Doing it yourself; a blessing or a curse?

Published: 08/11/2023 By Elliott Rowland - COO

The ability to do something yourself is great. It’s put you in control and ensures you aren’t beholden to anyone else to achieve the goal you want.

Technology has been moving in a DIY direction for the past decade. Self service supermarket tills, print your own returns labels for online deliveries, and internet banking. All have given us increased control over the services those companies offer.

However, the DIY approach can be a double edged sword. Yes it’s great to have control, but simply adding another task to an already extensive to do list isn’t always conducive to getting the job done.

Online check-ins for an airline can be great, but at what point does checking yourself in become more hassle than it’s worth and control would easily be swapped for convenience?

Webdadi operate by a simple philosophy; we build you a great looking website which you can then easily manage through your VIA once it’s gone live.

You don’t have to be pay for simple changes or wait for your work to be scheduled. You can simply update your homepage video, add a new team member, or update your CMP certificate to the latest version whenever you need to, safe in the knowledge you won’t be charged for the privilege. In essence, we won't hold you hostage by insisting that only our team can make the changes for you.

However, we also understand that as estate agents, your primary focus will always be on your clients, prospective buyers and tenants. Being able to make changes yourself is great, but if you haven’t the time or resources to complete the task, sometimes it’s easier to simply pay for the convenience of having someone do it for you.

That’s why we’ve created the fully managed website editing service. Our fully managed website editing service means your designated support user can contact our team as many times a month as you need to request those small changes on your website on your behalf. You’ll always have the option of doing it yourself for free if you choose, but the choice of paying to outsource those simple tasks can sometimes be the most convenient option. Delegate those simple tasks and get them off your already packed to do list.

If you’re interested in our Fully Managed Website Service, contact your account manager now or check out the service in the Webdadi Store in VIA.