How does content determine your Google ranking?

Published: 19/02/2014 By Colin Breavington

If you link your content with the search terms you want to appear on, it will impact on your ranking. But it won’t necessarily impact on your ranking in isolation; there are a number of factors that determine this including the quality of backlinks and site architecture.

It’s mandatory to research the Google search terms that will yield the greatest results; without this, you’re working in the dark and may see very little results back.

If you’re creating high quality content, submit your site to Google News. If you’re accepted, you’ll find you content is shared with an additional audience who may not find your site through the usual channels.

Some of the content you produce will be relevant for PR; especially online PR which can generate links from well-regarded publishing sites. A selection of agents have done this to great effect; you’ll see them referenced on sites like the BBC, which include backlinks.