Our Instant Valuation Tool Has Been Upgraded

Published: 28/07/2021 By The Webdadi Development Team

Having an accurate instant valuation tool can be the lynchpin to an estate agent’s inbound lead generation efforts – that’s why we regularly update and enhance our tool to ensure it offers the best user experience possible!

So, with that in mind, we have some great news for Webdadi customers – we’ve added some brand new features and functionality to our Instant Valuation Tool which has given it a striking visual refresh and also help differentiate you from your local competition.

What’s new? 

The updated Webdadi Instant Valuation Tool allows you to now make visual changes to match it closely with your agency’s own brand. The new functionality includes:

  • Add an image to the background of the item
  • Add a video to the background of the item
  • Add a background colour or transparent overlay to images and video
All of these new visual options can be controlled or edited in the VIA website CMS, meaning Webdadi customers can also control these settings themselves within the CMS.
This new functionality is a first for this type of tool because at present, no third party valuation tool allows you to customise the image after build (you can choose an image up front to use when you first buy it, but once implemented, it’s not customisable). Also, no third party instant valuation tools supports video, either. This means that Webdadi customers now have a real differentiator to stand them apart from rivals using other ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

Will Webdadi Customers Need To Take Any Action? 

No – the new Instant Valuation Tool rolled out to all Atom users on the 21st July as part of the service our Atom customers receive from us. And, like all our regular site functionality updates, this is a completely free service.

Why is This Type of Website Functionality Important?

Our Instant Valuation Website Plugin does exactly what it says on the tin: allowing potential vendors and landlords to get an instant valuation of their property through your website – and better still, it gives more accurate comparison based on your own agency’s property portfolio, sales data and your local track record.
With the new visual updates, users of our Instant Valuation Tool can now also enjoy a more visually appealing user experience, whilst customers can also make the tool match their own brand and visual identity.

A property agent’s website has to make the business of capturing new business enquiries as easy and effortless as possible: this is why the Customer Success Team here at Webdadi are always looking for new and exciting features and updates that can be added to customers’ websites to enhance their effectiveness - meaning that their websites grow and evolve with their businesses and never need costly re-development.

This type of functionality upgrade is something we provide all our customers, and is all part of the service we provide.

Have any questions about the new Instant Valuation Tool? The Customer Success Team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have – just hit the link below to book a conversation with one of our team today.

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