's contact details, Twitter handle, and email.


To do this, simply drop us an email at and let us know you'd like to activate this innovation. Then to add the Estate Agent's info card to the property (like pictured above), make sure you've added an image to their Contact details in Webdadi and follow these instructions. It is really easy to do.  


It's all about creating a personal touch that gets you one step closer to engaging directly with your potential clients.