Incredible Estate Agency Website designs to blow away your competition

Published: 20/06/2016 By Angela Peters

It is pretty hard to find out just how many active Estate Agents there are in the UK now.* But it's safe to say, there are thousands. Literally in every nook and cranny of the UK you will see a big or small company offering to help with tenancies, sales, valuations and more.

So for the Estate Agents trying to compete with others in their area, it all becomes about their SEO position, their reputation and the look of their website. Because lets face it. This will at least bring the punters in, and then at that point, it is up to the Estate Agency team to be so charming that no one would go elsewhere.

Each and every month Webdadi spends hours trawling through the latest news on SEO, understanding what is happening in web development land, and working out how we can improve anything and everything for our customers. And we try to preempt what they might like next.

As we all know, SEO plays a large part, so we build this in with every design. And if you would like to brush up on your own knowledge and see more about why responsive websites are so important now, we covered that recently here.

But this month our team have been busy for an entirely different reason. We have been against the clock coming up with our newest bespoke designs to offer our well as getting Zephry+ and Quantum+ live so people can load video content to their home page.** (More on why video is so important can be found here.)


So we suggest that now is the right time to browse these pages and see if the website you are using is helping you put the best foot forward in attracting customers to your company. And by all means, do drop us a line if you'd like to talk further, or even just tell us how terrific our designers are. We think they're pretty great!



* After lots of google searches, I've had to give up on finding the exact number of Estate Agents in the UK. Suffice to say that back in 2006 Wikipedia thought it was about 2532. We are guessing it would be close to double that now, surely!

** The Guardian quoted that by 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.