Stunning New Atom For John Alan

Published: 12/10/2018 By Rick Toovey

John Alan are an independent estate agent established in 1999. With in depth knowledge and experience in property sales and lettings in the local area, their highly motivated and reliable team are always available to deal with all your property requirements.

Take a look around their beautiful new Atom website that we built here at Webdadi!

If you want to know more about our stunning websites and the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with our sales team today and they will guide you through your options:


0208 246 6060

See what you you create with Atom!
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Negotiator 2018 Awards Shortlist Announced!

Published: 05/10/2018 By Webdadi Ltd

The UK's premier awards programme for residential agency has published the shortlist for their 2018 awards. The judging took place on 4th September 2018 at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, London where the Shortlist was decided by a panel of judges and observers from The Negotiator. The three finalists and winners of each category will be revealed at a grand gala dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London on 30th November 2018.

Congratulations to four of our clients who have been nominated for awards:

Regional – East & West Midlands

Regional London

Langford Property:
Regional London
Single Branch lettings Agency of the Year

Paige & Petrook:
Regional London
Single Branch lettings Agency of the Year

Best of luck guys we hope that you bring the trophy home!
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Best of Luck to GTH in the Somerset Business Awards!

Published: 02/10/2018 By Webdadi Ltd

From everyone here at Webdadi, a massive good luck to our amazing client Greenslade Taylor Hunt who have been nominated for the Creative Marketing Award at the Somerset Business awards!

Not only does your website look amazing, but you’ve used it to it’s full potential to create engaging and informative content for you users that ranks well on Google. We hope you all have a great evening and come home with the trophy, you deserve it!!

Scott City Of London Launch

Published: 27/09/2018 By Rick Toovey

Scott City Residential are an independent Estate Agency specialising in the CITY of LONDON ( The Square Mile ) with a special focus on the Barbican Estate.

Take a look around their beautiful new Atom website that we have built here at Webdadi!

If you want to know more about our stunning websites and the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with our sales team today and they will guide you through your options:


0208 246 6060
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Fantastic Patrick Henry Website Takes Flight

Published: 20/09/2018 By Rick Toovey

Patrick Henry are another one of our longstanding clients that recently made the decision to upgrade onto our superb new Atom template. Take a look around the beautiful new site here!

If you want to know more about our stunning websites and the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with our sales team today and they will guide you through your options:


0208 246 6060

FREE updates to Atom websites & VIA Software

Published: 17/09/2018 By Elliott Rowland

If you're a VIA Website Edition Software customer, or if you've got out latest Atom Website Template, then we've just given you access to a whole host of great new features and updates, completely free of charge!

VIA Website Edition Software:

1. Customisable Dashboard
Your VIA Website Edition software has always had a handy dashboard which gives you key information about your website and alerts you to actions you should take to aid your SEO.

The Dashboard is now completely customisable. Move your tiles, change their size, and delete unwanted information. You can edit and save your dashboard to personalise your VIA experience.

2. Removal of Auto-Logout
When you speak, we listen. A number of customers have said that VIA's auto logout functionality stopped them completing key website updates if they were distracted by that inevitable phone call or email.

VIA will now keep all customers logged in unless you manually log out, meaning you can spend as long as you like in VIA without worrying about being logged out if you leave your system inactive for too long.

ATOM Website Template:

1. Add Hover Effects to Items
You can now add hover effects to any basic items you've added to a page. There are 10 different animations to choose from, so you can edit the look of your existing website pages, or design completely new ones with this great design feature.

You can even preview what your hover over effect will look like online directly within VIA, so you can help choose the right effect for your page design.  

2. Embed Videos in Blog Posts
You can now add videos to your blog articles to help increase engagement in your articles.

Any videos you add to your blog article will display on both the main blog page displaying all of your articles, as well as the individual blog article page.

3. Full Screen Items
Your homepage is one of the best looking pages on your website. A beautiful full screen video or image helps showcase your business to prospective vendors and landlords.
Well, now you can recreate this effect with our new full screen items. When you add items to a page, you now have the option to make them "full screen" ensuring they take up the entire size of the desktop screen, allowing you to create stunning landing pages.

Create stunning video and image carousels for you pages, and have the freedom to design the website page you want using Atom.

4. Add a Preview of your Blog to any Page
You now have the ability to add a preview of your blog to any page listed in VIA. Simply create an item with the "Blog item" template, and add it to any page you wish.

You can choose between displaying your blog articles as a revolving carousel, or in a grid view. You can choose between 1-20 of your latest blog articles to display, and you can even choose to only display blog articles which contain a specific keyword, allowing you to customise what blogs display according to the page you want to display them on.

Increase your SEO by adding your blog to your key landing pages, ensuring fresh content is automatically added to your pages whenever you add a blog article.

5. New Yield Calculator Item
If you're a lettings agent, or have a lettings department within your business, our latest item template will be a handy tool for your prospective landlords.

You can add a Yield Calculator to any page listed within VIA so they can work out their potential yield on their property directly on your website. You can even edit the text and background colour of your new calculator.

6. Page Speed Optimisations
If you have an Atom website, it's now faster than ever. We won't bore you with the technical details, but we've made a host of optimisations to the platform to ensure your users have the fastest online experience.

Lazy loading, minifying HTML and image optimisation are just some of the changes we've made to make your Atom one of the best performing website platforms available.

7. Custom Alt Tags 
Alt tags allow you to label images to help aid your SEO.

Now, when you add images to pages or items within VIA, you can label the image which will then output as an alt tag on your website, letting Google know the name of the image you're using on your website.

So for example, if you upload a great image of the Tate Modern to your Area Guide page, label the image "Tate Modern Southbank" to help aid your page's SEO. 
. . .

Unleash the incredible power of Atom!

Published: 17/09/2018 By Rick Toovey

Atom is the first website builder specifically for Estate Agents. You can design & create your own website quickly and easily.

With a host of fantastic design options, you can add animations, hover over effects and contact forms to your site. Add an unlimited number of pages and create the website you need for your business.

With Atom, the only limitation is your imagination!


Call us today and speak to one of our Atom experts on how this software can help your business. We look forward to hearing from you!


0208 246 6060
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JT Homes On The Move!

Published: 31/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Great end to the week here at Webdadi with the launch of a branch new stunning Atom website for JT Homes!

Your local North West London estate agent bringing a fresh approach to buying and selling homes in Hendon, Golders Green, Finchley, Hampstead Garden Suburb and surrounding areas.

JT Homes specialises in property sales, developments and investments offering a bespoke, flexible and unrivalled service.

If you want to know more about our websites and the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with our sales team today and they will guide you through your options:


0208 246 6060

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Make Way For Bloomfield Grey!

Published: 21/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Yet another beautiful Atom website launch! Check out Essex & Suffolk based Bloomfield Grey's incredible looking new website here.

If you want to know more about our websites and the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with our sales team today and they will guide you through your options:


0208 246 6060

Pretty In Pink For Pink Street!

Published: 15/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

It's another Atom website but this time it's in stunning Pink!

Check out Portsmouth based Pink Street's incredible looking new website here.

If you want to know more about our websites and the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with our sales team today and they will guide you through your options:


0208 246 6060

VIA Tutorials: More New Videos Released Today!

Published: 14/08/2018

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

All our training videos are kept here on our blog page. Simply change the 'View Posts Tagged In' drop down on our blog hub page (https://www.webdadi.com/blog) to 'VIA Video Tutorials' to see all the videos that we have now released:

Today we have released videos for updating your website privacy policy & also updating your cookie policy.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!
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VIA Tutorials - Updating Privacy Policy

Published: 13/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

Today's instalment shows you how to use VIA to update your privacy policy.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!

SUMMER SALE - 25% Off All Website Templates Until 31/8/18!

Published: 08/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Traditional website templates confine you to rigid layouts and limit what you can achieve with your website.

Atom is different. 

Atom allows you to customise your website design to a whole new level. With thousands of layout options, you can choose an initial theme that suits your business, but customise the design further to give your website a bespoke look and feel.  You can use Atom to build your website the way you want; a fully consultative design for the price of a template website. A perfect match.

If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch today with our sales team today and they will guide you through your new website options:


0208 246 6060
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VIA Tutorials - Updating Cookie Policy

Published: 07/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

Today's instalment shows you how to use VIA to update your cookie policy.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!

New Week, New Atom For Niche

Published: 06/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Another week and we have launched another new Webdadi Atom site!

Check out Niche Estates wonderful new Atom here.

If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch today with our sales team today and they will guide you through your new website options:


0208 246 6060

VIA Tutorials - Adding A New Page

Published: 03/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

Today's instalment shows you how to use VIA to add a new website page.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!

Shift To Mobile Tech In Numbers

Published: 02/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Great article by the BBC today highlighting the shift towards mobile technology: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45033302

All our Webdadi sites are fully responsive on mobile and utilising our online store you can cycle our custom innovations on and off your website as you please!

Get in touch with our sales team today and they will guide you through your new website options:


0208 246 6060

VIA Tutorials - Adding A Blog Post

Published: 01/08/2018 By Rick Toovey

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

Today's instalment shows you how to use VIA to add a new blog post.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!

Swift Flying High With Stunning New Atom

Published: 31/07/2018 By Rick Toovey

With great SEO, an intuitive interface and good branding, who knows what is in store for your business once you own a Webdadi Atom site!

Check out what Swift Residential have achieved utilising Atom here.

Get in touch today with our sales team today and they will guide you through your new website options:


0208 246 6060

New VIA Tutorial Videos Released

Published: 30/07/2018 By Rick Toovey

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

All our training videos are kept here on our blog page. Simply change the 'View Posts Tagged In' drop down on our blog hub page (https://www.webdadi.com/blog) to 'Tutorial' to see all the videos that we have now released:

Our recent videos cover instructions on how to change a featured property, adding a store innovation, adding a new VIA user and changing your website homepage video.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!
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Atom Evolution For Estates & Lets

Published: 18/07/2018 By Rick Toovey

Estates & Lets have been established since the year 2000 in Canary Wharf London.

They specialise in the Letting, Selling and Management of Residential property within East London. They have a friendly and professional team of knowledgeable staff who can deal with a tenants or landlords every need.

Estates and Lets have taken a bold step forward launching their brand new spectacular Webdadi Atom site that you can view here!

VIA Tutorials - Adding A Store Innovation

Published: 13/07/2018 By Rick Toovey

Here at Webdadi we are pleased to release the first of our online tutorial videos, aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

Today's first instalment shows you how to use VIA to add an innovation from the Webdadi store.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!

Hamilton Chess Plot Next Move

Published: 29/06/2018 By Rick Toovey

Hamilton Chess offers a complete professional service for high quality residential property in Windsor and all surrounding towns and villages.

Specialising in all aspects of Residential Sales, Lettings & Property Management, their offices promote a bespoke service across the property spectrum combining modern techniques with traditional values.

Hamilton Chess are the discerning homeowner’s first choice offering everything you should expect from an exceptional estate agent.

Take a look around their superb new Webdadi Atom website here!

. . .

Everyone on board at CHK Mountford!

Published: 22/06/2018 By Rick Toovey

In 2014, 26 years after being established, CHK Mountford strengthened its ties and became part of John D Wood & Co.

Since the acquisition by Countrywide plc they have been continually working more and more with John D Wood & Co., one of London’s most prestigious brands. The culture, values and ethos of both companies have always been so closely aligned therefore, the strength of this relationship provides clients with access to John D Wood & Co.’s suite of exceptional services reaching from a London, Country and International network of offices. CHK Mountford can now offer an industry leading, award winning altogether better and wider service.

To go alongside this they have now just launched a brand new Webdadi Atom website that you can look around here.
. . .

VIA Tutorials - Changing Featured Properties

Published: 20/06/2018 By Rick Toovey

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

Today's instalment shows you how to use VIA to change your featured properties.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!

Ten Out Of Ten For Temme English

Published: 15/06/2018 By Rick Toovey

Temme English were founded in May 2010 by Carl Temme and Steve English who, with almost fifty years estate agency experience between them, shared a vision for creating a new estate agents business in Wickford and later Colchester, delivering the finest service and results for their customers and clients.

Whilst the main focus of activity at Temme English is selling and letting property, they have a range of complementary professional services to help make buying and selling, letting and renting easier. These include both mortgage and conveyancing services.

Have a look around the stunning new Atom website here.
. . .

Rochford Stokes Stunning New Atom Launches!

Published: 05/06/2018 By Rick Toovey

Rochford Stokes are an owner managed independent estate agency specialising in the sale, letting and management of property within the Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth, Balham and surrounding areas.

The owners both have over 30 years local, estate agency experience and they will personally handle every aspect of the sale and letting of your property.

Take a look around the stunning new Webdadi Atom website here.

VIA Tutorials - Changing Homepage Videos

Published: 18/05/2018 By Rick Toovey

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

Today's instalment shows you how to use VIA to change your homepage videos.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!

Strettons Streets Ahead Of Competition

Published: 17/05/2018 By Rick Toovey

Strettons is a leading, independent firm of property advisors with expertise across a wide range of commercial and residential property, giving advice to buyers, owners, occupiers, investors, developers and more. Their core teams cover agency, property auctions, property & asset management and valuation & advisory services. They operate throughout London and the home counties with more than 120 staff, while the auction department and property management business covers the whole of the UK.

Check out the superb new Atom website here.
. . .

Wonderful New Warren Property Matters Website!

Published: 15/05/2018 By Rick Toovey

Warren Property Matters are an independent firm of Estate Agents located in the heart of Eton High Street, Windsor.

They offer a bespoke service to all clients and with their experience in the property industry have gained a long term reputation for exceptionally high standards of customer care. You can rely on them to provide professional, honest and friendly advice on all property matters including recommendations for Surveyors, Independent Mortgage Brokers, trusted Solicitors and numerous other local services for your benefit.

Have a look around their fantastic new Webdadi website here!
. . .

VIA Tutorials - Adding A User

Published: 10/05/2018 By Rick Toovey

Our online tutorial videos are aimed at helping you to manage your website using our very own VIA software.

Today's instalment shows you how to use VIA to add a new user.

Keep checking back in for more weekly tutorial blog postings where we will cover a variety of different aspects of VIA!

Wayne & Silver Shining Bright With New Atom Site!

Published: 09/05/2018 By Rick Toovey

Wayne & Silver operate and market properties across North West London, from Hampstead, Belsize Park, West Hampstead, South Hampstead, St John’s Wood and Maida Vale. They offer a personal service tailored to your individual needs, whether UK or internationally based.

They are personally involved seven days a week in order to make sure every client gets an exceptional level of service with attention to detail.

Having built and continuing to build strong and loyal relationships with relocation companies, major international and national contacts who often provide them with buyers or tenants on an exclusive basis. In addition, their affiliation with local property owners has led them to develop invaluable rapports with some of the most influential property figures in London.

Check out their fantastic new website here.
. . .

Easter Bank Holiday Opening Times

Published: 29/03/2018 By Webdadi

Our telephone helpdesk will be closing at 6pm on Thursday 29th March, with normal business resuming at 9am on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

We don’t anticipate that there will be any issues over the bank holiday period, but we will be monitoring our servers and systems throughout this time.

If you do, however need to urgently get in touch with us, then you can always email helpdesk@webdadi.com which is being monitored and a member of the team will get back to you.

Have a great Easter break!


SSL Security is Now Available!

Published: 28/03/2018

You can ensure your website is even more secure by ensuring your users personal details are protected online.

Your website is your most important marketing tool. You collect vital applicant, vendor and landlord data every day. You can protect this data now by ensuring all transfers are encrypted.

Google will soon be prioritising secure websites, so updating your website is vital in securing or increasing your current Google Ranking. SSL will also help with your GDPR compliance, by making sure the personal data you collect online is as secure as possible.

  • Achieve a "secure" status in your browser
  • End to end encryption using the latest standards
  • 301 Redirects to your secure website once the HTTPS link is operationa
  • Enhanced security using HSTS ensuring that data entered on your website is secure
  • Increase your SEO
  • Aid GDPR compliance
You can upgarde to SSL now in the Webdadi Store. Simply log onto your VIA Website Edition software, and visit the "store" tab.

. . .

Superb New Cooper & Tanner Bespoke Website

Published: 15/03/2018 By Rick Toovey

Cooper and Tanner are estate agents, property, antique and livestock auctioneers and residential, agricultural and commercial specialists covering Somerset and Wiltshire. They also offer a comprehensive letting service.

For over 100 years Cooper and Tanner have been well recognised in the West Country as the landed property professionals and auctioneers. They operate eleven offices in Somerset and Wiltshire, providing professional estate agency and surveying services to the residential, agricultural and commercial property sectors. They sell property by private treaty and by auction, they also run successful sale rooms specialising in antiques and vintage items. Their outside sales deal with tools, equipment and machinery. They provide housing surveys and professional advice on all agricultural matters including livestock auctions.

They are fortunate to serve property and farming clients in a very beautiful and favoured area that encompasses the towns and villages of Castle Cary, Frome, Glastonbury, Wedmore, Cheddar, Shepton Mallet, Standerwick, Street, Bridgwater,  Warminster and Wells, taking in the Mendip Hills, Somerset Levels, Wiltshire Downs and the Blackmore Vale. Their continual aim is to provide a modern quality service that is firmly founded on the traditional values of professional integrity. This Cooper and Tanner website provides a guide to the multi-practice and diverse range of their services.

Take a look around the superb new bespoke website here.
. . .

Circa London Launch New Atom!

Published: 09/03/2018 By Rick Toovey

With more than 30 years of experience in the London property market, the Circa London team are fully equipped to provide client feedback, recommendations and informed decisions, and offer educated advice and strategies for their clients. They provide expert marketing knowledge and pride themselves on having regular and informative conversations throughout the sales process.
Circa London's team also guide on Property Management for high end properties in central London's finest schemes and locations, offering each landlord a dedicated property manager who works hard to ensure that they keep them up-to-date and informed and reduce any chance of additional costs.
They are one of our first clients to launch a new website on our spectacular Atom template, take a look around here!
. . .


Published: 22/02/2018 By Rick Toovey

Here at Webdadi we are pleased to announce the release of our brand new modular website builder 'Atom'.

Traditional website templates have often confined you to rigid layouts and limit what you can achieve with your website, but that is a thing of the past, Atom is different.

Atom allows you to customise your website to a whole new level. With thousands of configurable layout options, you can choose an initial theme that suits your business, but customise it further to give your website a bespoke look and feel.  You can use Atom to build the website you want, it has all the advantages of a template website combined with the freedom of bespoke design. A perfect match.

If you want to know more about Atom click here, or feel free to have a look around our amazing clients Circa London and Loney Miller who are delighted with their brand new Atom websites!

We're so happy with how good Atom is, we've even built our very own website using it! Everything you see on webdadi.com has been built using Atom & Via Website Edition software.
. . .

Salix Living The Dream

Published: 15/02/2018 By Rick Toovey

Salix Living are the Private Sector Leasing arm of Salix Homes, a Salford-based social housing provider and provides a complete private lettings and property management service across Salford, Trafford and Manchester.

They offer a full range of packages to meet the varying needs of landlords, including a popular Private Sector Leasing offering, which provides landlords with a guaranteed monthly rental income throughout the duration of the lease. They ensure competitive rates with complete transparency, and provide a 24/7 service centre to support customers.

They are an ethical, not-for-profit organisation who are committed to providing high standard, affordable homes to the residents of Greater Manchester.
Take a look around the new website here.
. . .

Spectacular New Richard Saunders Website

Published: 01/02/2018 By Rick Toovey

Welcome to the all-new Richard Saunders website for 2018 - designed by Webdadi to look great on all devices and browsers!

Take a look around this beautiful new site here.

Loney Miller Blown Away By Atom

Published: 15/01/2018 By Rick Toovey

Loney Miller have started 2018 in style by launching their impressive new website using our incredible new template 'Atom.'

Loney Miller was set up to move away from the corporate world of high street estate agency. They have created a local company that is a “hybrid” to offer an online service alongside a traditional estate agency service, with the ability to morph from one to another as your situation demands. They are fully independent, owner-managed and focused entirely on South-West London.

They believe that there is a need for an estate agent who is intent on giving the best advice for the client, not simply trying to hit company targets or achieve a profit at any cost. They understand that the success of the brand will be based on reputation through customer satisfaction and recommendations, and this is paramount to their core values. From speaking with local residents there is no desire for another estate agent on their high street, that’s why they don’t have a shop front.  However, they want to be part of the community and on hand for customers, so they have an office in the heart of the village.

Take a look around the brand new website here.

. . .


Published: 15/01/2018 By Elliott Rowland

We are giving you a 30 day free trial of our new Contacts Plugin. This free trial expires on the 14th February 2018.

  • Add, edit and delete contacts into your VIA software  
  • Track the details of vendors, landlords, applicants and more  
  • Search through all the contacts stored in your software by name, or by their star rating  
  • Quick list views to help you quickly email or call your contacts  
  • Anyone who registers on your website through the Account/Login section will automatically be added to your contacts database  
  • All new applicants will be allocated a 5 star rating so you can contact your hot leads straight away!  

