FREE updates to your VIA software - Innovations Update Jan '19

Published: 29/01/2019 By Elliott Rowland

We've updated your VIA software with a host of new features, completely free of charge

What's included in the update?

1. New Stats Tab Features

a. Market Trends
  • Compare the number of properties viewed online, online registrations, arrange a viewing requests, call me back requests and valuations requests compared to the previous week, month, quarter & year
  • Compare your performance against the general market trend of the entire Webdadi platform
  • See you how you can improve your website performance and track seasonal trends
b. User Origin
  • Find out how people have found your website. See whether it's through Google, social media, referrals from another website, or by visiting your website directly
c. Top 10 Pages
  • See your top 10 most popular pages
d. Speed Optimisations
  • We've optimised the stats tab & dashboard to return the key information faster. Each tile individually loads to return the information as quickly as possible

2. New Dashboards
  • Customised dashboards for each user role. See the relevant information vital to your job role at a glance in your dashboard. Customised views for Superusers, Managers, Content Editors, Basic Users, Negotiators, and Bloggers

You don't need to do anything to get your hands on these great new features. Simply log into your VIA software, and these great innovations will be there waiting for you.