Bring your site back up to speed with a Website MOT

Published: 01/11/2023 By Customer Success Team

Webdadi operate by a simple philosophy; we build you a great looking website which you can then easily manage through your VIA software once it’s gone live.

But with power comes great responsibility. Well, perhaps it’s not quite as dramatic as that, but managing your own website has its downsides.

We know what it’s like. You launch your website to great fanfare and spend hours pouring over the content and deliberating over exactly the right image to use. But after several months, the reality of running a business kicks in and suddenly your website isn’t receiving as much attention as it should.
Perhaps you’ve delegated responsibility to other staff members or even outsourced it completely to a third party. You simply don’t have the time to check that everything being added is up to scratch and following the best practises. Slowly, your website loses its edge and isn’t quite as shiny as it once was.

After a while you notice that perhaps your Google ranking has started to drop. It might be running slightly slower than it used to, or you think that it’s just got a little cluttered.

That’s were Webdadi’s Website MOT can help. Our experts will check over your website, correct any mistakes and ensure your website is abiding by all the best practises to ensure it’s optimised and SEO friendly. We’ll bring it back up to scratch and refresh the website as if it were being launched all over again.

If you think your website could do with a check-up, book in a website MOT with your account manager today.