Keep track of properties you're viewing on our websites

Published: 15/02/2016 By Angela Peters

Two things are important when you are viewing property after property - knowing what you've seen already, and being able to track which ones you liked.


To help your clients manage their sales and letting choices, we have introduced Saved Properties for any customer who has already registered on your site. As they peruse through your extensive property range searching for that perfect home, they can simply click on the Save to Favourites button at the top of the page, and these selections will be saved within their account. If they want to go back to them at any point, they simply go to their account, and all of their favourites will be listed there.


And to make it even easier to pinpoint other suitable houses, at the bottom of the property page we have activated Show recently viewed properties and Also available for sale options. This gives browsers to your website the chance to see other properties within their price range and to note which ones they've just looked at. All this is about making the user experience even easier for your customers.