Estate Agent Websites To Watch Out For This Year

Published: 06/10/2021 By Mark Tew - Senior Website Consultant

I’m sure you can agree with us that estate agent websites are becoming more and more impressive these days. Whether that’s bold graphics, a strong SEO game or clever content management systems, estate agent websites are now something to be reckoned with.

That’s why we’ve put together our top estate agent websites to watch out for this year. Each with their own unique features, we hope your agency will be inspired and perhaps even integrate a few of them into your own site. So, without a further ado, let’s begin!

Abode Italy 

With unique artwork and bold graphics, Abode Italy’s website stands out for all the right reasons. Their illustrations capture the very best of Italian beauty with rolling hills, vineyards, and gondolas helping to depict that picturesque and dreamy depiction of the country.
Not only that, but they also help to inspire and excite prospective buyers in the property search adding to the rewarding and enjoyable user experience on the site.
Impressive graphics aren’t the only thing Abode Italy has done brilliantly well. The business even won ‘Best Real Estate Agency Website in Italy’ award at the European Property Awards in 2016 - impressive to say the least!

If you fancy knowing a bit more about the agency’s other successes, just click here.

Abode Italy. 2021. Homepage.

The Pedder Group

Next on our list is the renowned South East London based estate agency, the Pedder Group.

With their innovative content management system, the agency can attach all their relevant blogs to their inspiring community promise page using their clever tag system. Simple yet effective, the Pedder Group have utilized their CMS in the best way possible.

And with such a smooth user experience, the business has landed 4.5 more application and valuation leads than Zoopla! If you fancy generating as many leads as them, just click here to find out how.

The Pedder Group. 2021. Community Promise Page.


The Pedder Group. 2021. Community Promise Page.


Next up we have the Notting Hill based estate agency, Noahs. With an advanced filter that can be applied in the property search, the feature creates a much smoother and streamlined user experience. There are so many filters prospective buyers can select from including ‘Newly Refurbished’ and even ‘Historic’ – the search could not be more specific!
But what’s also so great about this feature, is that it significantly boosts the agency’s search engine ranking. With so many more filters, their website will come up with all the possible searches associated with them to help score them more leads and more business.

Noahs. 2021. Properties page.


Another agency who has their own unique feature, is the Norfolk based agent, Sowerbys. With an impressive portfolio of area guide videos, Sowerbys knows a thing or two about inspiring prospective buyers. Featuring talks with local residents and businesses as well as wide shots of the shops and local amenities, the agency knows exactly how to show buyers a real glimpse into their dream locations.
Keen to know more about the agency? Click here to find out more.

Sowerbys. 2021. Area guide videos.

Lonely Miller 

Next up on our list, is the new estate agency in Southfields, London, Loney Miller. As a start-up business, it was vital that the agency ranked well on Google to attract the vendors and landlords that would grow the business.

And guess what – the brand accomplished just that and with an amazing set of results. Within the first six weeks of launching their website, they were on page 1 of Google for “Estate Agents Southfields” and page 1, #1 and #2 of Google for "Online Estate Agent Southfields - amazing, right?

But that’s not all Loney Miller have achieved. In fact, you can click here to find out about the other successes the agency has had.

Loney Miller. 2021. Loney Miller Homepage.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt 

Following on from Loney Miller, is one of the largest multibranch agents in the West Country, Greenslade Taylor Hunt. The agency has a hugely popular client base and an incredibly strong brand reputation making it one of the go to agencies in their area.
Tailored to meets these strengths, is their bespoke homepage which allows the agency to have the most engaging, impactful, and lasting impression on their users. With such a flexible template, the agency can decide exactly where they would like their brand elements to be enabling them to have full design control of their site.

GTH are not the only agency who have a bespoke homepage, in fact lots more of our clients do – just click here to find out more about our bespoke website package.

GTH. 2021. Bespoke homepage.

Cooper & Tanner

Last but not least, is Cooper & Tanner. With an impressive and extensive portfolio of properties dotted across the South West including Cheddar and Glastonbury, Cooper and Tanner have built a renowned reputation in their operating areas.

Not only are they a fantastic agency, but they’re also a leading auctioneer in their area for over 100 years. With their website, they can show people just that. Integrating their auction house into their site, they boast their vast collection of livestock, land, and sale rooms available for applicants to browse though.
Does your estate agency have an auction house? Click here to find out more about what we can do for your business.

Cooper and Tanner. 2021. Auction house.

In summary, we hope we have shown your agency that by having an impressive website with their own unique features, your business will land more leads and more instructions. If you fancy integrating some of these ideas into your own site, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to have that conversation with you.

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