Bumper VIA Software March Update

Published: 15/03/2020

We're released a HUGE bumper update to our VIA software. Whatever software edition you're on, they'll be new features and functionality for you the next time you log in.

We have also ensured that more data than ever will be available to our customers upgrading from our V5 software onto VIA, so if you haven't yet upgraded, speak to your Account Manager now to organise your switchover.

*NEW* Newsletters
  • You can now create and send newsletters to your contacts directly in VIA!
  • Create template newsletters quickly and easily, and clone existing newsletters to use a base for new templates
  • Add your website blog articles to your newsletter, allowing you to reuse your website content for your e-marketing
  • Add a selection of your properties to your newsletters quickly and easily
  • Preview how your newsletter will look before sending it your contacts
  • Track how the newsletter sends are boosting your website traffic in the website > reports section
Requires VIA CRM, VIA Website & Lead Manager or Website & CRM Edition software)

*NEW* Property Features
  • You can now “copy” a property so you can quickly duplicate any property in a click
  • You can now create Master Units and Sub-units, so you can easily create development projects and list the available units that are for sale. The development will then display all the sub-units available on your website as well.
Requires VIA CRM, VIA Website & Property Editor or Website & CRM Edition software

*NEW” Reports
  • Management reports, property reports and website reports now have a customised date range picker, so you can see your key business data over any time period you choose (limited to 2 years’ worth of historical data)
  • Website Reports now have the “Property Views & Emails Alerts” tile. This tile shows Property views online correlated against Property alert emails manually sent, Auto property alert emails sent and Newsletters sent so you can see the correlation between your e-marketing and your website activity. You can also report on it across specific date ranges up to two years ago
Available for all VIA software editions

*NEW* Contact Search Views
  • List your contacts in our new “History” view, which shows you at a glance when all of your contacts and leads first registered on the website, and what review and contact actions have been taken by your team
  • Email, Address & Phone views all show when a contact was last contacted
  • Email, Address & Phone views have been adapted to show you every person’s contact preferences at a glance to avoid sending emails to those you shouldn’t
  • Contact views have been adapted to be more responsive on certain screen sizes
Available for VIA CRM, VIA Website & Lead Manager or VIA Website & CRM Edition software

*NEW* Historical Transactional Data for V5 Customers
  • If you are still using our V5 Edition software, you can now upgrade safe in the knowledge that your historical viewings, valuations and offer data will now be available in VIA
  • Valuation appointment times/dates and attendees can all now be seen in VIA in read only format
  • Viewing times/dates, viewing feedback, viewing attendees can all now be seen in VIA in a read only format
  • Offer times/dates, offer amount, who made the offer can all now be in VIA in a read only format
Available for all V5 customers upgrading to VIA Website & CRM Edition

  • The advanced search function for Contacts now hides when the browser size is adjusted to smaller sizes 
  • Sitemap now doesn’t error (previously an error message would occur in rare circumstances)
  • Contacts > Custom fields for internal staff now appear/disappear upon the internal staff marker being ticked 
  • Fix applied to adding offers