This trial is available to all Super Users, Managers, Content Editors and Basic Users. This functionality is not available to Blogger user profiles.
. . .

Wigmore Jones Welcome New Year

Published: 03/01/2018 By Rick Toovey

Founded in 2011, Wigmore Jones is a leading independent agency who specialise in the sale, letting and management of New Homes in London.

They bring a unique insight and wealth of experience gained by working for London’s leading estate agents and New Home developers, enabling them to challenge the practises of traditional estate agencies.

Their approach is based on mutual success and with time now being the most precious asset, priding themselves on being straight talking and hard working.

Through the use of the latest technology they are able to service their customers around the clock. Whether you want to take a Virtual Viewing, report an issue or download a statement you can do this via our website at a time that’s convenient for you.


Wigmore Jones really have kicked off the new year in style by launching this fantastic crisp and clean new Webdadi website. Take a look around here!

. . .

Christmas Message & Opening Times

Published: 22/12/2017 By Webdadi

As we move into the season of merriment and goodwill we would like to say a huge thank you to all our customers. It has been a pleasure doing business with you during 2017 and look forward to more of the same in 2018!

Christmas Opening Times:

Our telephone helpdesk will be closing at 1pm on Friday 22nd December, with normal business resuming at 9am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

We don’t anticipate that there will be any issues over the holiday period, but we will be monitoring our servers and systems throughout this time to make sure that your website hasn’t been knocked out of action by Santa’s sleigh.

If you do, however need to urgently get in touch with us, then you can always email helpdesk@webdadi.com which is being monitored and a member of the team will get back to you.

Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


. . .

Ideal Site For Ideal Move

Published: 21/12/2017 By Rick Toovey

Ideal Move have been specialising in letting residential property in London for more than seven years. Their staff are conscientious, highly professional and productive, with an excellent understanding of the local property market.

They have an exceptional skill set that makes them successful in marketing properties all over London, with over half their business coming from referral and recommendation.

Ideal Move’s main target is to make clients the main aspect of their business and act on their behalf, whether selling or letting, to make sure they use immense marketing and proficient negotiation, to achieve the best possible price.

The company has always been inventive, frequently publishing new properties all over the World Wide Web. They have an active and growing profile on social media and are using engaging content in digital marketing.


Take a look round the site here.

. . .

Goss & Co. Go To A New Level

Published: 20/12/2017 By Rick Toovey

Goss & Co. Residential Sales recognise that a property is more than a building – it’s about a property becoming a home. And understanding property is more than just knowing about houses, flats and apartments. It's also about knowing the location, the neighbourhoods and the people.

They have unrivalled local knowledge of Parsons Green, Munster Village, Bishops Park, Hurlingham and Peterborough Estate in Fulham, as well as Putney, Barnes, Shepherd's Bush and Hammersmith. Having an extensive understanding of these areas along with industry insights, combining their refreshing approach, has proved highly effective for people looking to buy and to sell a home.

Their credentials are further complemented by a collaboration with Peter Woods Residential Lettings. Their representation of some of the very best rental properties in Parsons Green and the borough of Fulham, as well as Battersea, Putney, Clapham, Wandsworth and the surrounding areas, allows them to cover both the sales and the lettings markets. With collective experience spanning many years, they are able to offer clients the unique benefit of joint expertise.


Have a look around the new website here.

. . .

Beautiful Bricks And Blocks Launches

Published: 13/12/2017 By Rick Toovey

Bricks & Blocks Estate Agents are here to help you construct your next move, whether it be selling or buying they are passionate about your property. With their online marketing package, all customers are able to track the progress of their sale as it proceeds step by step, meaning nobody is ever in the dark about the stage of the moving process.


They also offer a unique service called “sell it your way” which gives customers the option of the traditional high street method of selling their property, or the modern internet only marketing approach where the control is back in the customers hands. They believe this is a great approach as not all customers fit into one category, they also believe your home is your pride and joy therefore, why not give the owner the chance to show it off themselves in all its glory.


Check out the beautiful new website here.

. . .

Harding Green Goes Live!

Published: 08/12/2017 By Rick Toovey

Harding Green is a privately owned and independent estate agency based in the heart of Kensington specialising in Sales and Lettings of residential property across London. The company thrives under a dedicated and experienced team of property professionals delivering outstanding results for their clients and offering a bespoke level of service.

Founded by Nick Carter, Harding Green’s primary focus was to provide a new level of client service, whilst at the same time offering its Associates the opportunity to manage their own portfolio of client instructions. The Associate you instruct to sell or let your home, will deal with every part of the property process from the creation of the details, handle every enquiry, viewings, offers and will remain the sole contact throughout the transaction process. This unique structure enables Associates to dedicate more time to both properties and clients.  

Their services cover Residential Sales and Lettings across London, whether you are searching for your first home, or are looking to buy, sell or invest in property, your selected Harding Green Associate will guide you through the property process every step of the way.


Take a look around the brilliant new website here.

. . .

Spotlight On Stennett Properties

Published: 24/11/2017 By Rick Toovey

Stennett Properties as part of Stennett Solicitors offers a convenient “one stop shop” service to clients. Stennett Solicitors was established nearly 30 years ago. Stennett Properties was later set up to satisfy a demand from their clients to sell and manage their property portfolios. Based in Southgate, Enfield N14, Stennett Properties proudly gives a trusted and professional service and is regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.


Take a look around the fantastic new website here.

. . .

Copping Joyce Now Live

Published: 16/11/2017 By Rick Toovey

Copping Joyce are an independent multi – practice firm of Chartered Surveyors, carrying out work across Greater London, the South East and East Anglia.

As an established SME with a company history dating to 1898, they are pleased to be a firm large enough to offer a comprehensive range of professional services, while retaining the agility to tailor those services to the individual needs of clients.

Their services include; valuations, investment and development acquisitions and disposals, commercial and residential agency, insolvency, property management, expert witness and building surveying.

Their aim is to get things done to client's satisfaction by delivering professional and sound advice. They have a wide range of clients including banks, institutions, property companies, public bodies and the general public. Totally committed to clients’ needs, their surveyors always aim to respond efficiently and effectively.


Have a look around the new site here.

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O'Neill Property Pushing Forward

Published: 15/11/2017 By Rick Toovey

O’Neill is one of the leading property management companies in Edinburgh and Glasgow offering a first class service based on extensive experience and unrivalled market knowledge on all aspects of lettings and property management.

With over 20 years of experience, they manage and let a diverse range of properties from one bedroom flats to large family homes on a long term and short term basis from offices in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

They have strong landlord and tenant relationships which are borne out of our results-focused approach.


Have a look around their fantastic new website here.

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Hardings New Home Is Here

Published: 27/10/2017 By Rick Toovey

Hardings Estate Agency have taken a leap to the next level by launching this stunning new Webdadi website!

NOPS Drops Hard Hitting New Site

Published: 23/10/2017 By Rick Toovey

North Oxford Property Services are proactive property experts going the extra mile to meet the needs of tenants and landlords alike, along with being trusted and valued by clients.

Whether you are a prospective tenant, landlord or investor you can be sure that their friendly and committed approach to working will give you peace of mind. Their team’s extensive knowledge and experience of the Oxford Property market is second to none.


Let NOPS take the strain out of renting, letting or investing in Oxford. Read the Testimonials to find out what people say about them.


Check out the brand new site here.

. . .

Loftstyle Flying High Above The Rest

Published: 19/10/2017 By Rick Toovey

Loft Style Properties is at the forefront of London's property market. Their longevity has meant that client have returned year after year. They also pride themselves in having long standing staff members that returning clients have grown to know and trust over the years.


Have a look around the fantastic new website here.

Stonegate Solid As A Rock

Published: 13/10/2017 By Rick Toovey

Stonegate Estates pride themselves on providing sound, consistent advice and support to ensure the best price for your property and a move that suits your individual circumstances and timescale. When you talk to us about property you soon discover the difference and appreciate the benefits of dealing with an Independent Estate Agency, as they offer a flexible and highly personalised service that embraces the maximum exposure of your property, generating genuine enquiries often within hours of receiving instruction.

They provide a complete property solution covering a broad range of property activities, from Residential Sales and Lettings to land acquisition and development, commercial property and full block management.


Have a look around the new site here.


. . .

Big Launch For Jayne Beard

Published: 12/10/2017 By Rick Toovey

Jayne Beard Associates pride themselves in providing sound, consistent advice and support to ensure the best price for your property and a move that suits your individual circumstances and timescale. When you talk to them about property you soon discover the difference and appreciate the benefits of dealing with an Independent Letting Agency, as they offer a flexible and highly personalised service that embraces the maximum exposure of your property, generating genuine enquiries often within hours of receiving instruction.

They provide a complete property solution covering a broad range of property activities, from Residential Sales and Lettings to land acquisition and development, commercial property and full block management. See the new site here.

. . .

Cooper Beard On Board

Published: 12/10/2017 By Rick Toovey

Cooper Beard Estate Agents pride themselves in providing sound, consistent advice and support to ensure the best price for your property and a move that suits your individual circumstances and timescale. When you talk to them about property you soon discover the difference and appreciate the benefits of dealing with an Independent Estate Agency, they offer a flexible and highly personalised service that embraces the maximum exposure of your property, generating genuine enquiries often within hours of receiving your instruction.

They provide a complete property solution covering a broad range of property activities, from Residential Sales and Lettings to land acquisition and development, commercial property and full block management.


See the great new website here.

. . .

Mike Neville Making Waves

Published: 05/10/2017 By Rick Toovey

Mike Neville Estate Agents pride themselves in providing sound, consistent advice and support to ensure the best price for your property and a move that suits your individual circumstances and timescale. They offer a flexible and highly personalised service that embraces the maximum exposure of your property, generating genuine enquiries often within hours of receiving instruction.

They provide a complete property solution covering a broad range of property activities, from Residential Sales and Lettings to land acquisition and development, commercial property and full block management.


Have a look around their new site here.

. . .

Paul Simon Launch Two Exciting New Websites

Published: 29/09/2017 By Rick Toovey

Paul Simon are one of the few completely independent estate agents specialising in Residential Lettings & Property Management, established in 1986 their Directors maintain a hands-on approach and are passionate about property, the clients they serve and the areas in which they operate.

Click here to see the stunning new lettings site, while the residential sales site is here.

Robsons Remarkable Site Goes Live

Published: 27/09/2017 By Rick Toovey

Founded in 1961, they have an established and successful history in both selling and letting homes throughout the region. With eight offices spanning the Metroland - the ever popular commuter land that runs along the Metropolitan line, they are well placed to capture both local and wider markets.


Have a look at the striking new site here.

Paige & Petrook's Pristine Property Site

Published: 25/09/2017 By Rick Toovey

An independently family-run business based in Pinner with a solid 50-year reputation behind them, they understand the lettings industry inside out. An ARLA propertymark agency so landlords and tenants know that whatever the size or value of the property they let or rent they can be relied upon to provide the most professional service in the area. In a highly competitive and sometimes confusing market they have a dedicated team always happy to give honest, straightforward advice.


Have a look around their impressive new site here.

. . .

Litchfields smart new site is Live!

Published: 20/09/2017 By Rick Toovey

North London’s finest estate agent Litchfields have launched their brand new Webdadi website.


Whether it’s a new home, the best tenants in town, a perfect rental to see you through the early family years, a new build, property or block management, Litchfields has got you covered. Established in 1989, they have invested countless hours over many years to know the market intimately and are recognised market leaders.


Check out the new site here.

. . .

Bespoke Bryan & Keegan site up and running!

Published: 08/09/2017 By Rick Toovey

Bryan & Keegan are one of Brockley and South East London's leading independent estate agents. Vibrant, dynamic and a very exciting company, offering strong marketing, a personable service and value for money.
They are also proud members of The Guild of Professional Estate Agents. This status means that Bryan & Keegan has been judged to have met or exceeded the Guild’s exacting Membership criteria, and in recognition of this achievement has been selected as its sole representative in Brockley!

We are pleased to announce that their brand new bespoke Webdadi website is now live, click here to have a look around!
. . .

A man's home is his castle and Castles have a new home!

Published: 06/09/2017 By Rick Toovey

Castles are a successful, privately owned independent agency. Established in 1981 they have over three decades experience in providing quality estate agency. With eight offices spanning North and East London as well as Essex, they are market leaders in these areas offering a comprehensive service incorporating residential sales, letting and management, and surveys and valuations.

Take a look moment to view the latest fortress that Castles call home.

Cavender's good to go with brand new website!

Published: 23/08/2017 By Rick Toovey

Cavender estate agents opened in 2012 with a clear focus on delivering a comprehensive service that was above and beyond that being provided by other agents in the local area.


We are pleased to welcome them to the Webdadi family with a fantastic new website!

VIA Summer Release 2017

Published: 01/08/2017

We have made a whole host of improvements to VIA, and have bundled them all in our very latest summer release.


Your website is easier to use and more configurable then it's ever been. A full list of the improvements are below:


User Interface
• A host of UI design changes to make the VIA system even easier to use


• Redesigned SEO Review section with clear actions to help improve your Website’s SEO
• Quick links to your website content
• Redesigned stats tile to give you key information about your website


List Views
• Create and edit groups to help organise your website content. All list views for Pages, Links, Items, and Blogs allow you to create groups, so you can organise your content in a way that suits you. You can even customise the colour of the folders to help you further.
• Updated action control with right click functionality
• Double click functionality

Text Editor Improvements
• The text editor menu bar will now remain at the page top when scrolling, helping you to edit your page content more easily

Reference Pages
• Pages tab shows which pages have been added as a related page for a quick reference, with quick links to easily access the page
• Items tab now displays which page(s) the item has been added to for a quick reference, with quick links to easily access the page


Adding to Page/Item/Link lists
• You can now add a related page, item, or link directly from the edit page display

Menu Simplification:
• Software change log is now accessed by clicking the version release in the top left hand corner. The logo now constantly lets you know the latest version you are using
• Settings tabs is now at the bottom of the menu
• Updated icons


Store Improvements:
• New look for the store
• Carousel views added so you can explore the full suite of Webdadi Products, Plugins and Innovations
• The store now displays which innovations you have installed
• Install innovations onto your website directly from the store

. . .

Optima Financial have a brand new site

Published: 29/06/2017

Shaking things up a bit by not being an estate agency are Optima Financial whose new Webdadi site has recently gone live. We love the series of smart black & white photos they have used on their homepage slideshow.

Take a look at their new site here.

Hawk & Eagle's New Site Takes Flight

Published: 01/06/2017

Based in Canary Wharf, family owned agency Hawk & Eagle handle residential sale and rentals in and around Canary  Wharf and the City. Their stylish new website, replete with images of the towering vistas of the City of London, contains loads of useful information for clients and is super easy to use.

Check out their new site here.

Alexanders' new website is looking ace

Published: 26/05/2017

Alexanders have two offices in central London and deal in both sales and rental properties in the beautiful areas of Marylebone and West Hampstead. From the rolling testimonials on their front page it is clear that Alexanders are a professional and friendly team which is reflected throughout the site. We love watching the boats whizzing across the Thames on their home page video. Have a look at their brand new Webdadi site here.



Capital Heights - Capital New Site

Published: 18/05/2017

The emphasis at Capital Heights is all on the customer service, so it’s no surprise that they have really put in the time to create a super user-friendly site.  Their extensive area-guides cover restaurant recommendations, information on local authorities and even council tax rates. Everything you need to know before you move house! You can check out their new site here.

Am I Protected from NHS like Cyber attacks?

Published: 15/05/2017 By Oliver Chapple

Given the current concerns around Cyber attacks at the moment, you might be pleased to know the following:-

Here is a link to our Backup Policy - http://www.webdadi.com/backup-policy. It’s cited in clause 4.13 of our Terms and Conditions.
The bottom line is that we would only use a backup in the case of a full database hack or other global data corruption.
Our layers of protection that specifically minimise hacking that you might be interested to know are: -
• We use salted and hashed password security.
• We use a proprietary storage key for non URL data in SQL called WorldData – only we have the key and can decode it.
• Web server side code execution is pre-compiled via DLLs.
• Windows server is patched with updates
• Webdadi has its own Private Cloud with 7 servers and RAID storage. We are not using the likes of Amazon or Google Clouds which are more prone to attack, targeted by hackers and to downtime from events such as DDOS attacks. There are many benefits in being housed in a rather obscure shed!
• Antivirus software is of course running on all servers.
• We do not use any Open Source server side software for the middle tier or bottom tiers in our n-tier architecture.

We have actually had a DDOS attack once before, you probably will not even remember it - it was a year or two ago. This was someone attacking one of our customers. It was well handled by MDS  (our ISP) by periodically changing their IP addresses of the server farm and network every few hours so the hackers gave up, as is usually the case, since hackers are usually paid for ‘an’ attack, they are not often paid to keep attacking which would be very expensive and open them up to getting caught.
We are not impenetrable but I think we are far less penetrable than the likes of Amazon, TalkTalk and the NHS. We are far more likely to experience another DDOS attack rather than hacking to breach our data and corrupt it. It is worth noting that MDS do not have specific hardware for DDOS attacks, unlike Rackspace, that essentially ‘tries’ to route what it thinks are real requests from DDOS fake requests and provide computing power to manage both at the same time. The trouble with this solution is that it would literally double everyone’s monthlies I am not yet convinced that it’s worth it given how MDS adequately handled it on our behalf last time. We can’t say for sure that Rackspace could during an actual DDOS attack, if it was a smart one, could actually differentiate between a real request and a non-real one, given the IP attacking sophistication that keeps being evolved by today's hackers. It changes like a bacteria’s defence mechanism!
Those concerned about the recent NHS attack should know that the NHS should have updated their XP computers. Microsoft should have made it compulsory for everyone on XP to upgrade, and essentially this is where the NHS have got caught out by making it easy to get in. They have not only not locked their front door, but also they left the keys in it!
The important thing is with Webdadi your data is ultimately safe and you are well protected.
. . .

Smart New Site for Kent & County Properties

Published: 12/05/2017

Kent & County are an independent estate agency based in and around, you guessed it, Kent. Their new Webdadi site includes a set of useful guides to renting and buying a flat, as well as a easy-to-use valuation function which enables you to check the sale and rental value of your property. You can see their new site here.

Central Estates' classy new site

Published: 30/03/2017

Central Estates are an independent agency specializing in high end properties in central London who have been operating since 1986. They have built a smart new website with Webdadi that showcases their central London expertise excellently. We particularly love the beautiful photos of iconic London streets.

With easy links to property searches on the home page, and quick links at the bottom of each page, this site is easy to navigate, and the use of items to build each page give the site a dynamic, easy-flow feel. Have a look at their new site here.
. . .

Forest Estates get online - and look good on it!

Published: 15/03/2017

As the most established estate agency in Feltham, getting online for the first time was a big step for Forest Estates. They have used a striking tree image on their home page and the rest of their website is full of bright greens and purple, creating a cheerful and approachable feel to the website.

Check out their new site here.

Clean, crisp new site for Hugh F Shaw

Published: 02/03/2017

Hugh F Shaw specialize in premium property in central and West London.  They have been going since 1977 and have extensive knowledge of the areas they cover. Their new website uses smart, crisp and clean white and navy colours to great effect. We love the pictures of the blossom in Regents Park on their home page.

Take a look at their new site here.

Awesome new site for Oliver Jaques

Published: 16/02/2017

We think the video on Oliver Jacques’ homepage is completely exhilarating –this is a really good example of the impact a video homepage can have. The fun doesn’t stop there. These guys have made great use of icons on their pages to give their website a really dynamic and varied feel. This is a website that you want to explore.

Oliver Jacques have been in the business since 1986 and focus on selling and renting properties in central, east and and south-east London.

Have a look at their fun-packed website here.
. . .

New Look for Townsends

Published: 09/02/2017

Townsends have been operating since 1983 and are proof that just because an estate agency has been in business for a long time, there is no need for their website to look out of date. Townsends are based in Northwood and are a totally independent operation.

We just love the snowy winter scene on their home page – we look forward to seeing this change with the seasons. Take a look at their new website here.

Stuart MacKenzie show off their local expertise

Published: 02/02/2017

Stuart Mackenzie are an independent agency with extensive knowledge of East Sheen, Mortlake, Richmond, Barnes and Kew in West London. They have used their homepage video to give viewers a highlight of what these areas have to offer, including a cameo appearance from the majestic deer or Richmond Park.

In the current property market, showing local knowledge off to potential clients is key. Your website can play a crucial role in this, as Stuart Mackenzie have illustrated with their really clear and accessible area guides. The area guides also have easy links to properties for sale or rent in that area. Together with the menu at the bottom of the home page and easy search widgets it is super easy for a browser to

Click here to see their new website.
. . .

Colourful and personal new site for City Homes

Published: 26/01/2017

This website is all bright colours, eye catching icons and widgets – really refreshing. City Homes are Peterborough’s largest estate agency, and we think their new website really brings them to life as a company.

