Happy 50th Martyn Gerrard

Published: 09/05/2014 By Tom Masters

Last week Martyn Gerrard celebrated their 50th year by hosting a party at Alexandra Palace. Webdadi have been working with Martyn Gerrard for over 6 years and were very honoured to have been invited to such a great occasion.

Vice President of the NAEA and Managing Director of Martyn Gerrard, Simon Gerrard, paid tribute to his staff for an amazing achievement of reaching such a  great milestone. Followed on stage by his father and founder, Martyn Gerrard, who mesmerised the audience with his stories of the first years of Martyn Gerrard. During this time the business has grown from a single branch in Whetstone in 1964, to a 10 branch agency coving most of North London today.

My personal highlight was the surprise video created by the staff at Martyn Gerrard for Simon and Martyn Gerrard to congratulate them in their own special way. Enjoy!