Important Product Update; Website Template Retirement

Published: 23/08/2022 By Webdadi

From today, we will no longer be updating our old non-Atom website templates with new products, features, or legislation updates. These website templates include the Zephyr (+), Helios, Quantum (+), Kinesis, Horizon, Slipstream and Velocity templates.

In reality, some of the new products and features we have released have not been available on these templates as the technology powering them is simply not compatible with the older technology on these templates. However, from today, these templates will no longer receive any updates in regards to their functionality.

In addition, we'll soon be retiring ALL of our old website templates that are not on the Atom platform on 20th November 2022


Firstly, it means we'll no longer actively sell these website templates. In reality, these templates haven't been purchased by new clients for some years, but they will now be entirely removed from our product offerings.

Secondly, it will mean we can no longer guarantee to be able to make bespoke changes or developments on your website that you may request (such as editing the design or adding new third party products or plugins). We won't be able to actively develope your website and change it beyond what you amend using your VIA software.

Lastly, it means that we can no longer guarantee to fix bugs or visual issues on your website caused by updates to browsers and operating systems. As the technology landscape has rapidly changed, we have worked hard to react to these changes and ensure your website continues to operate as it did when you first purchased it. However, as the technology has moved on, it has become harder to make the technology backwards compatible. It has now reached a stage where unfortunately, it is not possible to continue to guarantee to support your website to this level on the older technology which powers it. Much like how older mobile phone models and tablets cannot install the latest operating systems or app purchases. The same principle applies to your website.


Firstly, don't panic. You and your customers can carry on using your website as normal and it will continue to function largely as is. You will also still be able to edit the content of your website and add blogs as you can now using your VIA software. However, it does mean:

  • From today, you won't receive new updates and features for the website. In essence, your website will now remain as it is now with no further updates. You won't lose anything, you just won't receive new features and automatic amendments on your website
  • From 20th November 2022, we can't guarantee to be able to make bespoke changes or developments on your website that you may request (such as editing the design or adding new third party products or plugins). So if you want to change and edit your website outside of what is achievable in VIA, you won't be able to
  • We will no longer offer support in regards to bug fixes on your website caused by browser or operating system updates. There will be bugs which simply cannot be fixed as your website will not be compatible with modern browsers


This isn't a decision that is wholly in our control. Technology has simply moved on so much that these websites and the technology they are built on are simply not compatible with modern technology. Supporting these website is now sadly, simply not possible. In some instances, these soon to be retired websites were built over 10 years ago.

By retiring  these templates, it will allow us to concentrate wholly on our latest web platform Atom and release new products and features which will help our customers by utilising the very latest technology.


As our newest and most innovative template, Atom comes with a host of enhancements and improvements to your current template such as an increase in security, faster loading times and constant upgrades to ensure your customers are getting the best possible user experience on your website.

This means that your website will constantly be using the most up to date software and therefore will be the best that it can be. Recent updates include the addition Google's latest reCAPTCHA technology as well as the addition of What3Words into property listings.

To view some of the latest updates and innovations that have been released on the Atom platform, click here


Absolutely! We have a range of options that will enable you to upgrade that don't require an extensive or expensive website rebuild.

As an existing Webdadi customer, you're also on our Website for Life Plan. This means you get 50% off any new website package. What's more, we already have all of your data and website material, so upgrading your site couldn't be easier.

If you would like to discuss your options about upgrading to Atom, please contact your account manager by clicking here