Impressive new website for Rolfe East International

Published: 07/09/2021 By Webdadi Client Success Team

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website for Rolfe East International.

As the overseas arm of the Rolfe East Estate Agency brand, Rolf East International forms one of three websites requested by the group but with a Mediterranean twist. With luxurious properties dotted across the gorgeous locations of Southern Europe, including Costa del Sol and Murcia, Rolfe East International boasts an impressive portfolio. Moreover, with their director, Chris Baker, leading the team, clients know they are in safe hands with his extended wealth of experience in the international property market.

With such an impressive portfolio, the agency knew that a new website was needed to reflect this, and so approached the Webdadi team. Having worked on multiple international websites previously, we gladly accepted and quickly began creating a new website using our ATOM Carbon template.

Sure enough, the new website has become an immediate success adding groundbreaking value to the trio of sites. With easy to use back-end software and cutting edge website design, the new site achieves effortless lead generation and intuitive user experience. Not only that, but the highest search engine ranking was also accomplished, increasing their brand exposure for all the areas in which they operate.

To see the amazing new website, just click here.

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