Watermarker by Webdadi will safeguard your images online

Published: 26/03/2014 By Andrew Shields

We are pleased to launch our Watermarker app - a new addition to the expanding toolbox of free resources we have made available on http://www.webdadi.com/tools.
When uploading image files to the internet it is important to make sure that you safeguard your rights, and protect your pictures from being used elsewhere without your permission - the best way of doing this is to place a watermark over them. A watermark is a faint image (your logo) or a line of text (your name) placed over the picture. This shows to other viewers that the image is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission of the image’s owner. Currently, the most common way of applying a watermark is to use an image manipulation program like Photoshop, a difficult job for the average person, but an added cost to outsource which often does not seem worth the task at hand.
Our Watermarker application will allow anybody to watermark their web JPEG images with their company’s logo in order to deter would-be picture thieves and disreputable businesses who wish to pass off other people’s hard work as their own.
You can easily download the app to any Windows system in around five minutes. You will then be able to select an image to use as your watermark - this can be any picture you like, although we recommend that PNG files work best as they will have a transparent background. After choosing your watermark, you will be able to edit the size, position and even the opacity easily and intuitively. Our software will also make copies of your images ensuring that the originals remain watermark-free and therefore available to use in printed media.

Only you can decide if you feel a watermark is the best route for your company. 

Placing a watermark over an image will of course have a slight impact on the overall aesthetic appeal, but nowadays most consumers are familiar with the practice, and will see your logo as a professional seal upon the picture.

If you feel, as we do, that watermarking is a useful step in protecting your images online, you couldn't find a quicker or easier tool to help you achieve this than our Watermarker app. Oh, and we think you might agree that a free tool is more cost-effective than the expense of time spent tracking down stolen images lost in the world wide web.