Are you a new Estate Agent who is still building your property base?

Published: 27/09/2016 By Ashley Williams 

From time to time Estate Agents are starting out and haven't yet fully set up their business. Not all Estate Agents can have 20+ years of experience in the business after all. It may only be their first few months as an Estate Agent when their website goes live. Or it might be that they have only just set up a new section within their business, rentals perhaps, and they don't yet have any properties to let.


If this is the case with your website and a visitor to your website specifies an area they are looking for properties in, this may result in a page showing on your website saying 'No Properties Found'.


A little while ago we added an innovation to help capture the visitor's details when this happens so you won't miss out on the potential contact. Instead of your visitor leaving your website because they can't find any 'to let properties', they can fill out a Contact Form or browse through your Area Guides or blog posts. Because at the end of the day it's all about keeping a customer on your website. You earned the traffic and you want to keep them there.


Setting up the No Properties Found Contact Form is very easy and we've created a Help Guide to show you what to do. And you can include an image that links through to another page as well.


To get this working, simply click on the help guide above and add your no results banner, and let us know so we can activate this free feature for you.*


Yours in conversions!



* This is only available to Estate Agents using our responsive websites in the Quantum and Zephyr range.