The red banners on the crisp white background makes for a clean, uncluttered look which makes it easy to navigate.

Have a look at their site here.

Welcome to VIA!

Published: 17/01/2017

Via Website Edition is our latest software which enables you to add and edit your website page content. It has a host of new features to help you get the most out of your website, and can be accessed anywhere on any device.

To explore all the features of VIA Website Edition, click here

If you’re an existing Webdadi customer, we’ll be replacing your current V5 CMS software with our latest offering absolutely free as part of our regular innovation updates. If you have any questions about switching over, please click here.

If you haven’t already been contact by our Account Management team, they’ll be in touch over the next month to upgrade you.
. . .

Redmayne, Arnold & Harris show us how it's done

Published: 12/01/2017

New client Redmayne, Arnold and Harris specialise in the Cambridge property market. RAH have a really friendly and approachable atmosphere and we think their new responsive, easy to use site clearly reflects this. RAH utilise social media really well and their website is an excellent example of how to incorporate this into your website, with quick links taking you straight through to their twitter account, and clickable icons on every page linking to all their social media. Also, with both a search bar at the top of every page and area guide links found at the bottom of every page it is super easy for viewers to find properties that meet their requirements.


Check out their site here.

. . .

New Year New Website for Moretons

Published: 05/01/2017

Moretons have pre-empted that inevitable New Year fatigue and upgraded their website to a clean and sleek new look which we think excellently reflects the class of properties they sell and rent.


Based in Westminster, Moretons have been helping existing and new residents of SW1 for over 20 years. Their dynamic home page using widgets, banners and quick links showcases the wide range of services Moretons offer while also enabling a viewer to quickly reach the page they are looking for. Also handy is the tile effect on both the sales and lettings pages, enabling the properties themselves to take centre stage.


Have a look at their new page here.

. . .

Unicasa unveils upgraded website

Published: 07/12/2016

Unicasa LONDON have a clean cut feel with a slick red and white design, which is can be seen throughout the website.


They were established over fifteen years ago by professional lettings agents with gone twenty years' experience in the business of corporate lettings. They offer lettings, sales and tenancy management services. They meet the needs of both Landlord and Tenant


For easy valuations, you only need to scroll to the bottom of their home page. With a simple click of the mouse, you can enter your details where a member of staff will get back to you promptly.


Check out their website here


. . .

Mann Smith's Magic New Website

Published: 02/12/2016

Their new website is here! The clean cut blue and white logo really stands out. Instead of clicking a box for Residential or Commercial (on their old site), visitors can now get both options on the same URL which is great for Mann Smith’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
Mann Smith & Partners were formed in 1978 and are commercial property consultants and Chartered Surveyors based in Central London. They operate as agents in Central London, South West and Suburban London, having an office in Croydon also.
Their bespoke home page is really something else. It looks like there is just a picture of London as the background, but, the more you stare at it, the more you notice the steam coming from the chimneys and a lift going up a building. Very clever!
Check out their website here.
. . .

Prime Website for Prime Metro | Contemporary, Modern Website Design | Recently Launched Estate Agents Website

Published: 23/11/2016

Prime Metro closes the door of another happy customer's new home, thanks to their new responsive website. You can't miss the bright orange Logo with the classy green background.


Opening in 2012, the team have a combination of knowledge and experience of over 30 years within the sector. They are involved in Sales, Lettings and Property Management.

Handy bonuses are the calculators for both Mortgages and Stamp Duty, which is super useful when you are looking at properties, hoping you can afford them!

Take look at their website to see if you get our door reference!

. . .

Fyfe McDade's Fab Upgraded Website

Published: 22/11/2016 By WEBDADI

As you may know, Fyfe McDade have been an established since 2007 by Carl Schmid and Ray Smith, starting off in Shoreditch in the same year and most recently opening a branch in Waterloo in 2015, giving them a total of 4 branches.


Having been with us for many years, it was time to revamp the old website into something shiny and new with a bespoke Home Page to make anyone jealous! Another mention would be their New Homes page, with it's bespoke design.


Make sure you take a look at their website here.

. . .

Welcome to the future in Estate Agency software

Published: 14/11/2016 By Webdadi

We are about to release VIA, our latest Website software for CMS users of Webdadi. Like our existing product it allows you to edit and update your website content, but you can also do a host of new things to help improve the look and feel of your website. And we have worked hard on the look and feel itself to make it as up-to-date and user-friendly as possible.


This new upgrade also means that your data and information is all ready for you when you log into the new system for the first time. You won't need to do a thing.


Our new VIA software offers:

  • A statistics tab with reports on key statistics for your website and your plugins to help you improve your business performance
  • Just like any app store, our very own Webdadi store with all the latest innovations and purchase plugins.
  • Featured properties that can be set on your website with the touch of a button.
  • New Blogger and Content Editor logins if you fancy outsourcing your content writing and blogging.

Our Account Managers here at Webdadi will be in touch over the coming months to invite you to switch over, free of charge. But if you fancy a sneak peak at everything VIA will have to offer, simply click here for our online demo.


. . .

Negotiator National Conference & Awards

Published: 01/11/2016

Webdadi are proud to be attending the Negotiator National Conference & Expo at the London Hilton Park Lane today. If any of our lovely customers are attending, we’d love you to drop by and say hello!

We’ll also be at the Awards ceremony later this evening, so good luck to all those nominated (although we’ll be rooting for Webdadi’s customers, obviously). We’ll be looking to enjoy a drink or two with a host of property professionals, to help us keep our finger on the pulse of the industry.

We’ll be looking to share ideas and gain inspiration for new products and features to help you and your business. You never know, we might even get truckload of inspiration for new innovation updates after such a busy day!
. . .

Making content work for your office

Published: 06/10/2016 By Angela Peters

p>Do you struggle to update your website with original content? Do you find that no matter what you do, there’s just not enough hours in the day to promote, chat and tell the world about what your Estate Agency does or to share topical information with your audience?

The thing about creating news/blog content, and even social media updates, is consistency. You’d be better off regularly writing a piece every Tuesday and having your audience know that your Tuesday Corner is coming, than to try and commit to a daily blog and shout about it, only to find that you frequently end up posting ad-hoc articles once per fortnight to a month, and your audience can’t be sure when you’ll be back online.

If you can’t employ an SEO company to take care of this task for you, here’s some tricks and tips to help you get on top of the blogging world and bring in more content for your website:

1. Decide what you’ll write for content:
There is little point in getting more structured with your blogs if you aren’t prepared to do the work and discover what your blog/news niche will be.

If you’re competing (and you are!) against literally thousands of other Estate Agents then you need to know what your potential market share is and capitalise on that. There is little point being all things to all markets. By being micro niche in your area or a specific part of the Estate Agency market, you’ll have a much greater chance of getting those highly coveted top organic spots on the first page of Google. You’ll also become sought after for your advice and expertise within that area.

Only Estate Agents who have a huge multi-office presence around the globe or UK are going to be able to compete across the board in many parts of Estate Agent related areas (think tax, insolvency, lettings, sales, management, conveyancing, commercial...the list goes on). You don’t need to be that if you’re a one to three (or even six) office franchise. Your business can, and will, still be hugely successful when you focus on one small area or component within this market.

Perhaps you’ll focus on Kensington properties only and discuss the merits of living and buying in that area; your area of expertise might be tax in relation to Estate Agents; or you could know a lot about loft conversions; can your business offer financial advice? What is going to be your “thing” that makes you content king?

And then get ready to get writing.

2. Schedule your content: 
Once you know what you’ll write for your content, the next important factor to consider is when you will write it. This will be your publishing days and writing days. And that includes follow up tweets, FB posts, Instagram posts if that’s your thing, and any other social media that you find helps with your Estate Agency engagement.

Utilise websites that offer calendars to help you schedule content, or keep it simple and add it to your Outlook calendar with a date, a reminder and a colour that is distinct for your ‘blog content and social media updates’. Then sit down monthly for 20 minutes and work out when you want to write (not post) your articles. If you intend on getting four news pieces out for the month of October, when are the best days of the week for you to write these? When won’t the office dog, staff, or customers be beating down your door all demanding your attention? Include these in your calendar as content writing days.

For those of you who plan on writing more often and becoming quite structured in delivering content for your website and social media platforms, a content calendar can be the way forward. It helps you to keep organised and on track with those dates you’ve emotionally committed yourself to delivering on. Here are some suggestions for content calendars that you can use to schedule your content:

  • CoSchedule – editorial Calendar offers a free trial to see if this is the sort of resource you need.
  • Hubspot– free calendar to help set up social media content. Just fill out their details online. (hint: they also provide useful ongoing articles and tips).
  • Postplanner– This site is littered with general good tips for content and sharing.

Check out this Co Schedule article on the best time to blog. The magic day for traffic appears to be Monday at 11am. But if you want comments, then that you can capitalise on these on a Saturday. Though data suggests that people look online on Tuesdays at 9pm the most when searching for and sending property enquiries *. (Could it be they're over the weekend hump.)

Most importantly, you need to know what you want to achieve through your blogs. If you are trying to drive traffic to click on your inbound links – valuations, properties for rent, contact page – then you are going to have a different focus to someone who wants to accumulate comments about their industry news. Work this out then use the above CoSchedule best time to blog article to help you work out when you should schedule in your content delivery (how is that for some SEO savvy words...corporate bingo anyone!).

3. Delegate:
A great way to enthuse your staff is to get them involved. If you don’t have time to write four posts a month, there’s a very good chance that your staff don’t either. So perhaps you can delegate an article to each team member once a month through to every two months. This gives them plenty of time to consider something to write about and jot down some notes in between viewings and phone calls.

If you are concerned that they won’t have any ideas of their own to offer, then perhaps consider a few topics and recommend them to your team, letting them choose which topic they feel most comfortable talking about.

Not all staff are comfortable writing pieces so do be open to this outcome and offer for them to collaborate with another staff member if they’re struggling with the actual piece and grammar. The last thing you want to do is terrify your staff into writing. If it’s just the idea that their name might appear on the website next to what they’ve written, you can always have a generic name for the person who writes your Estate Agency posts. Some Estate Agents have their pets name as the blog author. Or, if you’re using the Webdadi system to write your blog, consider leaving the Author’s name out.

Letting your readers connect with individuals will definitely help your agency, so it’s a good idea to encourage your staff to use their real name, or for you to use yours. You just never know when you might generate a lead from your blog posts.

So in summary:

  • Consider what you want to say
  • Think about who your audience will be
  • Give thought to when the best times are for you to write your content
  • Get a schedule together and actually commit in principle to getting content out regularly. It will do wonders for your SEO and brand.

* Reference from Rightmove

. . .

Malverns magic hits South Kensington and beyond

Published: 28/09/2016 By Chris Gilbert

Malverns Estate Agency have created a gorgeous new website with Webdadi to really showcase their inner city properties and specialities. Ann Sturgis founded this Estate Agency back in 1975, and they operate predominantly in and around Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge with their gorgeous office being situated in the heart of South Kensington. As the company grew they also expanded to Regents Park and Fulham as well. 
With the Estate Agency having been established for well over 35 years, they are unique in continuing to maintain their feeling of being a small and independent letting and estate agency, who always strive to achieve a personalised service for each and every customer.


Please take a look at their new website and don't hesitate to get in touch. Oh and you might also want to check out the cutest office dog we've seen in a long while, Alfie, on their Meet the Team page!


. . .

Are you a new Estate Agent who is still building your property base?

Published: 27/09/2016 By Ashley Williams 

From time to time Estate Agents are starting out and haven't yet fully set up their business. Not all Estate Agents can have 20+ years of experience in the business after all. It may only be their first few months as an Estate Agent when their website goes live. Or it might be that they have only just set up a new section within their business, rentals perhaps, and they don't yet have any properties to let.


If this is the case with your website and a visitor to your website specifies an area they are looking for properties in, this may result in a page showing on your website saying 'No Properties Found'.


A little while ago we added an innovation to help capture the visitor's details when this happens so you won't miss out on the potential contact. Instead of your visitor leaving your website because they can't find any 'to let properties', they can fill out a Contact Form or browse through your Area Guides or blog posts. Because at the end of the day it's all about keeping a customer on your website. You earned the traffic and you want to keep them there.


Setting up the No Properties Found Contact Form is very easy and we've created a Help Guide to show you what to do. And you can include an image that links through to another page as well.


To get this working, simply click on the help guide above and add your no results banner, and let us know so we can activate this free feature for you.*


Yours in conversions!



* This is only available to Estate Agents using our responsive websites in the Quantum and Zephyr range.


. . .

Jane Thorne create something new for their clients

Published: 22/09/2016 By Mark Reilly

We are always fans of a good old refurbishment...and this time it's Jane Thorne and the team who have updated their website to the latest and greatest responsive website. They are a fully local team of Estate Agents as well as being avid supporters of various charities in their community, a sure sign of an Estate Agent that goes above and beyond the call of property duty.


Established in 2000 Jane Thorne Residential offers a comprehensive range of services to their clients including lettings, valuations, property management and sales. As you will see on their new website, their offerings are extensive and the local team are ever willing to help new and existing clients find what they're looking for.


Check out their new design here.


. . .

Chatterton Rees offer a new perspective on Estate Agent websites

Published: 20/09/2016 By Mark Reilly

Chatterton Rees, a prime central residential Estate Agent, have launched a gorgeous new website with us that we are delighted to show off. They've really taken their independent feel and adapted it to the website, with unique images that help them stand out from the crowd in Chelsea, Belgravia, Fulham, Kensington, Mayfair and the surrounding areas.


Started by three keen individuals with a flair for property, and a desire to live and breath it, this Estate Agency team offer a dynamic approach to selling and renting in the busy London market. They pride themselves on gaining much of their business through recommendations and have garnered a great reputation in the property market.


Why not take a look at their website now.


. . .

Peter James steps forward with something truly unique

Published: 14/09/2016 By Chris Gilbert

In keeping up with a recent trend of video content being favoured on modern websites, Peter James Estate Agency have definitely taken advantage of this and created something truly unique in the Estate Agency space. However they have remained faithful to their branding and colours, and the website is modern, bright and colourful.


Located in Blackheath, Lee and New Cross, their business continues to grow in size and offices to meet the increasing demand for their services and expert knowledge. On top of their usual services, they also offer independent financial consultants at the ready for clients needing assistance with their mortgage, pension or financial needs.   


We were delighted to work closely with Peter James once again to come up with their latest stunning responsive website. We hope you agree when you take a look.

. . .

Beautiful countryside magic with Hazelwoods

Published: 08/09/2016

Hazelwoods are a new Estate Agency with a refreshingly approach to property sales, and their areas of expertise are in Sutton Coldfield, Boldmere, Four Oaks, Minworth, and the surrounding villages.


Hazelwoods wanted to capture their distinctly countryside and homely feel, and we think they've done just that. Harriet is open and friendly and incredibly accommodating in her fresh, professional Estate Agency approach, and their new website compliments their business perfectly. Take a look at their website to see what they offer, and read all about their savvy expert on Meet the Expert.

. . .

SERPs and why they are important to your website

Published: 08/09/2016 By Angela Peters

There are literally thousands of SEO articles posted each week from millions of SEO specialists around the world. We know the basics now, don't we? Examples include:

  • Tag your images
  • Use your key words throughout your articles and on your Website Pages
  • Ensure your H1 headers, or the titles of your pages and blog, matches the content on that page.
  • Make the URL relevant as well

But what about other more intricate details on your website like SERPs? SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, and it is this valuable piece of searching that counts as the absolute first impression you can make with a potential customer, even before they've clicked on your website.


When you search in Google, you will be immediately presented with a number of relevant websites and URL links to match your search, and each entry will have the words that you searched for bolded. These search results you are presented with include a SERP Title, SERP Description and a SERP URL. This is part of the way Google works.


For example, if you type into Google - Estate Agent website design -  the results for the first three organic results on the search page bring up Webdadi, followed by Expert Agent and then Property Web Design Pro. And yes, of course we use this example as we get to show off that we are listed first for website creation for Estate Agents! (why wouldn't we). The picture above shows the results in more detail.


The title "Estate Agents Websites, Web Design, Property Websites" is our SERP Title. Next down is the SERP URL, and finally below that is the SERP Description.


The SERP URL is a specific page as that will relate most closely to the search term used. So if you wanted to attract your buyers in Fulham, you might be wanting to search Estate Agents in Fulham and hoping that your Fulham Area Guide or a page with Fulham available properties was returned. Again, it all comes down to what you have pre-written on the page.

This important information is given to us, by you, when you set up your website and it's controlled within Webdadi. So if you ever look up your description and realise that you aren't happy with it, the good news is that you can change it immediately. 

And finally, remember when you are looking yourself up (aptly titled ego surfing), if have you have actually done this before, the results on the browser might be skewed and it's a good idea to clear your Cache and Cookies and then do the search fresh. This will ensure you are seeing a true reflection of where your Estate Agency currently ranks.


For a more detailed look at SERPs, you can see this article by Marketing Professor from a few years ago, that still clearly outlines each of the terms related to this first page of searching.

. . .

Austin Darcy launch their stylish new website

Published: 30/08/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

This Shepherd's Bush based Estate Agency, Austin D'arcy, has been around for many years with their operation focusing within the Hammersmith, Acton, Notting Hill, Kensington, Fulham, and surrounding areas. And now they have a new responsive website to compliment their business and make it even easier for the clients to get valuations done, to show off the Estate Agency's properties for sale, or for interested parties to view their available lettings.


Austin D'arcy offer property management support to a great number of landlords and tenants, and their motto is "because relationships matter". 


They've utilised the Quantum style design that Webdadi offers beautifully. See their website here.

. . .

Pinterest and Instagram...are they useful for your office?

Published: 25/08/2016 By Angela Peters

Do you feel like every time a new social media tool is created, it’s there just to clutter your inbox and your mind? With Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Linked In, and the rest, how can one be sure they’re investing in the right social media tools for their business? The short answer is, you can’t.

When I think about useful social media tools for Estate Agents, two come to mind immediately – Pinterest and Instagram.
However only a handful of Estate Agents that I’ve ever met utilise Instagram and even less so Pinterest, and I have often wondered why. These social media websites dedicated to posting pretty pictures, offer some of the best places to display houses after all. Right?

At the end of the day, it’s simply a case of trial and error to ascertain what works best for your company. For example, at Webdadi, we find our Twitter followers grow at a steady rate, while our Facebook page is liked at a much lower rate. But we still find both useful, both great for conversations and conversions and both excellent platforms to share information about Webdadi that will be useful for our customers. We aren’t out at pretty houses around London every day so for us there seems to be little point for an Instagram page.


Our social media audience use Webdadi for information about websites, SEO and the latest in online websites. So we talk about just that online. Hence why Instagram isn’t quite going to work for us. But it could for you. As an example, we have seen some stunning images used by Estate Agents to showcase their properties. One of our clients Wayne and Silver do a tremendous job. And with over 400 million users on Instagram, you can see why companies would consider it a great social media alternative to carve out their own property niche and act as a new way to engage potential clients. 

Recently, Instagram also introduced a replica to Snapchat that they’re rolling out to their existing clients, called Instagram Stories. So now, not only can people add lovely images, they can also tell a story, Snapchat style. Here, a social media strategist talks about what the implications are of this new format on Instagram. When video content is so powerful, and Snapchat videos are brilliant because they’re easy to see (via your mobile) and are so short and sweet, then capitalising on Instagram Stories might just give you another cutting edge. Perhaps your office can add a mini video of the house you are selling.

Whichever way you look at it, social media is here to stay and it’s being viewed daily by millions. So ignorance simply isn’t bliss. If you aren’t part of it, then there’s every chance you are missing out on another opportunity to gather leads, valuations and potential renters. 

And while you’re doing your social media research, feel free to find us on Twitter and Facebook :)

. . .

Homelink's new website and bespoke homepage

Published: 24/08/2016 By Mark Reilly

Homelink are an established independent Estate Agency who operate in the Southgate and Edmonton areas. They maintain their local presence, but offer an expert and professional service.  


We were delighted to work with Homelink to find out what they needed for their website, and to create the perfect bespoke look, creating a site that's easy for the clients and user friendly, as well as being SEO friendly.


Homelink offer residential lettings, as well as helping with selling your property. Their team will perform valuations and they treat every customer uniquely, tailoring a solution to match your needs. To see their properties and view their new website, click here.


. . .

Farleys launch their Cascade style responsive Webdadi website

Published: 03/08/2016

Farleys are located in South Kensington and Chelsea and are the specialists in the Royal Borough of Kensington. Their beautiful millions of pounds houses reflect the true beauty of Chelsea and the surrounding areas.


The dynamic team of twenty help their clients with all things related to sales, lettings and property management, and key to their ethos is creating long standing relationships with those who they service.


The Farleys service they offer is of paramount importance to their brand. And when you see their website, you'll see why they have such a great reputation.

. . .

