Webdadi's Quick Tips and Tricks for Email Marketing Success

Published: 16/01/2014 By Paul Bauer - Marketing & Communications Manager

For email marketing to be consistently successful, it needs to bridge data, content and technology.

Email marketing starts with data. You can produce the greatest content and design the marketing world has ever seen; but without the right audience, the communications will never see the light of day! In addition to contact data, organisations now collate a raft of behavioural data to help improve and optimise campaigns. For example, knowing ‘Mr Smith’ clicked on a 4 bedroom house for sale in Brighton and also details of your in-house conveyancing service defines what information he’s interested in and potentially his point in the purchasing process.

The quality of content, and also the design, are the elements that will define not only whether the recipient will interact with the email, but whether they receive it into their inbox in the first place. With any content marketing, it’s incredibly important to understand what’s of interest to your audience, what they find engaging, and what are the topics that will pique their interest.

There are a number of technologies to help improve deliverability, analysis and email campaign management. Email broadcasting platforms such as Responsys or marketing automation tools such as Webdadi's class-leading estate agent software can help build effective email marketing campaigns.

In short, those that send quality, meaningful and regular email communication to relevant audiences get the best response back to their website, and ultimately win more business.