A Tale of 2 Properties

Published: 03/09/2019 By Elliott Rowland

Two properties, both located in one of the most desirable postcode areas of South West London. Each property has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 reception rooms a piece. Both are immaculately decorated, with good sized gardens, and are on the market for around the same price (£1,150,000 and £1,175,000 respectively.)

Yet, despite the apparent similarities between both of the properties, one has been viewed on the agent’s website fifteen times more often than the other.  Let’s just think about that number for a second. We’re not talking slightly more, we’re not even talking double the amount, we’re talking fifteen (yes, 15!) times more.

So, what’s caused this huge disparity between two seemingly identical properties? You might think this discrepancy is down to school catchment areas, or how close each property lies to desirable transport links. Well, even there you’d struggle to tell the properties apart. They lay virtually on the same street and fall within the same catchment area.

The simple answer is that one property has appeared as a featured property on the estate agent’s website, whilst the other has not. That might seem unbelievable, but just remember that the homepage of your website will be your most viewed website page; every website user will land on your homepage to see what you have to offer.

Now in this case, what the agent has to offer is a lot. Two £1 million plus properties in a postcode of London associated with strawberries & cream, Sir Andy Murray, and the greatest tennis tournament on the planet. Yet, currently the agent is only reaping the rewards of 50% of their hard-earned instructions by only effectively marketing half of their stock. I doubt the vendor would be too happy to know that their property is attracting far less attention then their adjacent neighbour either.

By utilising the featured property section of your website regularly, you can ensure that every property can reap the rewards of being featured online. You should regularly change the featured section, using it to promote properties which need additional attention.

Within VIA, you can see your Top 10 and Bottom 10 properties viewed online on the “Reports” tab. You should consider featuring your Bottom 10 properties on your homepage to help them gain the attention they deserve. That way, you can use your website to equally promote your properties and use it as a vital tool in boosting specific properties' performance.

To view our online guide on updating your Featured Properties, click the following link https://vimeo.com/showcase/5685298/video/311625134

In brief:

  • Change your featured Properties regularly (once a week is a good starting point)
  • Use the Reports tab in VIA to identify your Top 10 and Bottom 10 properties to help you decide which properties to feature
  • If you have VIA Website & Lead Manager, VIA Website & Property Editor or VIA Website & CRM Edition software subscriptions, you can see how many website views any property has had online to help you decide which properties to promote outside of our top or bottom 10