New hoverboxes on your responsive website

Published: 11/01/2016 By Angela Peters

No we aren't talking about the hoverboard from Back to the Future!


As you know we get a little excited about pretty websites and cool gadgets (and even hoverboards), and here at Webdadi headquarters we spend a lot of time creating the latest and greatest innovations to compliment your business and help you give your clients an excellent experience. So without further ado we unveil the hoverboxes.


These little beauties are available to anyone on a Zephyr or Quantum template and they allow you to customise your existing WebsitePageItems to include a hovering effect when the mouse moves over the box. You might use these to:

  • Display general information
  • Display information about the image in the websitepageitem
  • As a call-to-action button to guide your viewer to another page

And hey, if you can come up with a new idea for how to use them, be sure to let us know.


To add hoverboxes to your WebsitePageItems, simply click here and see how easy it is to do. In literally two clicks your WebsitePageItems can look like this - Hoverboxes. Just hover over each box to see how they work.