How to use your blog to tap into your local community - ideas and suggestions

Published: 03/04/2020 By Elliott Rowland

In this week’s webinar, we discussed how to best utilise your blog during the government lock down.

As estate agents, you have a unique local knowledge. You know your areas and communities better than any business, so it’s a unprecedented opportunity for you to share that knowledge through your blog and make your website a hub of locally important information for your community.

There is a real lack of locally specific knowledge on the internet at the moment. Most information comes from street Whatsapp groups and local conversations. However, you can make your website a hub of information for your community and make your website the destination for people seeking out this knowledge. Not to mention boosting your brand awareness and connecting with your community in a way that will benefit your business going forward.

You can hear more of my thoughts on the subject by watching our webinar replay here.

However, many of you have been in touch to ask what sort of blogs you should be writing. So below is a list of ideas from us here at Webdadi to help you:

1. A list of all local supermarkets with:
  • General opening times
  • Opening times for the elderly, vulnerable and key workers
  • Peak times – are you able to comment on when the queues to gain entry are at their least?
  • What are the current waiting times for online delivery from these supermarkets?

2. Local restaurants, pubs, stores and food deliveries
  • A list of what stores are offering takeaway services and at what times
  • Are grocery stores open and are they offering home delivery? 
  • If so, what are the current lead times for delivery?

3. Activities for children
A list of what virtual activities are available for children of different ages. Don’t just limit it to celebrity Instagram live sessions such as Joe Wick’s 9am PE sessions (although this is a great one to recommend) but see if you can connect with local businesses offering their services online.
What better way to connect with the wider business community to cross promote their services? You could also strike up a mutual promotional agreement. Now more than ever, it’s important to help your local community so find those smaller independent businesses operating in your local area.

4. Food bank information
Lot’s of foodbanks are currently struggling with a lack of stock. Why not find your local foodbank(s) and let your audience know how they can both donate, and how they can access those services if they need them.

5. Guest Bloggers
With VIA, you can add a user to your software that can only access your blog. It means you could invite local people or businesses to write a guest blog on your website. You can simply add them as a user to the system to post a blog directly on your website.

6. Local park information & fitness tips
What parks are open and what are the busiest times for those that are.
You could even comment on the best local spots for exercise and suggest the best running routes

7. Support your local hospital & charities
Have you considered setting up a fundraising campaign for your local NHS hospital or perhaps key local charities that are struggling to fund raise?
You can setup a campaign easily on website such as or or 

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Take care and stay safe everyone.