C H Peppiatt Estate Agents new responsive website with Webdadi

Published: 26/07/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

C H Peppiatt have been a long standing Webdadi customer and we were delighted that they wanted to upgrade to one of our newest responsive websites, which we believe looks fantastic with their logo and backdrop.


This north London Agency mention openly on their website that they are Estate Agency with a twist - for example they offer free valuations before any of their clients sign the dotted line. Ben, Alek, Sam, Jess and Alexis are there to help guide their clients on making the best decision when renting or buying.


For more information and to see their new website, click here.

. . .

Hawes & Co's new responsive website for South West London

Published: 14/07/2016 By Max Brook

Hawes & Co are a South West London and Surrey Estate Agency offering a selection of services from six different offices, and offering over 30 years of experience in their partnership.


They provide Financial Services to help with competitive mortgages, Developer advice, Management help with your property, Sales, Lettings and all the other wonderful Estate Agency options in between.


They've recently launched their new responsive website with us and we hope you like the look and feel as much as we do. Click here to see more.


. . .

Westease join Webdadi with a new website

Published: 06/07/2016 By Mark Reilly

This online Estate Agency has recently launched to provide sales solutions to their West London clients. They share a passion for buying and selling homes, and offering the best possible service at lower than average prices.


As an online Estate Agency, they have a unique opportunity to provide their buyers with excellent service without the high-street prices. Their motto being Westease...The Easy way to sell your home.


We recently helped them with their new website are delighted with the finished product. You can see it here.


. . .

A new touch of colour from Dwell Leeds

Published: 30/06/2016 By Chris Gilbert

If end-to-end service is important to you, then look no further than Dwell Leeds. This Leeds based Estate Agency boasts being property investment specialists, service-driven and experts on all things property. And when you read about them on their website we are confident you'll agree.


Dwell Leeds have a vibrancy to their Estate Agency, which is evident through their website, and their Meet the Team page, and they even have an office cat to boot, Bob Cat! They keep their team small and collectively have over 25 years of experience in the local property market in and around Leeds.


We would love you to take a look at their new website they've created with us, and get familiar with their lettings and sales experience. 


. . .

Hello to Matthew James and Company in Kentish Town

Published: 21/06/2016 By Mark Reilly

These Kentish Town Estate Agents are the real deal and we are delighted that we could help them create an individual website that highlights their 21 years of experience, in a modern way. They specifically work in the Kentish Town area, offering their services in and around Camden, Archway, Holloway, Tufnell Park and the Dartmouth Park areas.


Matthew James and Company offer a free valuation service, and cater for a range of Estate Agency services from Sales and Lettings through to Full Property Management. Their Director, Matthew Stacey, is also happy to share that a large part of their business is from direct referrals coming through from their satisfied customers. Their testimonials show you that as a local business, their customers feels confident that Matthew James can offer what they need.


Click here to see their new website.


. . .

Incredible Estate Agency Website designs to blow away your competition

Published: 20/06/2016 By Angela Peters

It is pretty hard to find out just how many active Estate Agents there are in the UK now.* But it's safe to say, there are thousands. Literally in every nook and cranny of the UK you will see a big or small company offering to help with tenancies, sales, valuations and more.

So for the Estate Agents trying to compete with others in their area, it all becomes about their SEO position, their reputation and the look of their website. Because lets face it. This will at least bring the punters in, and then at that point, it is up to the Estate Agency team to be so charming that no one would go elsewhere.

Each and every month Webdadi spends hours trawling through the latest news on SEO, understanding what is happening in web development land, and working out how we can improve anything and everything for our customers. And we try to preempt what they might like next.

As we all know, SEO plays a large part, so we build this in with every design. And if you would like to brush up on your own knowledge and see more about why responsive websites are so important now, we covered that recently here.

But this month our team have been busy for an entirely different reason. We have been against the clock coming up with our newest bespoke designs to offer our clients....as well as getting Zephry+ and Quantum+ live so people can load video content to their home page.** (More on why video is so important can be found here.)


So we suggest that now is the right time to browse these pages and see if the website you are using is helping you put the best foot forward in attracting customers to your company. And by all means, do drop us a line if you'd like to talk further, or even just tell us how terrific our designers are. We think they're pretty great!



* After lots of google searches, I've had to give up on finding the exact number of Estate Agents in the UK. Suffice to say that back in 2006 Wikipedia thought it was about 2532. We are guessing it would be close to double that now, surely!

** The Guardian quoted that by 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.

. . .

Around Town Flats joins Webdadi with a new website

Published: 17/06/2016 By Mark Reilly

These Manchester based Estate Agency experts are new to working alongside Webdadi, but not within the lettings property market. The qualified, industry recognised team have 40 years of experience within their family owned independent residential lettings agency.


Around Town Flats look after properties in and around Fallowfield, Didsbury, Chorlton, South Manchester and Whalley Range, and we love that they measure their success by making the process as easy and trouble free as possible. Don't we all want that!


You can see their new responsive website here, and read their very insightful blog, or browse through their extensive property range.


. . .

Prospect Residential joins Webdadi

Published: 15/06/2016 By Mark Reilly

Prospect Residential recently joined the Webdadi team to create a beautiful, sophisticated website to show off their city, and east London centric property range.


Catering to a range of landlords, tenants and purchasers, James Hunt and the team make it their duty to provide extensive local knowledge and experience to help ensure their clients make the best decisions.


Their new website showcases many beautiful homes for rent or purchase, along with some beautiful colourful Area Guides and an informative blog. See more about their website here.


. . .

School locations matter so why not show them off

Published: 08/06/2016 By Andrew Shields

Schools in the local vicinity is a big and important factor in deciding where people will choose to live. And that's why we have added this feature to individual property results page.


You can see the Ofsted rating, and filter for nurseries, primary and/or secondary schools.


We offer this feature as a cheaper solution, and it plugs directly into your own website rather than you having to use a third party API or iFrame...technical jargon that basically says - we do it all for you directly through Webdadi.


Want to see a live example? Click here and click on SCHOOLS to see what the new school map looks like.


And our other new innovation relating to schools is our nearest schools tile displaying all schools in the area as a list. This is a free feature available for our responsive website customers. 


If you would like either of these school features, please get in touch so we can arrange this for you.


. . .

Welcome to Lawson Rutter

Published: 07/06/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

We are thrilled to welcome this Fulham, Hammersmith and West Kensington based Estate Agency to our Webdadi family.


Lawson Rutter actually has three offices within their Estate Agency umbrella, and work within residential, sales, lettings and management. Lawson Rutter pride themselves on being local rather than a large nationwide chain. And their local knowledge means you will get the best possible treatment along with a package to match.


Check out their new website here and see why we are so pleased to add Lawson Rutter to our team.

. . .

Sorting your contacts by first name

Published: 06/06/2016 By Angela Peters

We know that our Estate Agents found it frustrating to not be able to search via a customers first name... so we fixed that for you.

If you add Contacts via Webdadi and find yourself in there daily sorting through your landlords and tenants, now you can simply look them up via their first name. Try it out for yourself!


Photo credit: Adikos via Foter.com

Why responsive websites matter (to Google and your customers)

Published: 09/05/2016 By Angela Peters

We talk a lot about responsive websites here at Webdadi. But what exactly are they? Responsive websites are those that are mobile friendly and that can be viewed from any handheld device. This means there's no need for you to have a dedicated mobile website URL (starting with m.webdadi.com) and a separate desktop website URL. This also means you aren't halving traffic that is essentially going to your website.
This becomes really important in a time when Google penalises users via their Google search ranking for having slow websites, having un-friendly mobile sites, and for having non responsive sites.
The good news however is that Google has for some time allowed you to check if your website is google friendly by using Google's Mobile-Friendly Test to analyse your URL and make sure it has a mobile-friendly design. For our customers, this is done automatically by us. Every Webdadi responsive website IS mobile friendly, and all our older customers have mobile friendly sites as well.


The second way to check this is to google your website from your handheld device. Under the name and website URL, you should see the words "mobile-friendly".

Here are Webdadi, when building our websites we go one step further with our responsive websites like Zephyr, Quantum and Cascade. We do all the work so you don't even need to test your website on such things. These fully customisable designs fit perfectly to tablets, iPhones, other smart phones and the likes. And we even have different menus on some of them depending on the size of the screen of the device you are browsing from. Our responsive sites always work on all browsers, including IE8, so you know your website is full proof.


And then we go one step further again and offer customisable features on the home page, where you can add and delete your featured properties, banners, and calls-to-action to suit. This also means you're constantly changing your content and layout, another thing that Google loves.


We could go into more detail but we will save that for another "googleable" day, suffice to say, that over 58% of website surfers now use devices and tablets to google, over laptops and desktop computers. So it's very much past the time where you can get away with using the old excuse 'I'll get to that a bit later'.



. . .

Turpin Barker Armstrong's newest insolvency website

Published: 28/04/2016 By Mark Reilly

Turpin Barker Armstrong are a long standing specialist in insolvency, with a team who are licensed and well versed in all areas related to providing services to companies and individuals facing financial difficulties.
Back in 2014 we worked with the Turpin Barker Armstrong team to create their first website so it's wonderful to be helping them with their latest upgrade to a new responsive website, and have a chance to show off a company who aren't specifically Estate Agent who were able to take advantage of our designs.    


Their other services, on top of their specialist insolvency related services, include:

  • LPA Receivership
  • Creditor support
  • Accountancy Services
  • Financial Services
  • Staff Training

 See their stunning new website for yourself.


. . .

1st Asset Bespoke homepage design

Published: 27/04/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

We've been working with the team at 1st Asset for many years now so we were thrilled when they invited us to work with them again to come up with their latest Estate Agency website, complete with a bespoke home page showing dazzling black and white images in their local area.


Providing excellent service from their stunning office in Chelsea, they offer private client services to those in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Belgravia and Kensington.


Take a look around their website and see for yourself what a brilliant offering 1st Asset provide to their clients and tenants alike.


. . .

Fieldhouse Residential's Fulham based independent family owned business

Published: 26/04/2016 By Mark Reilly

Fieldhouse Residential, a family run business based in Fulham SW6, have taken advantage of the opportunity to bring something new to their Estate Agency with a responsive website detailing their extensive services.


We are delighted to work with Fieldhouse Residential and help them showcase their property range and experience in Letting, Renting, Selling and Buying.


Their new website offers extensive property lists, their blog with news updates and announcements, testimonials and more. We would love you to take a look at their website here.

. . .

Latymers Estates second life

Published: 11/04/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

Latymers have been Wedbadi friends for a long time, so we were very pleased when they asked us to help them set up their newest website with us, using one of our latest responsive template designs.


Latymers Estate Agency focuses on properties located predominantly in Kensington, Hammersmith and Fulham, and in and around West London. The team offer their clientele over 30 years of local experience in selling, letting and management.


To see more about Latymers, see their services, and to take a look at their comprehensive blog, jump on over to their new website.

. . .

Canary Properties launch in London's Canary Wharf area

Published: 01/04/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

Canary Properties, located in the heart of London, is all about the relationship between their clients and their staff. Their mission is provide quality service, and to inspire, encourage and empower their clients.


We were delighted to be involved with helping them bring their new website to life, to show off these values, along with their range of homes and commercial properties.


Take a look at their website and see what Canary Properties have to offer.

Empire Estates strike back

Published: 31/03/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...




It is a dark, dark time for north London until.... (we couldn't help ourselves!)

Empire Estates launch into the property market with a gorgeous new website to show off their sales and lettings, along with a suite of additional services - commercial properties, block management, developments and conveyancing. After all they do have over 50 years of combined experience so they really are the good guys.


The friendly team at Empire Estates are always happy to help and offer specialist advice and support on properties in the North West London areas. One other thing we love about this estate agency is their commitment to giving back, by actively raising funds for local charities and causes.


Find out more about this long established estate agency here.

. . .

Cooper Pryce's website launches to compliment their Mayfair abode

Published: 30/03/2016 By Jon Evans

We were thrilled to help Cooper Pryce launch their recent website for their London Estate Agency. With over 30 years of experience, they really are in the know on all things related to the London property market. They even have a 24 hour answering service to ensure their clients are always given the best possible service.


Cooper Pryce have a dedicated acquisitions team, as well as long standing relationships with developers, so you are in safe hands when looking to beat the market and get ahead with property opportunities. See more about their services on their new website.

. . .

Ellisons' second website with us launches

Published: 28/03/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

Established in 1989, Ellisons are an award winning Estate Agency whose focus is to provide their clients with excellent service. Their remit is to provide the highest level of expertise in all property matters. And they have 27 years of experience to draw on in doing so.


Some of their areas of expertise include land and new homes, land development, conveyancing, mortgages, and buying and selling, letting and renting, in and around Wimbledon, Morden, Colliers Wood and Raynes Park.


Click here to see their new website, complete with their bespoke homepage design.

. . .

Company footers

Published: 17/03/2016 By Richard Llewellyn

Some councils now require businesses to list their full company information on their website. To assist our Estate Agents who are keen to comply with this rule for their own website, we are adding a new feature that can be added into the footer of your website, located near the sitemap, Terms of use and Privacy Policy links.

To add the Company Information link to your footer, simply follow our easy Help Desk guide. Once you have done this, it will automatically install this feature to your website footer.

This feature is available for most customers.
. . .

Chamberland Residential's brand new website

Published: 16/03/2016 By Mark Reilly

This multi award winning estate agency, Chamberland Residential, has just launched a brand new website in stunning shades of purple and muted mauve, that matches their gorgeous office interior.

Chamberland Residential were established in 2011 and have since gone on to win at the ESTAS every year since inception. The team have extensive local knowledge and offer professional and friendly help to every customer who steps into their office. They pride themselves on offering constant communication with their clients, while at the same time delivering a fresh approach without the confusion of a head office and multiple departments.

Visit their new website and read all about their awards, the team, Penny's corner (their new blog) and what they can offer you from their Putney office. 

. . .

Video content is key so why not add one to your website

Published: 16/03/2016 By Max Brooks

You might have noticed that recently we launched moving videos on the homepage for the Zephyr and Quantum. Well now we have extended the video footprint to other pages as well.


If you've created a website page and want to share a specific video on that page, you can now add a video instead of a main image. This can be either a YouTube or a Vimeo video, and it's as easy as saying 1,2,3 to add.


See our instructions over on the Help Desk for more information. You don't even need us to add this feature to your Zephyr or Quantum website. Just like the hoverboxes, you can do this all from the comfort of your own home...erm...office!


Oh and if you'd rather have lots of small videos all displaying on a single page instead, then you can do that too. This is what it would look like (instructions here).


. . .

Quantum can automatically stream a video on your homepage

Published: 15/03/2016 By Andrew Shields

We created quite a stir with the release of our Zephyr video homepage last month, so we thought we would keep up the excitement by adding a St Paddy's treat for our Quantum customers this week with the same video feature going live on the Quantum template homepage.


If you decide to add this feature, as soon as a visitor clicks on the your website homepage, a video will start to play on their laptop or computer. It's just another way to give your website cutting edge imagery.


If you feel you have a video that your clients would love to see when they land on your homepage, then get in touch with your Webdadi Account Manager and find out how to make this happen.

. . .

Be a show off - share your Let and Sold properties

Published: 15/03/2016 By Angela Peters

We've just introduced a little button below the property search bar so your customers can also search through your Let/Sold properties. If you find your customers want to know what else you've sold, or want to know what types of properties come up in your catchment area, why not allow them to search for them.


This button is automatically added for your ease, so you don't have to do a thing.

Key Estates' new website servicing Nuneaton

Published: 14/03/2016 By Mark Reilly

If you're looking for a reliable independent Estate Agency in Nuneaton, and servicing the Warwickshire and Leicestershire regions, then look no further than Key Estates.

They've recently given their website a facelift and now you can see their brand new website here, complete with information about their properties for sale and rent, valuations, news and more.

Also of note, Key Estates have been in the business since 2002 so they are no newbies and truly understand what professional service means to their local clients.
. . .

Superheroes can do all kinds of wonderful things

Published: 24/02/2016 By Angela Peters

In this instance, our superhero is Piers Gilliver, aged 21, who competes for Great Britain in wheelchair fencing.

Piers' story starts somewhat earlier than his many World Cup and Grand Prix wins. In fact, it initially started when he was only 10 years of age. Piers was at school like any other boy, when suddenly his health started to rapidly deteriorate. By age 12 he could no longer stand or walk. His condition is known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder, and he also suffers from another undiagnosed neurological condition.

Piers attended Gloucestershire College, part-time, to study Fine Art where he passed his first two foundation modules but chose to leave the course as he was unable to meet its demands alongside the training demands for his, by then, blossoming career as a wheelchair fencer.
He Joined The British Disabled Fencing Association in December 2010 and was selected for his first international event to represent GBR at the IWASF World Cup in Warsaw, Poland in July 2012 – finishing 11th in the senior Men’s Epee.  UK Sport (National Lottery) support the British Disabled Fencing Association’s elite programme and, is one of only two in the programme to receive an Athlete Award thus far.
Piers is currently No1 Disabled Fencer in the World and is a genuine medal contender for the Paralympics 2016, in Rio. Piers secured a Silver Medal at the first World Cup of the season in Hungary (Feb 16) and has just 3 more major events, two World Cups (Canada and Poland) and a European Championships (Italy) before he travels to Brazil in September 2016.
This young man is such an inspiration, and we are looking forward to watching his progress in the months leading to the Paralympic Games in Rio and thereafter in the years leading to Tokyo 2020. As part of our commitment to tell others about Piers and his incredible journey, we want to offer you the opportunity to get behind him as well. You can donate, follow/tweet Piers on twitter, or even just spread the word about him (fee free to share this blog). Any and all of these things will really help him and his family.
We want to give Piers the best possible chance competing around the world. Over the forthcoming weeks we will be setting up a way that you can donate to Piers Gilliver, but if you'd like to do this right away, please email us.
Like we said, superheroes can do all kinds of wonderful things! And some are world class fencers!
. . .

Mi Move have made the move to Webdadi

Published: 21/02/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

We couldn't be more thrilled to have Mi-Move join the Webdadi team with a brand new website.
Mi-Move have a friendly team of experts there to help with all property enquiries in Sutton, and further beyond. They offer professional advice and a personal touch and have over 30 years experience in local property around Cheam, Wallington, Carshalton, and Epsom, which means they know the finer details of the area and that makes all the difference.
Step on over to their new website and see more about Mi-Move for yourself. You can even see the team on their Team page.  
. . .

A new Alex Crown website

Published: 17/02/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

Alex Crown joins the Webdadi team with a beautiful new blue accented website, using one of our latest responsive website designs.


The team at Alex Crown offer a comprehensive range of services to their customers, and their 30 years of experience and glowing testimonials is a testament to their knowledge and highly regarded reputation in the property market.


The Alex Crown office is based in bustling Islington, and the devoted team are ready to help with face-to-face service and a unique offering.


View their stunning website and see why we love their new look.

. . .

Meet your Agent | Personalise your Website | Meet the Team a Content Manageable Website Page by | Webdadi

Published: 16/02/2016 By Angela Peters



We all know that Estate Agents are a good looking bunch. So why not visually show your clients exactly who is managing each of your properties. Why not add a little 'Meet Your Agent' box to the property page. If you are on a responsive template (Zephyr, Cascade, Quantum etc.) and have CRM activated with us, this is a wonderful little innovation to help make your property page even more personal.


You can post your Estate Agent's picture, along with a personal quote about the property and include the Estate Agent's contact details, Twitter handle, and email.


To do this, simply drop us an email at support@webdadi.com and let us know you'd like to activate this innovation. Then to add the Estate Agent's info card to the property (like pictured above), make sure you've added an image to their Contact details in Webdadi and follow these instructions. It is really easy to do.  


It's all about creating a personal touch that gets you one step closer to engaging directly with your potential clients.


. . .

Turning a No Properties Found Result into a lead

Published: 16/02/2016 By Angela Peters

It’s always frustrating for one of your visitors to scroll onto a page, click an geographical area that you have advertised and then find it returns zero property results. It's equally annoying when someone is looking for a postcode and gets zero results for that area - especially if your SEO efforts are directly targeted at that area.


So to help you ensure you keep them interested, we have added a no results featured page that allows you to capture their contact details and use it as an opportunity to try and convert them into a lead. 


Once we have activated this feature for you, if no property results are returned, it will offer a contact form for your visitor to fill out. Then it will populate with additional widgets including your area guides and flash the latest news articles from your New/Blog page.


To find out how to add this feature, step over to our Help Desk. Once you've added the WebsitePageItem you need, then email us at support and we can make your new No Results Page live.


And to see a live example, click here.


. . .

Keep track of properties you're viewing on our websites

Published: 15/02/2016 By Angela Peters

Two things are important when you are viewing property after property - knowing what you've seen already, and being able to track which ones you liked.


To help your clients manage their sales and letting choices, we have introduced Saved Properties for any customer who has already registered on your site. As they peruse through your extensive property range searching for that perfect home, they can simply click on the Save to Favourites button at the top of the page, and these selections will be saved within their account. If they want to go back to them at any point, they simply go to their account, and all of their favourites will be listed there.


