How to schedule a Google advert for specific times of day

Published: 30/04/2015 By Tom Masters

We all want to increase and improve the quality of leads we receive. Google currently occupies a 90% market share of all searches performed online in Europe, then it’s a pretty safe bet when it comes to your marketing budget.

Sponsoring keywords such as ‘estate agent Putney’ is a great way to increase enquiries from potential vendors and landlords searching for local agencies to market their property. Sponsored adverts, especially in competitive areas, can require a decent budget. For small businesses it is quite common for your campaign to be limited by budget, meaning your advert is not seen at the peak property search window of 5pm to 11pm.

Google Adwords has a great feature to help with this scenario as you can configure your advert to a schedule. This will allow your advert to be seen at the optimum times and prevent your precious marketing budget for these periods.

The video above outlines steps to implement this, check out the Google Adwords YouTube channel for further tips and advice at