5 Simple Website Tips To Impress The Next Generation Of Buyers

Published: 21/10/2021 By Mark Tew - Senior Website Consultant

According to Estate Agent Today, estate agents should keep an eye on the younger generation as they’re the group who are driving the big changes across the property industry. One of which is a very significant change – the growing demand for a more exceptional digital experience.

So, you may be thinking now – how can I create an exciting digital experience on my estate agency’s website? Well, look no further. We’ve rounded up our five top tips to help your agency impress the next generation of buyers so that you can futureproof your business and protect your brand reputation. So, let’s begin!

1. Integrate a Social Media Manager into your website’s CMS

Across every age group in the last year, social media has become much more important - it’s how we stay in touch now, right? Whether that’s uploading family photos, messaging friends, or just sending those all-important memes, either way social media is the most important digital communication there is.

However, it’s particularly important to the younger generation of buyers. With millennials and generation Z the only groups to have grown up with social media, it plays a bigger part in their lives than all other demographics in society. And the stats don’t lie either – according to Statista, in 2020, 88% of 16-24 year olds and 89% of 25-34 year old’s had a social media profile.

That’s why your estate agency should recognises the importance of social media and integrate a social media manager into your website’s content management system. Social media managers are there to record and analyze how well your social media channels are performing whether that’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. They’re extremely effective at examining your overall social media strategy like which posts are a hit, which need improving, as well as pinpointing the exact posts which are generating the most leads for your business - helpful, right?

What’s more, by identifying the hits and misses, you can improve your social media strategy and digital experience for potential customers making your agency more appealing to the younger generation of buyers.
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2. Make sure your website is mobile responsive

Our next top tip is to make sure your website is mobile responsive – it’s couldn’t be more important. According to Statista, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 54.8% of global website traffic in the first quarter of 2021. What’s more, the company also reports that 98% of 16 to 34 year old’s in the UK own a smartphone.
So, what image does this tell? Well, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that if your estate agency’s website isn’t mobile responsive, you may be in trouble.

If you think about it, what device do you search and scroll on the most? Of course, it’s your phone. So, if these younger buyers have to navigate a site which isn’t mobile optimised, zooming in and out each and every time they want to click a button, well, it’s simply not an option; they’ll leave your site in a matter of seconds. And what does this mean? They’ll potentially land on your competitor’s site instead.
So, if there’s one crucial piece of information you can take away from this blog, is that this generation in particular is used to quick loading times, a sleek user experience and a mobile responsive site.

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Petras Property homepage - iPhone X

Petras Property. Petras Property homepage - iPhone X.

3. Keep up with the latest website features for estate agents

So, how else can you create an innovative digital experience for the new generation of buyers? Well, one such way is by keeping your website up to date with the latest website features and proptech tools for estate agents. Here’s a quick list of the ones your agency should look to incorporate into your website:

  • Instant valuation tool. Gone are the days of valuation request forms but instead here is the moment of the instant valuation tool. What’s an instant valuation tool, you ask? Using seller’s postcodes, instant valuation tools provide sellers with an online valuation of their property. They’re very quick and easy to use; especially appealing to the younger generation who are looking for time-saving devices. Moreover, they’re also a fantastic way to generate leads for your business. With users interacting with this tool on your site, your business can see exactly who is interested in your agency and how to market to them next - useful, right?

  • Virtual valuations. Growing immensely in popularity in the last year, are virtual valuations. As you can guess by their name, virtual valuations are a valuation conducted by your estate agent over video. They are definitely worth considering for your agency, as they’ll please tenants who are perhaps nervous about agents entering their house given everything in the last year, or even just tenants who are in a rush and with a busy work schedule. Either way, virtual valuations are a key proptech tool worth investing in.

  • Area guides. Moving on from virtual valuations, are area guides. Area guides are a fantastic addition to your property agency’s website as they inform, educate, and inspire prospective applicants about the locations they are considering moving to. They’re packed with the latest schools’ information, transport links, local amenities, and exciting events specific to that area all with the aim to help clients decide whether that location is best for them.

  • Chatbots. And finally, consider having chatbots on your website. Quickly rising to become the new must-have automation tool, chatbots are transforming the world of digital transformation and marketing. With the ability to work 24-hours a day, 365-days a year, nor limited by time or a physical location, chatbots are especially appealing to the younger generation who are used to convenient and timesaving devices.

4. Research the latest website design trends

Given how tech-savvy the younger demographic is, they’ll almost certainly notice if a website looks out of date. That’s why your agency should regularly research the latest estate agent website trends as well as the wider design trends whether that’s the latest user interface designs, website trends which have emerged in popularity this year or the newest user experience innovations.
You may want to keep a tab on sites such as Dribbble and Behance to get an overall scope of the latest designers out there. These companies are the largest creative networks for showcasing and discovering creative work; all the hottest trends begin on these very platforms and so it’s good to keep an eye on them for the latest innovations.

But as a website design company, we also like to keep up the latest trends, and of course like to continuously update our customers with them – just click here to read our blog on the top design trends of 2021.

UI Design Concepts By Mako Tsereteli
UI Design Concepts. By Mako Tsereteli.

5. Make ethics a part of your brand identity 

And finally, think about the ways in which your estate agency can show younger buyers that you’re much than just a business.
It’s not enough these days to just show people what you sell, but rather who your business is and the positive impact your agency can make. This is because according to Forbes, social issues are at the top of the minds of gen z’s and millennials minds, and they believe businesses should do their part a build a better future.
That’s why you should make it known on your site the initiatives your business takes part in whether that’s charity work or sustainability pledges.

You may want to think about a community promise page, similar to that of our client, the Pedder Group. On this page you can talk about what your agency has been up to recently, what’s going on in your community as well as all your relevant blogs. This will create a more engaging and personal user experience on your site and prospective customers will be much more likely to pick you as their estate agency of choice.

Pedder Community Promise page 2021
Pedder Group. Pedder Community Promise page. 2021.

Keen to know more about the Pedder Group? Just click here to read the case study.

To conclude, by integrating a couple or if not more of these website tips and tricks, you can deliver an outstanding and exceptional digital experience on your estate agency’s website; the perfect formula for winning over the next generation of buyers, futureproofing your business and protecting your reputation.

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