And to make it even easier to pinpoint other suitable houses, at the bottom of the property page we have activated Show recently viewed properties and Also available for sale options. This gives browsers to your website the chance to see other properties within their price range and to note which ones they've just looked at. All this is about making the user experience even easier for your customers.


. . .

Compton Reeback join Webdadi with the very first Cascade website

Published: 04/02/2016 By Mark Reilly

We are delighted to showcase the first official Cascade style website to launch with Webdadi, beautifully modelled by Compton Reeback who unveiled their new website this week. This new style of responsive website is truly unique as it allows the user to customise their home page in a variety of ways and offers something very different to anything we have offered before. And we love what Compton Reeback have done with theirs. 


Compton Reeback have chosen a beautiful, simple and stylish layout to complement their highly professional and personal service that they offer to their clients.


For people buying, selling, or renting, their team can offer support, advice and the right tools. The Compton Reeback team service clients in Maida Vale, Queens Park, Hampstead, Belsize Park and surrounding areas. We would love you to take a look at their new website and their extensive range of services.



. . .

City Living London launches with Webdadi

Published: 28/01/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

In shades of aqua, green and pastels, the new City Living London site is beautiful, modern and unique. This responsive site shows off the wide array of services and support that the team offer.


It also talks about how this estate agent came to be established in 2007, offering a fresh approach to lettings, sales and management along with their in-house team of specialists in all things house maintenance, rent collection and negotiators and management.


Their testimonials page says it all. Simply click here to browse their full website, and you can even join their mailing list and get their newsletters straight to your inbox.  


. . .

Living in London has a new website

Published: 27/01/2016 By Mark Reilly

Living in London have launched! This boutique estate agency offers  beautiful properties, financial advice, and now also boasts a stunning new website (if we do say so ourselves) to show off their estate agency services.


Living in London is based in Battersea and Canada Water and their staff are there to help clients with property management, new build investments, sales, lettings and more.


They're always happy to hear from new clients and would love you to get in touch, or you can simply browse their new website and see for yourself what they can do for you. 

. . .

Your website will now push for you

Published: 25/01/2016 By Andrew Shields


If you are on the Zephyr, Quantum or Cascade template you can now add a push mobile menu that moves across your mobile to make it easier for your customers to navigate around your site and find what they're looking for.

The menu will still appear in the top left corner, but as the user clicks on it, it will expand across the page so they can click on the menus and sub menus of their choice.

This feature can be added by the Webdadi team so if you'd like to add this feature to your website now (and you're on a responsive website) then get in touch via info@webdadi.com.
. . .

Instant call to action for your customers while on the go

Published: 21/01/2016 By Angela Peters

To make it simpler for your customers to reach you when on the go, we've upgraded your property details page. Users on mobiles and tablets will now be able to email you, call you, or arrange a viewing with the click of a button.


It's our version of a 'sticky menu' and it appears at the bottom of the property details pages. The icons will permanently display as the user continues to scroll down the page.


Lets face it. When more than half the population use their mobile or iPad or tablet to surf now, you want to make sure they can be connected to you.


. . .

Bringing a little Manchester magic to Webdadi

Published: 20/01/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

The lovely team at McGowan Homes have now joined the Webdadi team. We have been working with McGowan Homes Estate Agency to get their website just right. It boasts lively colours of lime green mixed with dark grey, and some beautiful homes to boot. 


This Estate Agency is no newcomer to the property market. They've been around in the Middleton and Greater Manchester area since 1997 and continue to grow their business mainly through referrals and recommendations. And it's no surprise. They're wonderful to work with.


To see their shiny new site, click here.


. . .

Delighted to have PK Properties as a Webdadi client

Published: 18/01/2016 By Jacqueline Evans

Recently we launched responsive websites here at Webdadi, and PK Properties were one of our first to take up the opportunity to create their new website using our Quantum design. They also made some bespoke changes to their homepage to give it a truly unique feel.


PK Properties were established in 1990 within the Rayners Lane area to service their customers in all things related to sales, lettings and property management. Their excellent local and industry knowledge and reputation mean they can be trusted in helping their clients find, rent or sell the right property at the right time.


PK Properties are celebrating their 25th year in the business and we are delighted to share their new website with you.

. . .

Want to give your customers a head start working out their financial situation?

Published: 12/01/2016 By Angela Peters

We know that having an realistic idea about finances is an important part of the decision making process when choosing a rental property, or buying a first home. As you may know we recently launched the Mortgage Calculator and the Stamp Duty calculator. And this month we are bringing out a Lettings Affordability Calculator that allows a user to input their income and see properties that are within their affordable budget.


If you fancy adding the Lettings Affordability Calculator, a Mortgage Calculator and/or a Stamp Duty Calculator as additional pages on your website now you can. These have been custom made by Webdadi and you can have full control over where you them on your website.


We have added a handy little guide to our Help Desk along with visuals to help you add your calculator of choice with ease.


These calculators are available to our Zephyr, Quantum and Cascade clients.


. . .

Videos displaying on your website homepage

Published: 12/01/2016 By Andrew Shields

We have just launched moving videos on the Zephyr template homepage. But the best way to explain it is simply to demonstrate it. Click here on our video homepage example for a live demonstration.
If you are thinking about giving your homepage a makeover, this might just be the right feature for you. Select a high quality video of your choice and then contact one of our sales team on sales@webdadi.com to find out about getting this brand spanking new feature added.


What will we think of next!


. . .

New hoverboxes on your responsive website

Published: 11/01/2016 By Angela Peters

No we aren't talking about the hoverboard from Back to the Future!


As you know we get a little excited about pretty websites and cool gadgets (and even hoverboards), and here at Webdadi headquarters we spend a lot of time creating the latest and greatest innovations to compliment your business and help you give your clients an excellent experience. So without further ado we unveil the hoverboxes.


These little beauties are available to anyone on a Zephyr or Quantum template and they allow you to customise your existing WebsitePageItems to include a hovering effect when the mouse moves over the box. You might use these to:

  • Display general information
  • Display information about the image in the websitepageitem
  • As a call-to-action button to guide your viewer to another page

And hey, if you can come up with a new idea for how to use them, be sure to let us know.


To add hoverboxes to your WebsitePageItems, simply click here and see how easy it is to do. In literally two clicks your WebsitePageItems can look like this - Hoverboxes. Just hover over each box to see how they work.


. . .

Happy New Year

Published: 08/01/2016 By Angela Peters

Welcome everyone to 2016. Another exciting year is upon us in Estate Agency land, and as we know from the excitement in our office, it's already shaping up to be a big one. Everyone is back to work and the streets and tubes are busy again.


We will have some big updates out over the coming weeks about our latest innovations and product releases. We can't wait to share these with you.


Also, in case we didn't mention it last year, in December we were delighted to be asked by Estate Agency UK Networking to give our views on websites including SEO considerations, what makes for a good website, whether domain names still matter and more. You can see the full article here.


If you aren't already subscribed to our monthly newletters and innovation updates, simply send us an email so we can have you added.


. . .

Merry Christmas from Webdadi

Published: 23/12/2015 By The Webdadi team

Whilst our office might be closed over the festive period, we will still be monitoring all of our sites and carrying out maintenance. If you have an urgent enquiry please email outofoffice@webdadi.com and your query will be picked up by our technical team.


And don't forget if you can't work out what to do, our new Help Desk might just have the answers. Or you can search in google directly. Just make sure you include Webdadi in your search so it brings up our Help Desk.


Most importantly, while we are all away sipping mulled wine and enjoying too much turkey, we wish you a very happy festive season with loved ones and friends.


. . .

Knights Residential join Webdadi with a new website

Published: 22/12/2015 By Jacqueline Evans

We are delighted to share Knights Residential new website with you all. This estate agency was established in 2009 by Tony Demetriou and Anthony Koumourou after they had worked together for a number of years building a first class service for their local clients.


Their new site shows off their range of available sales and letting's properties which are local to Tottenham and also many which are in and around North London.


The team there work hard to exceed their customer's expectations and would be delighted to meet you. See their new responsive Webdadi website here.

. . .

Displaying your twitter feed on the office page

Published: 21/12/2015

We all know how important social media is with helping us sell, sell, sell and rent, rent, rent. If you look at your Google Analytics account you can even see the proportion of traffic to your website that is social media related.


So to help shake things up, we have added a feature on the Zephyr and Quantum templates and drive traffic the other way too, we have a new innovation, that allows you to display your live twitter feeds on your office pages. This will drive people back to your social media pages, or at the very least, demonstrate to your audience that you use these platforms as a company.


If you'd like to add this feature to your office pages, just get in touch and we will make sure it's activated for your website (Zephyr and Quantum responsive sites only). Then it's as simple as clicking on these instructions within our Help Desk, and you'll be on your way.

. . .

Now you can have live video on your Zephyr website with Webdadi

Published: 04/12/2015 By Angela Peters

Nothing gets the team more excited at Webdadi then news of innovations. And this week we are delighted to share our latest little tech piece, live video on the Zephyr template.


As you'll see from our example on the bustling Oxford Street, you can use fast capture video to give your site a cutting edge look.


This feature is available to anyone on the Zephyr template. Firstly you'll need to source a good quality MP4 and then contact your Webdadi Account Manager to discuss the opportunity to add this feature.

. . .

We Have Updated Our Terms and Conditions

Published: 04/12/2015 By Elliott Rowland

We have just updated our terms and conditions. To view these changes, simply log onto your Webdadi, click the “About” tab at the top of the window, and select “Terms & Conditions” from the subsequent pop up window that appears.

The changes relate to our invoicing terms changing from 21 days to 14 days. There is also a change relating to new Webdadi customers that specify when monthly subscription payments are due (now on delivery to BETA).

These are the only two changes to our current terms, but please do take the time to review these amendments online.
. . .

Facebook and Twitter sharing your properties

Published: 02/12/2015 By Angela Peters

Social media is very important for many professionals, and the same goes for Estate Agents. Being able to use Twitter and Facebook to share market information and talk about property trends and everything else in between is just another way to show your clients you are an expert.


So to that end we love it when our Estate Agents make social media suggestions that help make it easier for you show off your properties. After all you know best.

Our development team have been busy creating one such suggestion - getting the Twitter and Facebook share buttons just right so now you can tweet or Facebook your properties with one click, and it will include the leading image for your property alongside the post.

We’ve included a picture above demonstrating this. If you would like this feature, simply let your Account Manager know and they can set this up. And if you prefer to look at examples on how to do this, why not check out our Help Desk guide with a real property that is for sale with one of our Estate Agents.

. . .

Adding your opening hours to your office page

Published: 30/11/2015 By Angela Peters

Opening hours are particularly useful during special holiday periods like Christmas, New Years and Easter, and the good news is that if your website is on the Zephyr, Quantum or the Cascade template, you can now add your opening hours to any and all of your office pages.


To add Opening Hours, firstly contact your Account Manager at Webdadi and ask for this innovation to be added. They’ll advise you once this has been activated. Once your Opening Hours have been activated on your website, follow these instructions on our new Help Desk and you will be up up and away.


And finally, in keeping with good social media practise, you can even add a news post to your news page that can be tweeted and added to Facebook, showing your clients when you are open over the festive season.

. . .

Why not advertise on your results page

Published: 27/11/2015 By Angela Peters

Responsive Webdadi templates including Zephyr and Quantum now offer a new feature where you can add an advertisement or message in the bottom right corner of each of your sales and letting's property results (search) pages.


This is particularly useful when you want people to know about other parts of your business, be that if you want to shout out about sponsorship within your area, community projects, if you'd like to tell people about your special offers or even international homes or businesses. This advertisement space can even act as a call to action offering a free valuation, or asking 'what's my home worth', or even 'I need a mortgage'.


And you can link it to any page you like, either within your website or to an external website. This means if you want to link your 'I need a mortgage' advert to your Mortgage Calculator, now you can, thus encouraging your audience to stay a little longer and browse your website.  


For instructions on how to do this, see our Help Desk.

. . .

Social media tips for getting the most out of your blog posts on Webdadi

Published: 19/11/2015 By Angela Peters

So you’ve managed to write some great content for your website. You are being topical, you’ve done your research, and you’re keeping up with the latest in Estate Agent land. But have you also considered how you are making sure your content is being read? Have you made sure you add it to the relevant social media platforms so your customers are in the know, and so they see you as an industry expert on all things property-related?

If you want to get your audience to see your posts you have to be conscientious about getting them out to the social media places where their probing little eyes might be looking. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Hootsuite, Google + and so on. If your Estate Agency is using Twitter and Facebook to post properties, then posting your news articles is an excellent way to break up the (forgive our honesty) potential monotony of constant property alerts for your audience. It will also give them something to read that just might be relevant to them - council tax, renting, heating in winter, tax, property rises. The list is endless.

Did you know that every time you create a blog post on Webdadi, it gives it a unique URL that you can then use on social media? When you type in the summary for your blog, example rightmove-realtime-update-for-jan-2016, this becomes the suffix to your article. You’ll see us post blogs all the time (like this one) on our blog page (the one you’re looking at right now). We are careful to make sure that the summary always reflects what the article is about, and doesn’t contain any spaces. At the end of the day it’s all about making the most of your SEO opportunities. And blogging or posting news articles is just one way to help your SEO along.
Once you have written your news article and made it live on your website, go onto the page and then click the heading. This will bring up the unique link for that news article. And now you can Tweet and Facebook and share at your leisure.

The other way in which your blog posts can help drive traffic to your site is via a newsletter. Newsletters generated within Webdadi allow you to select properties from your live property feed, along with relevant posts you have recently written. Your audience, all those subscribers that are registered with your site, can then be sent your bespoke newsletter straight into their inbox. And when they click on any of the blogs, it will bring them back to your website.

And finally, if you’re going to write a post, you’ll want to make sure you are adding relevant keywords, using tags like ‘Property News’ and that you’re using relevant links to other pages on your site, or to other relevant sites. We will have more on these SEO topics next month. 
. . .

Register for Alerts button

Published: 11/11/2015

Webdadi headquarters can't help but create new initiatives all the time. Last month we brought you live Tweets to your office page, and this month we've already let the cat out of the bag about our new Advert Banners. So why not get another innovation out in time for Christmas.


We have decided that if you can't catch a customer before you've sold a property that they liked, why not catch them before they find another Estate Agent....Introducing our new 'Register for Alerts' button which can automatically display when you've changed the status of a property to 'Sold' or 'Let agreed'. Now our system will automatically know they can't arrange a viewing, and instead give your clients the chance to register interest in your other properties instead.


Because lets face it...no one wants to turn a good customer away.


. . .

Showing off Reel Estates' | Contemporary Website Design | Recently Launched Estate Agents Website

Published: 10/11/2015

Reel Estates understand how big a deal it is to take out a mortgage and purchase a home. They also understand the differences for First Time Buyers, Remortgaging and Buy to Let opportunities. Since 2007 they've been helping customers around Eastcote, Ruislip, Pinner and all the areas in between.


With 60 years plus of experience you can be assured that Peter Clifford and his team will know exactly how to help you get the desired results you want, be that buying, renting or managing a property. So take a look at their brand new website that shows off all their properties and tells you more about them.

. . .

New responsive website for Hamilton Chess

Published: 09/11/2015 By Jacqueline Evans

Hamilton Chess, a specialist in residential sales, lettings and property management, are now live with their new Webdadi responsive website. Hamilton Chess operate in Windsor and the surrounding areas. The team can assist with property management and offer confidence when renting your property to tenants, and the proof is in their numbers. Over 70% of their landlords have Hamilton Chess fully manage their properties.  


Whether you are looking for a property management company, or to find a new Berkshire home, Hamilton Chess have a great website for you to browse through.


. . .

Are you ready for the Rightmove realtime switch?

Published: 05/11/2015 By Oliver Chapple

Are you ready for the Rightmove v3/3a BLM feed switch off and ready to switchover to the Rightmove Realtime data feeds (RTDF) in time for 6th January 2016?

This change by RightMove is somewhat akin to the switch off of terrestrial TV for estate agency software suppliers. The great news is if you are a Webdadi customer you are already ready! Webdadi took care of this a while ago so you don’t need to worry about a thing. And if it hasn't yet happened for your estate agency, we have it covered! As part of our ongoing commitment to providing support and maintenance to our customers, we have ensured that RTDF's will take place automatically for our customers.

If your software provider is not able to provide you with the Rightmove Real time RTDF feed format, then you can make sure that you don’t fall behind your competition (especially when you are instructed by your client on a multi-agency basis) by switching to Webdadi. Just call our team and we can provide you with this solution.
. . .

Dominique Levy joins Webdadi with a new responsive website

Published: 29/10/2015 By Jacqueline Evans

Dominique Levy has been in the Estate Agency business for a very long time within London before opening Dominique Levy Property Consultants in Hampstead.

Located on the popular Hampstead High Street, Dominique and her team of consultants are there covering Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, Belsize Park, St Johns Wood and more with their boutique agency services. The team offer many Estate Agent services include Management, Lettings and Sales, as well as International Relocation assistance. You can read all about the ways the team can help you over at their new website.

. . .

Need help maximising the effectiveness of your website & software?

Published: 28/10/2015 By Elliott Rowland

No matter how good a product, if you’re not using it to its full potential, you’ll never get the rewards you want.  You could have the most advanced website in the world, but if the features that make the site tick are just gathering dust, then you’re wasting the tools at your disposal and missing out on potential business. “That’s not me” I hear you say, “we know exactly what we’re doing.” Are you sure?

Did you know you can add a video to a property? Did you know you can add specific keywords to a property to improve your SEO? Do you know how feed a new property through to the property portals?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then listen up.

We’ve just launched a brand new online Help Desk. It will give you solutions to any technical problem you might be having with Webdadi as well as features and articles with step-by-step instructions and advice. The better you and your staff know our product, the more you and your business can achieve when using it. If you want to find out what you might be missing out on, or if you simply need more training on how to use the Webdadi product, then just visit our brand new online Help Desk to start maximising your Webdadi experience.
. . .

Estate Agent Abode Italy wins Best Website at the European Property Awards

Published: 14/10/2015 By Angela Peters

Every year we take great delight in helping our customers design a unique website that will cater to their specific needs, be that property sales, lettings, commercial property services, surveying and more. We pride ourselves on offering service that is second to none, and we have been in the business for more than fifteen years….that’s a long time building websites!

So when we hear back from a customer that their website has been acknowledged as award winning, we get pretty excited here in Webdadi headquarters. Suffice to say we might have to crack open the champagne this week as we have just received news that Abode Italy won at the International Property Awards for 2015 for Best Real Estate Website.

The International Property Awards are open to residential and commercial property professionals around the globe. The awards acknowledge and celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. It’s a world-renowned mark of excellence for an Estate Agent to win. Abode Italy has been recognised within Italy as having the Best Website for 2015. And remember, in order to win this prestigious award they had their website critiqued by a team of highly experienced professionals who cover a range of property disciplines.

We hope the Abode Italy team enjoyed the glittering awards dinner as much as we enjoyed hearing their wonderful award winning news.  Congratulations to everyone at Abode Italy.
. . .

Langford Lettings have a new website to showcase their properties

Published: 05/10/2015 By Jacqueline Evans

Located in Clapham, Langford Property offers a bespoke letting service which specialises in properties in and around South West London from Battersea through to Earslfield and Tooting. 

They excel in personal service and demonstrate this through their experience, passion and commitment to their customers. 

You can see their beautiful new website right here for yourself.

A new website has gone live for Kings Sales in London

Published: 28/09/2015 By Angela Peters

Kings was set up in 1962, and even though we didn't manage their website back then, we are delighted to announce that we have helped Kings Sales with their newest website. It has just gone live and their bespoke homepage even includes an embedded video.

Kings Sales are a dynamic independent estate agent, who offer a bespoke Search and Acquisition process for Buy to Let Investment properties, as well as not charging a fixed commission rate to sell properties. They keep things much simpler than that for their customers.
There's a whole lot of information available about Kings Sales on their new website right here.
. . .

Zoopla Real-Time now available

Published: 08/09/2015 By Tom Masters

Zoopla have now launched a real-time data service and at Webdadi  we have been busy over the past few weeks testing the new feature on Zoopla’s beta environment.

At present, property data is sent to Zoopla at set. The new technology allows Webdadi customers to add or update properties on Zoopla within seconds. It massively reduces the time in which you can market any new instructions on Zoopla and Prime Location.

The Webdadi software has also been developed to display details of any issues that have prevented a property being published on Zoopla, for example if a price or description is missing.

We are now in a position to migrate all Zoopla customers onto the real-time data feed. This is a free upgrade for all customers that use Webdadi to publish their property data to the property portals. If you are interested in sending your data in real-time to Zoopla and Rightmove then please give the Webdadi team a call on 0208 246 6060 or via email on info@webdadi.com.
. . .

Monsoon Properties have a new website

Published: 07/09/2015 By Tom Masters

We are pleased to welcome Monsoon Properties, who have just launched a new fully responsive website with us.

