FREE updates to Atom websites & VIA Software

Published: 17/09/2018 By Elliott Rowland

If you're a VIA Website Edition Software customer, or if you've got our latest Atom Website Template, then we've just given you access to a whole host of great new features and updates, completely free of charge!

VIA Website Edition Software:

1. Customisable Dashboard
Your VIA Website Edition software has always had a handy dashboard which gives you key information about your website and alerts you to actions you should take to aid your SEO.

The Dashboard is now completely customisable. Move your tiles, change their size, and delete unwanted information. You can edit and save your dashboard to personalise your VIA experience.

2. Removal of Auto-Logout
When you speak, we listen. A number of customers have said that VIA's auto logout functionality stopped them completing key website updates if they were distracted by that inevitable phone call or email.

VIA will now keep all customers logged in unless you manually log out, meaning you can spend as long as you like in VIA without worrying about being logged out if you leave your system inactive for too long.

ATOM Website Template:

1. Add Hover Effects to Items
You can now add hover effects to any basic items you've added to a page. There are 10 different animations to choose from, so you can edit the look of your existing website pages, or design completely new ones with this great design feature.

You can even preview what your hover over effect will look like online directly within VIA, so you can help choose the right effect for your page design.  

2. Embed Videos in Blog Posts
You can now add videos to your blog articles to help increase engagement in your articles.

Any videos you add to your blog article will display on both the main blog page displaying all of your articles, as well as the individual blog article page.

3. Full Screen Items
Your homepage is one of the best looking pages on your website. A beautiful full screen video or image helps showcase your business to prospective vendors and landlords.
Well, now you can recreate this effect with our new full screen items. When you add items to a page, you now have the option to make them "full screen" ensuring they take up the entire size of the desktop screen, allowing you to create stunning landing pages.

Create stunning video and image carousels for you pages, and have the freedom to design the website page you want using Atom.

4. Add a Preview of your Blog to any Page
You now have the ability to add a preview of your blog to any page listed in VIA. Simply create an item with the "Blog item" template, and add it to any page you wish.

You can choose between displaying your blog articles as a revolving carousel, or in a grid view. You can choose between 1-20 of your latest blog articles to display, and you can even choose to only display blog articles which contain a specific keyword, allowing you to customise what blogs display according to the page you want to display them on.

Increase your SEO by adding your blog to your key landing pages, ensuring fresh content is automatically added to your pages whenever you add a blog article.

5. New Yield Calculator Item
If you're a lettings agent, or have a lettings department within your business, our latest item template will be a handy tool for your prospective landlords.

You can add a Yield Calculator to any page listed within VIA so they can work out their potential yield on their property directly on your website. You can even edit the text and background colour of your new calculator.

6. Page Speed Optimisations
If you have an Atom website, it's now faster than ever. We won't bore you with the technical details, but we've made a host of optimisations to the platform to ensure your users have the fastest online experience.

Lazy loading, minifying HTML and image optimisation are just some of the changes we've made to make your Atom one of the best performing website platforms available.

7. Custom Alt Tags 
Alt tags allow you to label images to help aid your SEO.

Now, when you add images to pages or items within VIA, you can label the image which will then output as an alt tag on your website, letting Google know the name of the image you're using on your website.

So for example, if you upload a great image of the Tate Modern to your Area Guide page, label the image "Tate Modern Southbank" to help aid your page's SEO.