Webdadi News - Property Alerts Sign Up Form Functionality Now Available

Published: 23/06/2021 By The Webdadi Development Team

We’ve got some more good news for users of our Atom Website Platform, as we’ve just rolled out some brand new website functionality!

All Webdadi customers using our superb Atom Website Platform will now have access to a brand new piece of website functionality that has been built to support lead generation for property agents, and enhance the overall website user experience.

Introducing the new Property Alerts Sign Up Form

The functionality is a new item template within Atom’s VIA content management system that can be added to any CMS page. The item template is called “Property Alerts Sign Up Form”, which allows users to add a form to their website whereby the end user can sign up for property alerts.

The form allows the user to enter their name, contact details (phone & email), what areas they’re interested in (this list corresponds to the areas listed in the VIA CMS) and whether they’re interested in Sales or Lettings.

Once the form is submitted by a user, the estate or lettings agent will receive an email alert letting them know that a new applicant has signed up for property alerts. The contact is also saved within VIA, with the necessary criteria automatically stored against the record including:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Contact automatically marked as an applicant with:
    • The area(s) they are interested in
    • Whether they are a sales or lettings applicant
    • They are automatically ticked to receive auto email alerts
    • They are automatically ticked to receive email correspondence
In addition, the VIA CMS also records when these specific forms are completed, so you can report on their success within VIA (through either the contacts tab to show all applicants who have filled out this form over a given period, or in the Reports > Management > Enquiries report).

This Sounds Great! Can We See It In Action?

You sure can! You can see the new “Sign Up To Property Alerts” functionality on our customer’s website, Featherstone Leigh – where we’ve also helped create a brand new page to host the form, too. Visitors to the website can access the page by clicking an advertising banner they have added to their search results pages, which you can view here.

Will Atom Customers Need To Take Any Action?

Yes and No – the new website functionality was rolled out to all Atom users on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 and is all ready for you to start using.
However, this new item won’t automatically appear on your website. You’ll need to create the item and add it to any existing pages or build a new page to host your new form using VIA. If you want us to do this all for you, please contact your account manager at accountmanagers@webdadi.com

Once I’ve added the form to my website, will those signing up automatically start receiving email property alerts?

Yes. If you’re a VIA Website & CRM Edition customer or VIA Lead Manager Edition customer that has auto emails activated on your account, then as soon as someone signs up for property alerts on your website they’ll start being sent property alerts. The applicant record will also be automatically saved in your VIA software for you to access whenever you need.

If you are  a VIA Website Edition-only customer, you’ll need to transfer the details of the applicant to your third party software (eg: Vebra, Reapit etc.) that you use to send property alerts.

If you're not sure what VIA software edition you are on, you can contact the customer success team at helpdesk@webdadi.com

Why is This Type of Website Functionality Important?

The new “Sign Up To Property Alerts” feature will allow website users to quickly and easily sign up to property alerts without having to use the Account/Login feature – enhancing the user experience and enhancing website lead generation.

For CRM customers, those customers will automatically be added to VIA and be marked to receive alerts, so they will start receiving them immediately without the agent having to do a thing! *

A property agent’s website has to make the business of capturing new business enquiries as easy and effortless as possible: this is why the Customer Success Team here at Webdadi are always looking for new and exciting features that can be added to customers’ websites to enhance their effectiveness - meaning that their websites grow and evolve with their businesses and never need costly re-development.

This type of functionality upgrade is something we provide all our customers, and is all part of the service we provide.

Have any questions about the new Sign Up To Property Alerts function? The Customer Success Team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have – just hit the link below to book a conversation with one of our team today.

* For customers on Website Edition only, they will still need to export these contacts to their third-party CRM in order to send property alerts to them.

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