Monsoon are a local independent firm based in Turnpike Lane and specializing in Sales, Lettings and Commercial. Our knowledge of the local property market, combined with experienced and friendly staff, enables us to offer an enviable service to all.

You can view the website here - http://www.monsoonproperties.co.uk/.  

Capital Homes go live with a new responsive website

Published: 02/09/2015 By Tom Masters

Capital Homes is one of North London's leading estate agents. They offer traditional customer service combined with their marketing knowledge, their consultancy experience and over 150 years of combined staff experience.

Capital Homes' new responsive website offers something truly unique and original with their bright and bold colour scheme and beautiful scenic pictures of London.


You can even find out more about their promise of guaranteed rent, subscribe to their newsletter, or just browse their website.

We would love you to take a look at their new responsive website and see for yourself how great it looks.

. . .

Would you like to see what our mobile sites look like?

Published: 01/09/2015 By Angela Peters

One of our recent innovations was the launch of our new mobile templates.


These new mobile websites offer automatic mobile website creation. But what does this do? Essentially this means that pages only need to be made once and they will automatically fit to the mobile device or tablet being used. Other features include allowing users to swipe through images without having to click backwards and forwards; GPS location search offers navigation to properties within close proximity, and Google Streetview does the rest (plus more features are here).


And what better a way to demonstrate these new features than to show a real live version. Here we demonstrate with Rainbow Reid's new home page and the property view.


If you haven't yet spoken to us about a mobile template, please do get in touch.


. . .

Property World new website goes live

Published: 30/08/2015 By Tom Masters

A big welcome to Richard and Dan at Property World who this week have launched a new website.

With offices in Penge and Sydenham, Property World started their family business back in 1997. Brothers Richard and Dan wanted to offer something different and had three aims in mind. To deliver exceptional results on behalf of our clients, be honest and trustworthy and to provide the best customer service they possibly could.

Now 18 years on, they are proud to have been awarded Best Estate Agency in South East London, 2014.

We really like the brand they have created and hope the website helps their agency to even more success in the coming months.

You can the fully responsive website by visiting www.propertyworlduk.net.
. . .

Broadway & West have a new website

Published: 29/08/2015 By Tom Masters

Broadway & West have launched a new fully responsive website and we are pleased to welcome them on board.

Broadway & West are an independent residential estate agent based in West London, offering a range of services in Residential Sales, Lettings and Property Management.

All their team members are passionate & competitive about what they do. With over 35 years’ experience within the property market we are fully equipped to help you with your requirements in the most efficient way; their aim is to provide the highest standard of services to their clients.

You can see the website at www.broadwayandwest.co.uk.
. . .

Campbell & Black Ibiza launch new website

Published: 28/08/2015 By Tom Masters

We are pleased to welcome Campbell & Black, who have just launched a new responsive website for their agency.
Based on the Spanish island hotspot of Ibiza, Campbell & Black have ten year’s experience of prime Central London sales and lettings before establishing their agency in Ibiza.

Their reputation is built on integrity, efficiency. They now have an online presence that backs up this ethos and reflects well the high end, luxury properties they have available.

Thanks to Ivor and his team!

Patrick Henry launch fully responsive estate agent website

Published: 27/08/2015 By Tom Masters

We are pleased to present Patrick Henry’s new fully responsive estate agent website which has now rolled live.

Based in Clapham, Parick Henry are a multi-award winning, independent estate agency with a hardworking, honest and friendly team dedicated to providing the best possible service for their clients.

Have a look at their new website here - http://www.patrickhenry.london/  

Robert Dean has a new website

Published: 18/08/2015 By Jon Evans

Robert Dean's new website is now live. This family owned estate agent is the longest established in Stoneleigh, and has been thriving in this area since 1984.

They are the local estate agent of choice and have sold more than 4000 homes since they started all those years ago. The Robert Dean team pride themselves on being a go-to estate agency, whose advice is sought after time and time again.

To take advantage of their market knowledge, property experience, and expert recommendations, clients in the area need only pop into their new showroom and take a look around. Robert Dean also offer probate valuations, financial solutions and advertising support along with a host of other products and services.

Come and visit their new website today.
. . .

Willmotts website has officially launched

Published: 12/08/2015 By Jacqueline Evans

Willmotts have launched their new website, and we are delighted to showcase it here. They have both a commercial and residential side of their estate agency, and as a company, their specialist team are dedicated to providing excellent service and expertise along with offering their clients a range of products.

As a commercial estate agency, they have been based in West London for over a century. They have all types of commercial properties from convenience stores and retail units, all the way through to cafes and wine bars. 

On the residential side, Willmotts can help with property management, litigation support, investment advice and management. They pride themselves on being a dependable service with an enthusiastic team, who have over 45 years of combined experience.

Edward Finlay at Willmotts commented:

"Thanks for all your help Webdadi. I think I speak for everyone here at Willmotts when I say, the website looks fantastic. In view of all the Google responsive website favouritism, we now have a strong and competitive online presence down to Webdadi."

See their new website here and see why we love it.
. . .

Welcome to Dey King and Haria

Published: 07/08/2015 By Jacqueline Evans

We extend a warm welcome to Dey King & Haria who have just launched their new website. This independent estate agency, located in the Watford area, offer comprehensive sales, lettings and management services, advice and support. Their goal is to exceed their customer's expectations with their expert knowledge and excellent track record.

Samuel Dey, Ben King and Ketz Haria have over 20 years of experience between them, and have worked extensively in and around London. On top of their many extra service on offer including interior design, they also give back to the community through sponsorship and financial aid.

You can see more about this company and see their new site here.
. . .

Circa London goes live with their new website

Published: 30/07/2015 By Jacqueline Evans

With more than 30 years of experience in the London property market, the Circa London team are fully equipped to provide client feedback, recommendations and informed decisions, and offer educated advice and strategies for their clients. They provide expert marketing knowledge and pride themselves on having regular and informative conversations throughout the sales process.


Circa London's team also guide on Property Management for high end properties in central London's finest schemes and locations, offering each landlord a dedicated property manager who works hard to ensure that they keep them up-to-date and informed and reduce any chance of additional costs.


You can find out more about this company and view their array of stunning city apartments here.

. . .

Chestertons MENA launch new responsive website with Webdadi

Published: 28/07/2015 By Jon Evans

We are delighted to announce that Chestertons Middle East & North Africa (MENA) have launched a new fully-responsive website this week.

Chestertons MENA is a leading Estate Agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with over forty staff experienced in all things sales and lettings.

Having opened in 2008, Chestertons MENA focus on delivering a truly excellent service to their clients, and coupled with years of experience within London and the international market, their qualified agents are equipped to overcome any obstacle while at the same time delivering a truly world-class experience.

You can find out more about their three UAE offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and see more about their latest properties at www.chestertons-mena.com.
. . .

New innovations available

Published: 22/07/2015 By Angela Peters

One thing we love doing at Webdadi is launching new innovations for our customers. This week we are sharing a few new tools and features that you can opt to use on your site to make it even easier for your customers. These include a new mortgage calculator, form tracking via Google and even page loading optimisation.

Here is a little bit more on what we have been up to at Webdadi headquarters:

Mortgage Calculator 
This calculator allows your visitors to estimate their monthly repayments based on a certain property price and mortgage deposit, and then view properties that fit within those specifications. Your agency also has an option to have the interested party contact them about a mortgage if they would like this feature enabled also.

Google Places
You can now show visually on a Google Map where your office is located. This feature means that you can have a Google Maps indicating where your office is based on your Branch information page or you could add this to your Contact Us page. And the new Form Tracking features we have just released will also show you how often people are actually using your Contact Us page. 

New Mobile Website templates
We are delighted to deliver a range of new mobile website templates that offer a more complete view of your website from the mobile device being used. Taking the content available on your existing desktop site, these new mobile websites include features such as a swipe image viewer, more efficient property search functionality and mobile friendly menu options, as well as a host of other benefits that make it generally easier for visitors to navigate around your site, from their mobile devices.

To see the rest of our innovations please visit our Innovations page.

. . .

Sworn and Co launch their new website

Published: 14/07/2015 By Jacqueline Evans

Sworn and Co have just launched their new website for their Chiswick based Estate Agency, and Webdadi are delighted to share it with you.


This family-run independent business have 136 years of combined experience in all things Estate Agency related and are no strangers to Sales, Lettings, block and Estate Management, and much more. The team pride themselves on offering honest and professional advice, combined with their wealth of local Chiswick knowledge to help their clients make the right choices.  


They've recently had their office redecorated and decided it was time to get a new logo and website too. You can see their site right here. We love it.


. . .

Curzon Property Consultants launch new property search website

Published: 06/07/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Curzon Property Consultants have launched a new property search on their current website www.curzoncentral.com.

Based in Chelsea SW3, Curzon are professionally qualified Chartered Surveyors (RICS), members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Managing Director James Moss has worked in the Central London property sector specialising in both residential and commercial property as an asset class for over 25 years.

Congratulations to James and his team.
. . .

Crestwell Property Consultants launch new website

Published: 22/06/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Congratulations to Crestwell Property Consultants who have launched a new website this week.

Based near Kings Cross N1, Crestwell are an established independent consultancy with customer focused, pro-active and comprehensive approach to property services. Whereas other companies describe themselves as Estate Agents, Crestwell prefers to call themselves Property Consultants.

Have a look for yourself at http://www.crestwell-pc.com.

Temme English launch new responsive website

Published: 18/06/2015 By Jon Evans

Webdadi are very proud to welcome Temme English Estate Agents to our list of customers.


Temme English are an exciting young brand who have grown considerably and have strong presence with three branches in Colchester, Wickford, and Basildon.


Led by Carl Temme and Steve English, they are an agency Webdadi are delighted to call customers.


Please take a look at their new website here.

New Kings Lettings website with Webdadi

Published: 10/06/2015 By Jon Evans

Kings Lettings have just gone live with a brand new website complete with moving imagery on their home page, and we are delighted to share it with you.
Established in 1962, along with being a market leader in residential lettings and management services, Kings prides themselves on offering a wide range of services at competitive rates. Whether working with individual landlords or investment landlords, they offer complete obligation free advice from purchasing and part or full property management all the way through to rental assessments and lettings. And they offer much more. Kings offers a service that is second to none and we hope you agree their new website is also second to none.
. . .

Andrew Nunn Estate Agents launch new website

Published: 05/06/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Thanks to Andrew Nunn and his team who has this week launched a new look website.

One of Chiswicks leading independent and owner run estate agents with over 20 years experience in the Chiswick market. Their ethos of professionalism, honesty and integrity combined with comprehensive market knowledge sets them apart from many of their competitors.

Andrew Nunn have been a Webdadi customer for over 10 years and we are really proud of the fully responsive website design. See for yourselves here http://www.andrewnunnassociates.co.uk.
. . .

New fully responsive website for Abode Italy

Published: 04/06/2015 By Jon Evans

Congratulations to Abode Italy who have launched a new fully responsive website design this week.

Abode, who are an international associate of Savills, are based in Umbria Italy. They offer 50 years  experience via their bilingual team that help you to source Italian property. Whether it’s a country farmhouse in Umbria, a Tuscan villa, castle, Chianti vineyard or a ruin requiring renovation.

Having won 'Best Real Estate Website' at the European Property Awards with their previous website. We think this is another award winner.

Have a look at the new look design. They have some wonderful properties and another website to match!

Thanks to Nick and his team and we look forward to the next trip to Italy to see you all.
. . .

Congratulations to Firs and Pines on their new website

Published: 03/06/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Here at Webdadi we are thrilled to welcome Nigerian based online property portal Firs and Pines to our customer list. With an office in Lagos, Firs and Pines harness modern technologies combined with the finest of traditional estate agency standards. They provide a fresh, flexible and super effective means to buying, selling and leasing of homes and lands within Nigeria.

"Thanks a lot Webdadi. The website is perfect, we are overjoyed." - Renne Adeleye, Firs & Pines

Take a peek at their fully responsive design here - http://www.firsandpines.com.
. . .

TMD Properties have a new website

Published: 01/06/2015 By Jacqui Evans

We are delighted that TMD Properties have a new website with us.


TMD are an independently owned and run company that have been established since 1991. While they started in Tufnell Park their office is now based in Highgate Village. To their credit they have been ranked as the number 1 agency in Highgate by allAgents.  


TMD Properties is made up of Sales, Lettings and Management. Their goal is to try and give the client or customer more than they were expecting, and they offer coverage over virtually all of north and north west London, and further afield.


To see all that TMD Properties offer, and to check out their fabulous brand new website, click here.


. . .

Hamilton Chase have a new website

Published: 26/05/2015 By Angela Peters

Hamilton Chase have been servicing the High Barnet area and beyond as an estate agent since 2004. They have old-fashioned values, cutting edge service, they care about their clients care and they want their clients to be fully satisfied. 


Hamilton Chase work in lettings, full management and rent collection and are registered with governing bodies who oversee their work and ensure that their clients are protected. You can see more about people they have helped on their new site.


We love the simplicity and colours of their brand new website, and we would love you to take a look and decide for yourself.


. . .

New mobile template now available

Published: 22/05/2015 By Tom Masters

Today we have launched a new mobile template, you can view an example here.

The new mobile template incorporates many exciting new features to benefit our customers and is available free of charge for most customers.

Google has recently made changes to prioritise a mobile friendly website in their mobile search results making a mobile optimised version of your website an absolute must. This new version will provide additional content and page for search engines to index relevant to your business.

New features include:

Automatic mobile website page creation
Webdadi automatically creates a mobile version of all web pages on your desktop website meaning an update to a page will now only need to be made in once. It also means that all the pages are now available on your mobile website too, this includes office pages, area guides, news stories, call me back forms and so on.

Swipe image viewer on properties
No more awkward previous and next buttons. The new image viewer allows your customers to swipe images to quickly explore a property they are interested in.

Property Search
There is now a shortcut to the search available on every page. Users are then able to quickly navigate to your property stock from anywhere on the website. Users can also search via area, street name or postcode.

Click to call
A list and clickable link to call your offices is also available on all pages providing a quick and straight forward way for customers to get in touch.

GPS location search
Your customers can quickly find your properties near their current location via the GPS location search available on the property search on all pages.

Improved URL structure
Like your desktop website, we have made some improvements to the url structure to ensure we always use human readable url’s. This provides the search engines with a similar structure to that of your desktop website and a suitable mobile optimised page for when potential customers are searching in your area for high value search terms.

Mobile friendly menu
Off canvas menu available on all pages and expands into view when clicked. The menu includes links to all pages and even supports a secondary tier to help a customer to easily navigation your website and get to the information they require

Google Streetview
Now available on all properties along with an interactive location map.

Similar properties
This is a great feature for users browsing your property stock as it will provide similar property suggestions to help keep them engaged.

If you are a Webdadi Customer and are interested in updating to this new version then do please contact us on 0208 246 6060. If you are not a Webdadi customer and would like to enquire about a mobile optimised website for you estate agency then do please contact the Webdadi Team.
. . .

Reliable Homes have a new website

Published: 21/05/2015 By Jon Evans

A huge welcome and thanks to Reliable Homes who have today launched a new, fully responsive website with us.

Based in Crouch End, North London; Reliable Homes are an independent specialist estate agency. With over 20 years combined experience in lettings, management and sales in the prime markets of North London.

Have a look at the website here - http://www.reliablehomes.co.uk  

Roberts Newby's new site is live

Published: 13/05/2015 By Angela Peters

Founded in 1991, Roberts Newby is a multi award winning estate agency with a track record of delivering excellent results and quality customer service. The Roberts Newby team have offices in Gerrards Cross and Chalfont St Giles, and their team offer a full range of sales, lettings and property management services, regular auctions, and more.

They have extensive marketing experience and use this in innovative and effective ways to ensure no stone is left unturned to help their clients.


Roberts Newby are also proud members of the major professional bodies that govern and regulate the industry, ensuring that their clients and customers have peace of mind when working with them, in the knowledge that they maintain the highest standards.


We would love you to take a look at their new site.

. . .

How to schedule a Google advert for specific times of day

Published: 30/04/2015 By Tom Masters

We all want to increase and improve the quality of leads we receive. Google currently occupies a 90% market share of all searches performed online in Europe, then it’s a pretty safe bet when it comes to your marketing budget.

Sponsoring keywords such as ‘estate agent Putney’ is a great way to increase enquiries from potential vendors and landlords searching for local agencies to market their property. Sponsored adverts, especially in competitive areas, can require a decent budget. For small businesses it is quite common for your campaign to be limited by budget, meaning your advert is not seen at the peak property search window of 5pm to 11pm.

Google Adwords has a great feature to help with this scenario as you can configure your advert to a schedule. This will allow your advert to be seen at the optimum times and prevent your precious marketing budget for these periods.

The video above outlines steps to implement this, check out the Google Adwords YouTube channel for further tips and advice at https://www.youtube.com/user/learnwithgoogle.
. . .

Alexander and Co have a brand new website

Published: 28/04/2015 By Jon Evans

Alexander & Co has been serving Dunstable, Luton and the surrounding area for 45 years. And we are delighted to be serving them with a new website.

Alexander & Co have built a strong reputation as being efficient and approachable agents with exceptional local knowledge. The team provide a comprehensive range of property services including residential sales and lettings, property management, land and new homes, commercial sales and lettings and professional services.


We would love you to take a look at their new website and see for yourself the secret to Alexander & Co's long-standing success in delivering excellence to their customer base.

. . .

Eden Estates website goes live

Published: 27/04/2015 By Jon Evans

Eden Estates is extremely proud that the company is independent, privately owned and run by experienced letting agents. Eden Estates prides itself on offering the highest level of customer service from their dedicated team who work with people both looking to rent and buy a home. 

The company has established itself as a reputable name in the residential lettings market and is seen by many Landlords as the natural choice. Eden Estates' qualified staff offer expert advice, tailor made solutions and extensive help guiding their clients through the letting process. And their highly trained valuators and negotiators are backed up by their powerful marketing strength from Birmingham to Wolverhampton. 


Check out their new website to see more about this estate agent.

. . .

Hindhead go live with their new website

Published: 23/04/2015 By Jon Evans

Hindhead Property are very excited about the launch of their brand new website, and we are too. Hindhead Property came into the marketplace with an aim to fill the gap in the market place as a specialist first time buyer and buy to let Estate Agent. With the government help to buy scheme in full swing for first time buyers and pension laws changing in April 2015, they offer help and advise both buyers and sellers in these sectors.

You can see Hindhead Property's full range of services on their brand new website, which showcases their variety from traditional Estate Agency marketing for sellers all the way through to property sourcing for landlords looking to build or start a portfolio. Their quality photos and use of the latest property searches and available social media tools, help in their endeavour to present their client's properties in the best possible light.


We would love you to take a look at their new site.

. . .

Light Harvest - New website goes live

Published: 17/04/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Congratulations to Light Harvest on your new website which has rolled live today. The website is fully responsive so looks great, is extremely user friendly and is optimised for all devices.

Founded in July 2014, Light Harvest Estates offer a comprehensive letting and management service. Have a look at the new website at http://www.lightharvest.co.uk.

PG Estates Launch a New Website

Published: 17/04/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Long standing customer PG Estates has launched a new fully responsive website today to follow the recent website launch of their sister company Hogarth Estates.

PG Estates operate in Islington, Highbury, Barnsbury, Shoreditch, Dalston, Hoxton, Haggerston and the City. They have over 30 years experience in the lettings market of North London and provide a high quality service to their client base.

We love it, we hope you do too! Take a look at www.pgestates.com.

Peter James' new website launches

Published: 15/04/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Peter James, established since 1998, have just launched a website with us and we are delighted to tell you all about them. The founders, Peter Burchell and James Power, created Peter James Estate Agency after recognising a gap in the market for an independent estate agent for the local area that could provide a more personal service. Their Blackheath Standard branch launched shortly after. Their ethos proved so successful with local house sellers and buyers along with landlords and tenants, that a second branch was opened in Lee two years later and a third in New Cross. Working closely with Peter James, their site officially launched this week. Here's what the team had to say:

"We are all very pleased, thank you Andrew & Ashley for all your hard work. It's been a pleasure working with you all.
Our website looks fantastic! Very happy!"

Laura Fairman at Peter James


Take a look at their new website and see for yourself.

. . .

We are very happy to welcome Wayne & Silver to Webdadi

Published: 07/04/2015 By Jon Evans

Webdadi are very pleased to launch the new website for Wayne & Silver.


The company who are based in Hampstead are young, friendly and very ambitious. Their expertise in the industry is highly regarded throughout North London. They have even recently opened a new office by Hampstead station which coincides perfectly with their new website.


Please visit the website here.

RAB Commercial launch their new commercial website

Published: 30/03/2015 By Jon Evans

We are delighted to announce that RAB Commercial now have a new website with us, and it has gone live.

