Important Service Update - Support User Licenses

Published: 19/08/2022 By Customer Success Team

Service update

We’re changing the way we offer support to our customers to help streamline and resolve your queries faster.

Within your VIA software, you can add as many users to the system as you need to as we don’t charge you per seat/per user. This means you can add as many users as you like without incurring any additional costs.

Everyone in your business can access VIA who needs to, and with different user rights for you to choose from, you can also ensure they only have access to the parts of Via you want them to. This includes adding users from third party companies such as bloggers or SEO consultants. However, we can’t offer support and training to every user added to your account. This is for several reasons:

  • We need to ensure the person contacted us is authorized to do so
  • We need to ensure the request being made by the member of staff is relevant to the level of access to VIA/website they have
  • We need to ensure unauthorized staff members don’t eat into your 2 hours of inclusive support per month

As such, we have introduced our new Support User status.

You can now nominate one support user per branch you have setup in VIA. This person will be the authorized user who is able to contact our Customer Success Team via telephone, email, and by logging a case directly through VIA. This will give the relevant person authorization to speak to our Customer Success Team (formerly known as Helpdesk)

Moving forward, non support users of VIA  should contact their Support User for help or to raise particular issues, or access our online training & support centre directly. This will ensure:

  • Issues and queries are verified before being raised to our team (sometimes issues aren’t issues, they just need knowledge of your account and how everything should work)
  • Allow you to ensure every member of staff is following the correct business processes and procedure that you have in place
  • Ensure your inclusive 2 hours of support a month is not taken up by the wrong people

Please let us know who your nominated Support User is for you account by the 7th September 2022

If we don’t hear from you, we’ll allocate the first person to contact the support desk from your account as the nominated Support User moving forward. This person can be changed in future if necessary.

If you would like to purchase more support licenses so more members of staff or third parties you work with can get also get support from our team, you can order them here. You can also contact your Account Manager to discuss this in more detail if you need to.