Like kids at Christmas!

Published: 20/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

We got some new servers delivered today for our new “development environment”.  This acquisition in the longer term will increase the speed in which we can deliver products.  Initially this work will be behind the scenes as we build the foundations of our future.

Pretty exciting eh?!  Well our developers are pretty happy as you can see from the pictures above, it’s like Christmas day for them!!  Whilst we are a very excitable bunch, this level of excitement is particularly high so I asked;

What is all the fuss about?”

“Well, this environment will give us the opportunity to test our new framework.  If, or rather when it passes we can start developing products and services much, much, faster.  So these servers are pretty cool” They replied.

I then asked something I wish I hadn’t:


“Cool, tell me about the new server?”

They replied:

“We actually bought a couple, and they have a pretty cool ‘Power Edge R210’ chassis with several cabled HDDs.  It’s got a robust 2C/2T, 3M Cache, 65W TPG Processor. A few GB of RAM, you know… the stuff you would expect.  Oh we chucked in some terabyte hard drives, RAID obviously.  What’s really cool is…….”

I slowly walked away at that point and let them get on with it.  However what I did take from the conversation is that this is an important milestone for Webdadi, and the dev team are thrilled at the progress they are making.


Watch this space for further developments!