RAB Commercial are quite unique with a privately owned firm of chartered surveyors and commercial property agents based in London. Unlike many commercial property agents they offer a highly targeted acquisition service to occupiers searching for trade counter or retail units in London and the South East. And they have over 30 years experience in commercial and mixed-use property, including industrial, trade counter, retail, offices and leisure, focusing primarily in London and the South East. Their brand new website will show you all about their expertise, from letting, acquisition and disposal through to investment and development. You can see it all here.

. . .

Rolfe East welcomes their brand new website

Published: 19/03/2015 By Tom Masters

Rolfe East could be best are as a local, long-standing, and an independent Estate Agent. Their founders, Ashley Rolfe and Simon East are proud of this fact and they've been serving their clients from their Acton, Greenford, Isleworth and Northfields offices since they began in 1983.

On top of the usual sales and lettings you can expect from a great estate agent, Rolfe East also have a specialist new homes division, as well as a commercial division who have expert knowledge and understanding of all things business rates, potential footfall and transport links.

To see their beautiful new website and take a look around, click here.  
. . .

Castles Surveyors new website launches

Published: 10/03/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Castles Surveyors, a major independent firm of Chartered Surveyors, help with building surveying, home buyers reports, valuations, lease extensions, and expert witness to name a few of their services, all from their Enfield, Crouch End, the West End and Surrey offices.


Their commercial department give expert advice on individual properties, estates and portfolios, as well as valuations, leases, tenancies, licenses and more, and their Landlord and Tenant department offer a full rent review service to either landlords or tenants, measure areas, and offer rental assessments. Their list of services is comprehensive.


Castles Surveyors' new website has also taken advantage of a recent innovation offered by Webdadi, through the utilisation of a FAQ page. You can see this page, view their new site in full, and read about all of their bespoke services on offer right here.

. . .

Castles beautiful new website has launched

Published: 09/03/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Castles, established in 1981, are a successful, privately owned independent agency with over three decades experience in providing quality estate agency. Castles boast a service across eight offices spanning North and East London as well as Essex, and are market leaders in these areas offering a comprehensive service incorporating residential sales, letting and management, and surveys and valuations.

They provide highly professional service and have a strong, experienced team, with their office managers accredited at NAEA and ARLA.

To see their beautiful new website, and find out more about Castles, click here.

. . .

About Town - Unlimited Stock Photography Offer

Published: 25/02/2015 By Jon Evans

Great photography is an important part of any website and can help communicate your business ethos to any visitor or potential customer.

Three years ago our sister company Datography, who specialise in estate agency photography and floor plans, launched a stock photography website called About Town. This has now grown to a database of over 6,500 images from all over the London area.

About Town is the only stock photography website that offers you the chance to purchase royalty free images from specific areas of London, as well as thousands of other images and graphics.

If you purchase a new website from Webdadi, you can choose an unlimited number of images from the About Town website to use on your new website for just £99. Please note the offer is only available for the duration of your website build.

So visit About Town now to search our extensive stock of images. If you would like any information on this offer or the About Town service please contact the Webdadi Team on 0208 246 6060.
. . .

Priory Management have a new website

Published: 23/02/2015 By Jacqui Evans

Priory Management have launched their brand new website, with a bespoke home page.


Priory Management have been in residential lettings for over 35 years. The team pride themselves on providing highly professional service delivered with the personal touch. They have extensive landlord knowledge and experience, and work hard to find the best possible tenants for their clients. And equally, tenants benefit from Priory Management's extensive local knowledge and fast and efficient property management service. 


Priory Management's commitment is towards maintaining a high standard of service, with competitive fees. To see more, click through to see their website's new look.


. . .

Welcome to Richard Saunders!

Published: 27/01/2015 By Jon Evans

Independent Banstead agency Richard Saunders and Company have just launched a fantastic new website.

Owner, Richard Saunders says this about the website:

"Replacement of our previous website was long overdue and so I met with three potential designers.  It was clear immediately that Webdadi had a grasp on what estate agents need from their website. They offered excellent creative advice, even before we instructed them and they were quick to understand the dynamics and needs of my particular company. Throughout the process, I had a single point of contact, Andrew Shields who really made it easy for me to convey my alterations.  He was always quick to respond and to return calls or emails, and the next draft was delivered by his team always on the timescale promised. Andrew has been a pleasure to deal with throughout. In just 14 weeks, I have a new, sophisticated website with a crisp and contemporary feel. It’s already had excellent feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Webdadi to others."

You check out the website for yourself here.
. . .

Around Town Flats new website launches

Published: 19/01/2015 By Jon Evans

Around Town Flats, a passionate property team located in Manchester, have a new website with us.


If you are looking to rent a home in Manchester, the team are situated in Fallowfield and have over forty years' experience. Around Town Flats is the first choice for residential lettings in Fallowfield, Whalley Range, Withington, Didsbury, Chorlton and South Manchester. They're enthusiastic, proactive and knowledgeable. And they're dedicated to offering a full residential letting and property management service. 

You can visit Around Town Flats' website right here.

. . .

Lifestyle Property have a new website

Published: 05/01/2015 By Angela Peters

If you'd glimpsed Lifestyle Property's previous website you would have seen that they are an independently owned and managed Estate Agent for property sales, letting & management across the whole of East London. And they've been doing this for their customers for the last 25 years.

Lifestyle Property will tailor make the personal service you require and translate that into customer satisfaction. They have built their business by providing a range of services that meet the needs of their customers and clients. They're not afraid of getting their customers to tell them exactly what they think about what they do for them. They listen carefully to what they say. And then they act on it. 


To find out more about Lifestyle Property and see their new shiny site, click here.

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A Warm Welcome To Tassi Sales and Lettings!

Published: 22/12/2014 By Andrew Shields

Successful Nottingham agency Tassi Sales and Lettings have just launched their brand new website.

Whether you are a Buyer, a Seller, a Landlord or a Tenant in the East Midlands, they will work with you in partnership to build a solid, professional and trusting relationship to ensure you have a positive experience with Tassi Sales and Lettings Ltd.

In addition to their Sales and Lettings Team, they have a specialist Property Management Division who looks after your property for the duration of any tenancies.  Thus, taking care of all the property needs whether you live in the UK or overseas.

Head on over to their website to check out their great new look!
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Congratulations To Rainbow Reid

Published: 15/12/2014 By Jon Evans

West London agency Rainbow Reid have just unveiled their great new website.

Rainbow Reid have been part of their local community since 1990. Some of them even grew up in the area!

As they are local, they know how Willesden Green and its surrounding areas have developed and even regenerated. They have a database of the people looking to buy or rent your property. More importantly, they know exactly how to get your property seen by them, with their local knowledge and an innovative approach to marketing as well as working with you to get the right results. They will advise you, honestly and clearly, what you need to do to help your property sell or rent quickly and at the price you deserve.

Head on over to the website to take a look.

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New Ashdown Marks website

Published: 15/12/2014 By Jacqui Evans

We are delighted to announce that Ashdown Marks' website is now live. They've been established since 1988 and they specialise in Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Belgravia.


The Ashdown Marks team are truly independent and deal with all aspects of Residential Sales, Lettings and Property Management. Their two directors, Christopher Colville and Edward Simpson, understand the importance of property and will attend to your 
property requirements.


See their new website here.

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Lawson Rutter Estate Agency's new website goes live

Published: 01/12/2014 By Jacqui Evans

Lawson Rutter have just launched their brand new website.


Lawson Rutter is a privately owned company with 30 years' experience in West London Estate Agency. They are enthusiastic, professional and very ‘hands on day-to-day. All their team endorse the same values and beliefs as their directors Alex Maile and Alex Barlett.


Head over to their updated website to see more.

Averys Have A New Website

Published: 21/11/2014 By Andrew Shields

South West London property management company Averys have launched a brand new website.

They are a leading, established, independent company offering a comprehensive residential and commercial management service to corporate clients, residents' associations, lessees, freeholders, and developers. Taking pride and passion in what they do, at Averys they recognise the importance of your asset in this ever-changing and challenging market. They are accomplished in both effective communication skills and their 'hands-on' approach. Results are achieved by working closely with their clients.
Their strategy is based on transparency and accountability, having efficient systems in place and a friendly team to help and serve their clients' needs wherever possible.

You can check out their great new website here.
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Introducing Central Estates New Website

Published: 19/11/2014 By Andrew Shields

Well established Marylebone based estates agents Central Estates have launched their new website.

Central Estates was established in 1986, providing over 25 years of unblemished service to Central London property. They are an independent firm specialising in high-end residential property with exclusive focus on residential sales and acquisitions, lettings, property management and project management.

With three working directors having combined experience exceeding 90 years, they do offer our clientele central London expertise that is both reliable and authoritative.

Check out the website for yourselves here.
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Congratulations to Aubrey & Finn Estates Agents 

Published: 17/11/2014 By Andrew Shields

Successful Hemel Hempstead based agents Aubrey and Finn have great new website!

Operating from their two busy and welcoming high street offices in St Albans and Hemel Hempstead. They can serve a broad area of Hertfordshire but specialise in the sale and renting of property in and around their office locations. With qualified and caring staff you can rest assured that by Instructing Aubrey & Finn you are working with an agency that will go that extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Have a click through to their new website.
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The Negotiator Conference and Expo 2014 - Come and say hello on Stand 34!

Published: 31/10/2014 By Jacqueline Evans

We are excited to announce that Webdadi will be exhibiting at the leading estate agency event, The Negotiator Conference & Expo 2014, on Tuesday 4th November at the Hilton Park Lane in London.

We will be at stand 34, demonstrating our portfolio of products from Under One Roof. If you are going to the event do come and see us.

We look forward to seeing you there!

A Warm Welcome to Nathan Andrews!

Published: 30/10/2014 By Andrew Shields

Ladbroke Grove agency Nathan Andrews have just launched a fantastic new website with Webdadi. 

The team at Nathan Andrews Estates has achieved excellent results over the few years of trading.

Their mission statement hinges on three words "service" "commitment" and "results."

The firm has been built on a mixture of understanding the needs and aspirations of their clients and obtaining the right results they desire without forsaking any principles.

An honest, hard working & straight forward approach has been the major factors of their continued success.

Their in depth knowledge of the local west and central London property market, covering Shepherds Bush, North Kensington, Notting Hill Gate, Holland Park with a proactive style and personal touch they believe has contributed towards their outstanding results.

You can have a look at there great new website here.
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New Video Based Website for Moving City!

Published: 21/10/2014 By Andrew Shields

Leading central London Moving City have got a great new look that incorporates a full screen video background to the search section on there homepage.

Moving City is a friendly, dynamic and switched-on sales and letting agency based in Spitalfields, East London with flats, apartments, houses and developments for sale and for rent in Canary Wharf, Shoreditch, Whitechapel, Islington, Clerkenwell, Marylebone, Isle of Dogs, Brick Lane, Docklands, Wapping, Mile End, London Bridge, The City and beyond. They have built up a successful base of satisfied vendors, landlords and tenants, because of their attention to detail, their down-to-earth, professional manner and the fact that they are members of the Estate Agents Ombudsman Scheme and regulated by The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). They have years of experience in lettings and sales and they love going that "extra mile" for our clients.

You can see the new look website here.
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Welcome to Locate Estate Agents!

Published: 13/10/2014 By Andrew Shields

We would like to introduce our new friends over at Locate Estate Agents who have a fantastic new website.

They are a totally independent, innovative, forward thinking and pro-active estate agency. They provide 100% commitment to their clients, making moving home as stress free as possible from start to finish. From their prominent office in Canterbury, they are on hand to assist our buyers and sellers covering Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Faversham and surrounding villages.

You can see their website here.
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A New Look For Anderson Rose!

Published: 03/10/2014 By Andrew Shields

Our friends over at Anderson Rose have had a revamp of their look. A great new large image viewer to show off those fantastic high res images and clean, sleek top menu.

They are a multi award winning estate agency, founded in 2011 to improve the experience of moving home and prove that it is possible for estate agents to provide their customers with both a great result and great service. They seek to take the best bits of traditional estate agency and combine them with techniques and technology that are relevant to the world today.

You can check out the new look here.
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Welcome To Kane Properties

Published: 18/09/2014 By Andrew Shields

Kane Properties have a fantastic looking new website!

 Kane Properties ethos is simple: they form a discrete and personal relationship from their first encounter with you. They believe in a hands-on approach to buying, selling and letting property because unlike larger corporate estate agencies, Kane Properties provides a completely individual and bespoke service to their clients.

At Kane Properties they pride ourselves on having a dynamic marketing approach and experienced team who with their combined 25 years of local experience will ensure that you get the best service and experience.

You can check out their new website for yourselves here.
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Abode Italy Wins!!!!

Published: 11/09/2014 By Jon Evans

Congratulations to Abode Italy who have won 'Best Real Estate Website' at this years European Property Awards.

At Webdadi we cannot be more thrilled with the news. We have a great relationship with Abode and happy that their business has been rewarded with this award.

The ceremony will be held at the Marriott hotel - Mayfair on the 14th October. They have also been awarded 'Best Real Estate Agent' in Italy.

If you are an estate agency or a new start up business and want us to demo our different website packages, please contact the Webdadi Team on 0208 246 6060 and we will gladly assist.
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Welcome to Copping Joyce

Published: 05/09/2014 By Andrew Shields

Congratulations to our new friends Copping Joyce on their fantastic new website.

They offer a full range of agency and surveying services covering Central London, the City of London fringes, suburbs and Home Counties in the main. Their services include; valuations, investment and development acquisitions and disposals, commercial and residential agency, insolvency services, property management, expert witness and building surveying.

They are a firm large enough to provide a comprehensive, professional service to clients, yet be small enough to provide individual director contact and advice to every client. 

You can check out the new website here.
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A Very Warm Welcome to Mathesons

Published: 20/08/2014 By Andrew Shields

A warm welcome to Mathesons and congratulations on their brand new website.

Established in 1983 we at Mathesons are proud of their reputation of being one of North West London's leading local Estate Agents, with offices in both Harlesden and Neasden

Their experienced team provides a highly personal and professional service fully supported with the latest technology that is necessary in today's market.

They are members of both NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents), ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) and members of the Ombudsman for Estate Agents which provides confidence in the standard of integrity and professionalism that you want to receive. Whether you are looking to sell, purchase, rent or let please give Mathesons a call.

See their new website here.
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New Look For Moretons!

Published: 20/08/2014 By Andrew Shields

Our friends over at Moretons have a great new look website.

Their mission at Moretons is to be the leading residential property specialists in London.  They will do this by providing a professional service, achieving the best results for their clients, being totally committed to customer service and making sure their staff are trained to the highest industry standards. 

They aim to grow their business whilst adapting to market trends and advances in technology but, never compromising their core values. By staying true to their goals and beliefs they will remain the best in London.

You can check out their new look here.
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Congratulations to Founders of London!

Published: 19/08/2014

We are very please to announce Founders of London's brand new website.

Founders of London is a company of dedicated and energetic property professionals with a strong desire to constantly evolve their twenty years of combined experience in lettings, sales and acquisition of residential and commercial properties in central London. Including: Marylebone, Mayfair, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Kensington not forgetting St John’s Wood and Highbury & Islington. All proving to be increasingly attractive to people from all over the world.

You can check out the fantastic looking new site here.
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Welcome to Turpin Barker Armstrong!

Published: 18/08/2014 By Andrew Shields

A warm welcome to corporate insolvency firm Turpin Barker Armstrong.

Turpin Barker Armstrong is a specialist insolvency practice with offices in Sutton, Surrey and Sevenoaks, Kent.  Their professional team includes licenced insolvency practitioners and qualified accountants who are skilled in providing services to companies and individuals facing financial difficulties.

You can check out their website here. 

Welcome to Farrell Lewis

Published: 15/08/2014 By Andrew Shields

We are very happy to welcome Farrell Lewis to Webdadi and show off their fantastic new website.

With over 15 years of experience in the Acton area, they have developed an extensive knowledge of the local property market enabling them to offer a wide range of services. They include Residential Sales, Commercial, Letting and Property Management that are both friendly and professional as befits their reputation. They are committed to providing our customers with individual high quality advice, based on the wealth of experience of their local, dedicated, and experienced team.

You can take a look at their great new website here.
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A Warm Welcome To Churchill Estates!

Published: 06/08/2014 By Andrew Shields

We are very happy to announce the new Churchill Estates website.

With over 30 years of experience in selling and letting properties in Acton, Ealing, Shepherds Bush, Chiswick and beyond; their exceptional reputation and unbeatable local knowledge stand them apart from the competition.

You can take a look at the fantastic new website here.

Welcome to Royel Estates

Published: 23/07/2014 By Andrew Shields

Royel Estates are a young and vibrant, forward thinking company providing a helpful and professional approach for all your sales, letting and property management requirements. They pride themselves on excellent service with a personal approach tailored to meet your property needs. They focus on combining revolutionary technology, together with good old-fashioned customer service and a smile to gain results, no gimmicks involved, delivering unrivalled customer service through the commitment and inspiration of its staff.

Certify your Website with the TSI Logo

Published: 11/07/2014 By Jon Evans

The Trading Standards Institute have chosen Yoshki to secure and distribute their brand new, TSI Consumer Codes Approval Scheme logo.  The new logo is a beacon of trust which can only be used by approved and authorised estate agents.  Consumers are also invited to click on the logo which can display in the footer of your website to validate the TSI CCAS membership further.

This is a great way to showcase your reputation as a member of the Trading Standards Institute. In previous years, the TSI logo could be illegally displayed on websites without authorisation of the TSI. This new method protects the TSI brand, ensuring all customers who have been selected are a certified member. They have combined with Yoshki who are the World's First Proactive Brand Protection and Asset Manager, by enabling an embedded code, and they control who displays the logo online.

Webdadi are pleased to offer this feature to the majority of our customers free of charge. If you would like to add the TSI logo to your website, please contact us directly on 0208 246 6060 or email us at info@webdadi.com.
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A New Look For Hane Estate Agents

Published: 08/07/2014 By Andrew Shields

Our good friends over at Hane Estate Agents have just received a very smart makeover on their website.

Hane Estate Agents are the leading independent estate agent in Haringey. From their prestigious office on Green Lanes they hold a prominent corner location they cover Haringey N8, Hornsey N8, Wood Green N22, Tottenham N17, Manor House N4, Seven Sisters N15 and surrounding areas.
They provide a Sales and Lettings service (including management services) that is second to none. With their in-house mortgage adviser they can make sure that all your moving requirements are met.

You can check out their new look here.
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50% off text messages

Published: 01/07/2014 By Tom Masters

As of the 1st July 2014, Webdadi will be reducing the cost of our text messaging service from 10p to 5p per message for all customers.

Using the Webdadi software you are able to generate bulk or individual text messages to your contacts. Most text messages are viewed within 5 minutes of being delivered to the contacts phone making it one of the fastest methods of communicating to a large number of customers at once.

If you are interested in text messaging for your business and would like to see a demonstration of the feature please contact the Webdadi Team on 0208 246 6060.
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Welcome to True Associates

Published: 01/07/2014 By Andrew Shields

We would like to give a warm welcome to True Associates.

True Associates are property experts and they are proud of their reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism.  Having opened for business in January 1992, they are now well established with an experienced, strong and loyal workforce who work together to ensure the best possible service for their clients.

You can see their brand new site here.

Welcome Prospect Residential

Published: 24/06/2014 By Jon Evans

Webdadi are very pleased to launch the new look Prospect Residential website.

Led by James Hunt in the heart of Hoxton Square, Prospect are an ambitious company with a great wealth of knowledge around Shoreditch, Barbican, Clerkenwell, and The City. The website accentuates their knowledge with great full screen images, and I am sure everyone will love their site.
Please view the website here

Welcome Abbey Properties

Published: 12/06/2014 By Jon Evans

We are extremely pleased with the new look Abbey Properties website. Their website has been modernised with a Google style search, a map search, and more importantly showcasing some of the best properties North London has to offer…

Abbey Properties are based in Swiss Cottage, and their business is growing at a rapid pace. They have a great office location, and we wish that with our help they will continue their rise with this fantastic looking website.


You can take a look at the website here

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Welcome to MAS Property Services!

Published: 04/06/2014 By Andrew Shields

We would like to give a warm welcome to MAS Property Services.

They are a family run estate agency specialising in residential Sales, Lettings and Property Management staffed by individuals with many years of experience who have extensive knowledge of the local and regional property market this enables them to offer a wide range of services whilst remaining friendly and professional.

Based on Blythe Road in Brook Green they are able to cover a wide area which includes Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Fulham, Notting Hill, Shepherds Bush, Parsons Green and across the river to Wandsworth, Southfields, Earlsfield, Wimbledon and surrounding areas including Parts of Surrey.

You can check out their great new website here.
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New look for Laurent Residential!

Published: 29/05/2014 By Andrew Shields

We have just helped Laurent Residential give their website a fresh new look.
Laurent Residential focusses on the sale and letting of residential property in South west London.

Established in 1993, they are one of the few independent agents in the area.

Their reputation is built on providing a dedicated and consistent approach to their Client's needs, ensuring that all transactions run smoothly.

I think we can all agree the new image looks great. You can check it out here.
. . .

Professional Photography a must...

