Innovations Update March '19 - FREE Updates to your VIA Software & Plugins

Published: 14/03/2019

We've released a host of new features into our VIA software.The features you'll have access to, depend on what plugins you've subscribed to.

VIA Website Edition Updates

1. Video Tutorials
We have a host of new VIA tutorials available online for you to use. Learn how to build new pages for your website, change your privacy policy, your homepage videos, and more.

2. Google Tag Manager Integration
Do you want to add third party applications to your website, but don't want to pay a hefty fee to do so? Well now you don't have to. Our VIA software is now fully integrated with Google Tag Manager. You can use your Google Tag Manager account to add an unlimited amount of applications to your website, completely free of charge!

3. Advanced Password Security
We've made VIA more secure by introducing additional password security to the system, as well as prompting new users to select the most effective passwords. 

Property & Contacts Plugin Updates

1. Staff Calendar
You can now add appointments to your calendar and see other staff members appointments at a glance.

Add valuations, viewings and more to your diary. Invite staff members & contacts to your appointments to trigger emails where your attendees can accept or decline your invitiation. See all the appointments that any of your contacts have attended.

Set the location of an appointment to any property, so you can see what appointments have been booked in at a property at a glance.

2. Record Valuations
You can now record valuation feedback. See who's visited the property to carry out the valuation, and record the valuation price & status.

This information is also recorded against your contacts, so you can see all of the valuations that have been carried out with a particular vendor or landlord. 

3. Record Viewing Feedback
See which applicants have visited a property and record their feedback.

This information is also recorded against your contacts, so you can see the activity of individual applicants; how many viewings have they been on and what their feedback was for each viewing. 

4. Record Offers
Record offers against a property, list the applicant who's made an offer, their solicitor, the type of offer and its current status, plus the offer price as well.

This information is also recorded against your contacts, so you can see how many offers individuals have made and see their current statuses.  

5. Email & Call out Lists
We've introduced a host of new views, so you can see the information you need about your contacts at a glance.

See applicant details, call lists, email lists and mail out lists at the click of a button.

Our new preview panel also show you when a contact was last contacted or when you've scheduled a review with them so you can keep on top of your contacts & leads.