How to kick start the conversation

Published: 14/02/2023 By Oliver Chapple

Using social media and your website blog to publicise and market your services is hard. Whilst many influencers and YouTubers make it look easy, garnering thousands if not millions of likes and hits for often basic insights, more often than not your social media post or blog will end up being a damp squib; why?

Is it that your content is bad or not engaging? More likely than not, no.  You've probably written a great article with key insights., but the issue is it's simply not getting through to your core audience.

Influencers have thousands/millions of followers meaning any content they post can be picked up quickly. A conversation is sparked and countless conversations online keep the fire burning. So how can you start a conversation without these numbers of followers?

Well, to kick start a conversation it takes one comment. One response. One opinion. Others should follow and as is so often the case with digital marketing, the irony is the more comments you get, the easier it becomes to spread your message to your audience. Comments start conversations, publicising your articles to wider audiences and the more exposure you get the more people want to hear what you have to say.

Webdadi's social media manager allows you to not only schedule your social media posts, but also allows you to schedule the very first comment. You can help to kick start the conversation and influence the conversation. This new feature is available for Instagram posts, Facebook posts and reels, TikTok videos, LinkedIn, and videos and shorts on YouTube.

Setting your first comments on each of your posts helps you:

  • Add all the hastags
  • Add extra information, sometimes 2,200 characters isn't enough
  • Increase engagement by including questions or tagging other users

To schedule your first comment in Social Media Manager just access the functionality bar and add the text in the pop-up window.


If you don't have a social media manager subscription with Webdadi speak to your Account Manager about upgrading your subscription.