Friendly URLs

Published: 07/01/2014 By Will Sullivan

We’ve recently added new, SEO optimised shorthand URLs to our customer websites. Visiting these pages will return all of your sales or rentals properties, and are designed to be easy to type and search engine friendly.

These URLs should make it a lot easier to direct your customers to a page which contains all of your listings. If you are an website existing customer, you can start using these URLs on your page right now. If you need any assistance in adding them to your website, we can help.

Here are the available URLs:

  • yourwebsite/property-for-sale
  • yourwebsite/property-for-rent
  • yourwebsite/property-to-rent
  • yourwebsite/property-to-let
  • yourwebsite/property-for-let

If you have any questions regarding this update, please get in touch and we will help you get started.