Negotiator Article New Site for Webdadi with Free tools

Published: 14/02/2014 By Colin Breavington

Webdadi, the specialist digital services provider for property agents has a new website.


Colin Breavington, COO of Webdadi, says it is a major – but simple to use – resource for agents, “the most important thing was to create a website which was simple, nothing too text heavy, letting us use the latest techniques for cool images and web video."


"We wanted to create reasons for people to come back to our site and engage with our brand.  We now have a blog with key business information, an innovation page showcasing our new products and features (most of which are free to our customers!) and also our Webdadi Tools page which has links to resources which are free for everyone.”


Webdadi is part of the Under One Roof group which provides digital services to estate agents: websites, software, digital screen software, social media solutions, photography and floor plans.

The new website is a clear demonstration of Webdadi’s skills, very pleasant to use and responsive in its nature – it will adapt itself to look good on phones and tablets.

"This technique gives us exciting new avenues to explore for our customer websites and templates, so stay tuned to hear how we will be using it in the future. And don’t worry – the more ‘app like’ mobile websites that our customers find so effective will always remain available," says Colin.