Published: 21/05/2014 By Elliott Rowland

With competition for property stock as high as ever, Elliott Rowland from our sister company Datography looks at how property photography can you give you the edge over your competitors.

We at Datography are big believers in how high quality property marketing can help our agents not only sell properties quicker but also win more instructions. We work with many agents in some of the most competitive areas of the UK where prices are extremely high and vendors demand that bespoke service. Now, more than ever vendors expect that bit extra in order to list their property with an agent.

• 87% of people in the UK who bought a new home in 2013 used the internet while house hunting. 100% of these people rated photographs as the most useful tool in their search.
• A property with only 1 photo averaged 70 days on the market, but a property with 20 photos averaged just 32 days on the market.
• If your website and photos look unprofessional, not only are buyers going to find the property unappealing, they are going to assume your service is the same.
• There are now so many properties for sale on websites like Rightmove and Zoopla, a house needs to stand out from the crowd is through stunning photography that catches buyers attention.
• With technology always improving and the introduction of iPad’s and tablet devices, estate agents need to make sure their photographs are of a very high standard to be shown at full screen on these devices.
• The biggest property portals in the country have already released their own apps which show property photography at full screen, making professional photographs more important than ever.
• Within 40 seconds of seeing these pictures a buyer will have already formed their first impression and made up their mind if they want to view or not.
• 87% of buyers now search for their next home on the internet, statistics show they will quickly skip past a property that has poor photography.
• A professional set of photographs will ultimately attract more viewings, leading to a quicker sale.

Datography offer great photography and floor plan packages for estate agents. We only use the best photographers who are experienced in the photography trade rather than floor planners or energy assessors who also take photographs. Visit our website www.datography.com for some examples of our work or contact us if you would like further information.
. . .

How Text Messaging can help your business

Published: 16/05/2014 By Tom Masters

In 2007 the first iPhone was released. In the 7 years that have followed mobile browsing has increased year on year and has accounted for a 93% increase in global internet usage since 2010.
When bulk SMS is used properly, it can have great results. Smartphones have reinvented the connection between companies and their customer and text messages can help you communicate faster with your customers. It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message.

Using Webdadi, you are able to generate bulk or individual text messages to any contact in your database without the need to import and maintain data in a third party software. Text messaging can be used in a number of ways by your estate agency and can help increase response rates as your customers will consider this a more personalised service than email marketing. It is proven that text message marketing has a higher click through percentage than other marketing methods including Facebook. Statistics suggest 97.5% of text messages are viewed within 5 minutes of being received.

So how could your business use text messaging? The most obvious use would be to market your new instructions to any applicants that are keen to move quickly and want to be the first viewing through the door. Text messaging can also be used to deliver sales messages to a particular type or group of contacts in your database. Your customers will find out information about your company and can be directed to any marketing material, you have to be careful that you target the right people with the right message to maintain that personal feel. The Webdadi software can also be used to communicate with your customers on an individual basis.

If you are interested in introducing text messaging to your business and would like to see a demonstration of the feature in Webdadi then do please contact the Webdadi Team on 0208 246 6060.
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Welcome To Ezemove Ezelet

Published: 14/05/2014 By Andrew Shields

Congratulations to Colchester agents  Ezemove Ezelet on their great new website.


Ezemove Ezelet is an independent estate and letting agent where exceptional customer satisfaction is their number one priority. They pride themselves on giving you, the client, a hassle free, eze experience when buying, selling or letting a property. They understand the pressure that any move can create and they will do everything possible to make your experience as stress-free and eze as possible. Their experienced and dedicated staff will communicate with you regularly, ensuring you are kept up-to-date at all stages of the buying, selling or letting process.


You can check out the website here.

. . .

We Built Scott City!

Published: 12/05/2014 By Andrew Shields

We would like to congratulate Scott City on their fantastic new website.

Scott City Residential are an independent Estate Agency specialising in the CITY of LONDON (The Square Mile) with a special focus on the Barbican Estate. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a landlord or a tenant in central London, they will work hard to make sure your experience with them is a positive one. They aim to make the buying and renting process easier all round, they know their area well and are able to react quickly to any changes in market conditions to the benefit of their clients.


You can check out their new website here.

. . .

Happy 50th Martyn Gerrard

Published: 09/05/2014 By Tom Masters

Last week Martyn Gerrard celebrated their 50th year by hosting a party at Alexandra Palace. Webdadi have been working with Martyn Gerrard for over 6 years and were very honoured to have been invited to such a great occasion.

Vice President of the NAEA and Managing Director of Martyn Gerrard, Simon Gerrard, paid tribute to his staff for an amazing achievement of reaching such a  great milestone. Followed on stage by his father and founder, Martyn Gerrard, who mesmerised the audience with his stories of the first years of Martyn Gerrard. During this time the business has grown from a single branch in Whetstone in 1964, to a 10 branch agency coving most of North London today.

My personal highlight was the surprise video created by the staff at Martyn Gerrard for Simon and Martyn Gerrard to congratulate them in their own special way. Enjoy!
. . .

New testimonials page now available

Published: 09/05/2014 By Jon Evans

We know how important it is to present prospective clients with a great first impression of your business.

For us, nothing achieves this better than testimonials from already satisfied customers, it even gives them an opportunity to share their experience of working with you first-hand.

Our new testimonials page is available across all of our templates and it makes it even easier for your customers to leave great feedback on your website. As soon as your customers leave feedback you can populate your testimonials page with feedback that reflects the excellent customer experience your business provides.
And the best thing about all this? Our great new testimonials feature is free of charge if you already have a template website with us. Check out an example here.
Contact the Webdadi Team today about getting this added to your website.
. . .

Welcome Bryan and Keegan

Published: 30/04/2014 By Andrew Shields

Bryan & Keegan are estate agents based in Brockley, south east London. Since opening their doors in 2013 they have continued to embrace the ever changing landscape of their industry.

High class photography, floor plans, audio tours, location & street maps, eye catching property brochures as well as their prominent office ensure your property will stand out from the competition.

Take a look at their new fantastic looking site here…   http://www.bryanandkeegan.co.uk/
. . .

Update launched to watermarker app

Published: 22/04/2014 By Andrew Shields

An update to the Watermarker app has been rolled live based on some of our customer feedback over the past month since launch.

We have added an option to resize and compress your images so that they are web-optimised.

The updated version can be downloaded via our Webdadi tools page.

Rightmove real time uploads now available

Published: 10/04/2014 By Tom Masters

The Webdadi team have had a number of requests regarding the Rightmove real time upload service. We have been busy over the past few weeks testing the new feature on Rightmove’s beta environment.
At present, property data is sent at set intervals to the main portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove. The new technology allows Webdadi customers to add or update properties on Rightmove within seconds. It massively reduces the time in which you can market any new instructions on Rightmove.

The Webdadi software has also been developed to display details of any issues that have prevented a property being published on Rightmove, for example if a price or description is missing.

We are now in a position to start migrating our customers that have shown an interest in real time export feature. This is a free upgrade for any customer that uses Webdadi to publish their property data to Rightmove. If you are interested in sending your data in real time then please give the Webdadi team a call on 0208 246 6060 or via email on info@webdadi.com.
. . .

The Importance of a Newsletter

Published: 03/04/2014 By Tom Masters

Email marketing is one of the best tools available for outbound marketing to existing and potential customers. Using the newsletter feature within Webdadi can help you connect with your audience and easily drive more traffic to your website. This is not only good for SEO, it can also help you target a sales campaign to a specific group of contacts regarding a specific product or service.

We have developed an email template section in Webdadi called Newsletters where you can easily create professional, branded html emails with news, featured properties, testimonials or any other content required. These can be emailed to all contacts, a group or even individual contacts in your Webdadi software. You can even create multiple emails to be used by different departments to promote different services.

The product is available to all Webdadi customers and removes the hassle of integrating and maintaining your data on a third-party system. All email templates have an opt-out feature that ensures your customers can decline to receive any future newsletter and email campaigns.

If you are not using this feature and want to know more, please do contact our team whom will assist you.
. . .

Welcome Alexander Green Associates

Published: 27/03/2014 By Lucy Rogers

Their family run agency is well positioned in the market to deliver the highest standard of service.  Free from corporate restraints, their personal and pragmatic approach is a much needed change from the sometimes, inflexible corporate competitors.

They specialise in the sale, acquisition, and letting of some of London's most desirable properties in North West and Central London, including St John's Wood, Little Venice, Marylebone, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Mayfair and Knightsbridge.


Check out their smart new website here... www.alexandergreenassociates.com

. . .

Watermarker by Webdadi will safeguard your images online

Published: 26/03/2014 By Andrew Shields

We are pleased to launch our Watermarker app - a new addition to the expanding toolbox of free resources we have made available on http://www.webdadi.com/tools.
When uploading image files to the internet it is important to make sure that you safeguard your rights, and protect your pictures from being used elsewhere without your permission - the best way of doing this is to place a watermark over them. A watermark is a faint image (your logo) or a line of text (your name) placed over the picture. This shows to other viewers that the image is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission of the image’s owner. Currently, the most common way of applying a watermark is to use an image manipulation program like Photoshop, a difficult job for the average person, but an added cost to outsource which often does not seem worth the task at hand.
Our Watermarker application will allow anybody to watermark their web JPEG images with their company’s logo in order to deter would-be picture thieves and disreputable businesses who wish to pass off other people’s hard work as their own.
You can easily download the app to any Windows system in around five minutes. You will then be able to select an image to use as your watermark - this can be any picture you like, although we recommend that PNG files work best as they will have a transparent background. After choosing your watermark, you will be able to edit the size, position and even the opacity easily and intuitively. Our software will also make copies of your images ensuring that the originals remain watermark-free and therefore available to use in printed media.

Only you can decide if you feel a watermark is the best route for your company. 

Placing a watermark over an image will of course have a slight impact on the overall aesthetic appeal, but nowadays most consumers are familiar with the practice, and will see your logo as a professional seal upon the picture.

If you feel, as we do, that watermarking is a useful step in protecting your images online, you couldn't find a quicker or easier tool to help you achieve this than our Watermarker app. Oh, and we think you might agree that a free tool is more cost-effective than the expense of time spent tracking down stolen images lost in the world wide web.

. . .

Welcome Dendrow

Published: 19/03/2014 By Lucy Rogers

A warm welcome to Dendrow who have just launched their vibrant new website!

Check it out here www.dendrow.com

Microsoft Calls It Day On Windows XP

Published: 12/03/2014 By Ashley Williams

On the 8th January we posted an article about Microsoft ending support for Windows XP. The article read:

Microsoft will be ending its support of its 'XP' Operating system after 11 years of service. Here is the statement from their website:

"Microsoft has provided support for Windows XP for the past 11 years. But now the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.

As a result, after April 8, 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP on this date.

If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter greater numbers of apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP."

To read the full statement and for more information click here.

As well as discontinuing support for Microsoft Windows XP, as of April 8th 2014, Microsoft Office 2003 will cease to be supported by Microsoft. This is due to Microsoft's Support Lifecycle Policy. To read about their Support Lifecycle Policy click here.

To find out which operation system you use visit our contact us page or visit our tools page.

Webdadi will of course do all it can to provide continuity of service, however if there are operational problems, Microsoft will not fix them.  This means that although Webdadi will do all it can to resolve issues on this operating system, it must end its guarantee that its products can be supported on this operating system.


If you have any questions regarding your operating system, and how this can affect you please contact your internal IT administrator.

. . .

Webdadi Features In The Guild Property Magazine

Published: 12/03/2014 By Jonathan Evans

Check out Webdadi’s latest feature in The Guild Property Magazine showcasing its latest website build for Metro Village.

The article provides an insight into why this fast growing, and influential business chose Webdadi as their website provider.

It also references Webdadi COO Colin Breavington’s thoughts on working with this dynamic and forward thinking agent.

The full article is below:

The Guild Property Magazine, London Issue 1 2014

The New Look Metro Village Website!

Metro Village were established in March 2010 and have grown year on year since, fast becoming the most influential and effective Estate Agent in Canada Water.

In 2013, Metro Village were proud to become the recommended letting agent in Canada Water for one of the UK’s largest award winning building firms who have played a key role in the regeneration of Canada Water.

From the start, Metro Village have always been very aware that their presence through social media, blogs and their website, are of paramount importance not only in the success of their business, but also in providing the most efficient and transparent services to their clients whilst maintaining a helpful knowledge base to all.

The latest improvement in this area is an online reporting facility for tenants of managed properties, so that they can log a maintenance issue through their website. Not only does it enable another avenue of reporting but it helps accurate reporting.

In line with staying current, Metro Village have launched their new look website this month (February 2014). After talking to many web providers they opted to use Webdadi due to their experience with Estate Agents and clear and concise knowledge.

Webdadi COO, Colin Breavington writes;

A company’s website is the bedrock of their online marketing activity. Website communications provide three essential roles; brand building, customer acquisition and client retention. In property, strong branding helps convey a trust and confidence that the visitor has found the right agent. This trust and confidence is converted into leads via customer acquisition; a pedigree in offering the right stock and services to meet their needs. The thirds aspect, retention, is helped by the growth of the property browser; existing customers who want to know more about their property and area. This particular audience drives a large portion of monthly property searches.

“We first spoke to Metro Village back in December 2013 and during our discussions with them quickly realised that they were very switched on and knew exactly what they wanted. Our developers found that the vibrant brand was great to work with and gave a lot of freedom to create a quality end product. It was a pleasure to work with Martin Hinkes and the wider team, and we wish them every success with their new website.”

Metro Village Ltd are excited to be developing their media throughout the coming year starting with their new website this month; they also heavily invest in social media outlets and marketing.

Why not take the time to have a look? Simply go to www.metro-village.com

. . .

Website health check; how healthy is your site?

Published: 12/03/2014 By Jon Evans

In the latest edition of PropertyDRUM, Christopher Walkey takes an in depth look at the key elements of what to include when building your website.

We’ve got nothing but respect for Christopher’s in depth analysis, and it just so happens the Webdadi mantra of website building ties in very nicely with Mr Walkey’s analysis.

If you haven’t managed to get yourself a copy, we’ve helpfully summarised the article below for you.

• Design & Branding: Clear & consistent branding is essential. Ensure people immediately know your brand and can differentiate it from your competition

• Clean & Tidy: Keep your website well organised and easy to use.

• Layout & Content: Being able to easily navigate your site is crucial, and good content ensures people will want to visit your site.

• Customer Care: The best websites are customer centric. Make your site easy to use for your customers, and build your website around your local knowledge and expertise.

• Make it work; Your website should install credibility and trust in those who visit it. Ensure it works across all websites browsers and all devices to ensure your business looks as professional as possible.

• Interaction with Social Media; Make the most of every advantage you have. Social media will encourage interaction with your brand and could lead to further referrals, not to mention helping with your SEO.

• Property Software; The website might be the face of your business, but good property software is the brains of the operation. Ensure you have software that can update your site in real time, and provide data to all the property portals to ensure you maximise your leads.

• Analyse This; Ensure you’re able to report on your site with analytics. See what works for your business, and have the ability to make changes if necessary.
. . .

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Published: 28/02/2014 By Colin Breavington

Integral to a successful online presence is ensuring that people can actually find your site when searching online for services that your business offers. An important part of this is how easily Google can understand your site and how this relates to what users are searching for. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Professional website developers have technologies and tools to help you get the best out of your website, but regular reviewing and administration is required to make the most of SEO. It can often seem complicated but there are some simple rules that can be followed which have a large impact on how well a site ranks. We have created a page on our website which contains some hints and tips on how you can help improve your SEO. Click here to see this page and start your rise through the ranks of Google.

Whether your are a Webdadi customer or not please feel free to get in touch for a free website appraisal.

For more information on SEO please click here.
. . .

Facebook Vendor and Landlord Alerts

Published: 27/02/2014 By Tom Masters

As part of our on-going product development we have made available the ability for customers to send automated email alerts to vendors notifying them that they can view, share and like the property within Facebook as part of our social media product, Property Page. The idea is to give sellers and landlords the chance to be more involved in the selling process to help enhance customer experiences.  From the estate agent’s point of view it is great way to get your customers to promote your brand to their friends, family and local community increasing brand awareness.


Click here to see what the vendor alerts look like.

At the moment this is available for all Webdadi CRM clients and any agent using software suppliers that can feed to us the vendor/landlord information.

Get in touch if you have any questions regarding this new feature

. . .

New Website Launched For Fun Photo Co.

Published: 27/02/2014 By Elliott Rowland

We're pleased to announce that the Boom Photo Booth site is now live.

Boom Photo Booth is a side project for our sister company Datography.  The service involves a photographer arriving at an event with backdrops and props.  The resulting images are usually very funny and very silly.

This site is one of our non-property related website projects, it's fully responsive and looking great.  Click here to see what they are all about and book them at your next party, corporate event or Christmas party.
. . .

UnderOneRoof.com Launched

Published: 26/02/2014 By Colin Breavington

Webdadi works alongside two businesses Datography, an interior photography and floor plan business, and About Town, a London based area stock photography business.   Today these companies became part of the newly formed ‘UnderOneRoof’ and proudly launched a group website.

The principle behind the new group is to more closely integrate the various businesses and offer more comprehensive services.  This collaborative approach will allow for faster improvements for our core products as well as a provide a platform for diversification into new products and services for the estate agency market.

Please visit our group website: www.UnderOneRoof.com to learn more
. . .

New Website for Whitman and Co.

Published: 24/02/2014 By Lucy Rogers

We are loving the fresh new look for Whitman and Co!

Check it out here www.whitmanandco.com

Welcome XanderMatthew

Published: 20/02/2014 By Lucy Rogers

A massive welcome to XanderMatthew who have just launched their new website.  They are a leading Estate and Letting Agent who operate in Clapham and the surrounding areas.


It's been fantastic working with them over the last few weeks and we wish them all the success with the new website.

Check out their classy new look by clicking here.

How does content determine your Google ranking?

Published: 19/02/2014 By Colin Breavington

If you link your content with the search terms you want to appear on, it will impact on your ranking. But it won’t necessarily impact on your ranking in isolation; there are a number of factors that determine this including the quality of backlinks and site architecture.

It’s mandatory to research the Google search terms that will yield the greatest results; without this, you’re working in the dark and may see very little results back.

If you’re creating high quality content, submit your site to Google News. If you’re accepted, you’ll find you content is shared with an additional audience who may not find your site through the usual channels.

Some of the content you produce will be relevant for PR; especially online PR which can generate links from well-regarded publishing sites. A selection of agents have done this to great effect; you’ll see them referenced on sites like the BBC, which include backlinks.
. . .

Negotiator Article New Site for Webdadi with Free tools

Published: 14/02/2014 By Colin Breavington

Webdadi, the specialist digital services provider for property agents has a new website.


Colin Breavington, COO of Webdadi, says it is a major – but simple to use – resource for agents, “the most important thing was to create a website which was simple, nothing too text heavy, letting us use the latest techniques for cool images and web video."


"We wanted to create reasons for people to come back to our site and engage with our brand.  We now have a blog with key business information, an innovation page showcasing our new products and features (most of which are free to our customers!) and also our Webdadi Tools page which has links to resources which are free for everyone.”


Webdadi is part of the Under One Roof group which provides digital services to estate agents: websites, software, digital screen software, social media solutions, photography and floor plans.

The new website is a clear demonstration of Webdadi’s skills, very pleasant to use and responsive in its nature – it will adapt itself to look good on phones and tablets.

"This technique gives us exciting new avenues to explore for our customer websites and templates, so stay tuned to hear how we will be using it in the future. And don’t worry – the more ‘app like’ mobile websites that our customers find so effective will always remain available," says Colin.

. . .

Show How Much You Love Your Local Area

Published: 14/02/2014 By Elliott Rowland

There’s no need to be lonely this Valentines Day; find the perfect partner for your marketing with 70% of all images on our stock photography website, About Town.

We have over 4,500 images of landmarks from around London. Browse by local area galleries, or search by specific keywords. From Barnet to Battersea and Hackney to Highbury, we have the perfect image for use on your website or marketing material.

To take advantage of this offer simply visit http://abouttown.datography.com. Add the images that you want to purchase to your basket, select either low res format for web display or high res format for printing. Then simply enter the voucher code below at the checkout to get 70% of all purchases.

This offer is valid until Sunday 16th February 2014.

Visit: http://abouttown.datography.com

Voucher Code: LOVELONDON

. . .

A big welcome to Right House Estate Agents to Webdadi.

Published: 12/02/2014 By Lucy Rogers

We hope you like their new website. www.right-house.com

New Website for Rochford Stokes

Published: 11/02/2014 By Lucy Rogers

Loving the fresh new look for Rochford Stokes!

Check it out here www.rochfordstokes.com

Welcome to Webdadi Hugh F Shaw & Co!

Published: 10/02/2014 By Lucy Rogers

We are very excited to welcome Hugh F Shaw & Co to the Webdadi family. We think the website looks gorgeous and it has been an absolute pleasure working with Marc and the team.
Check out their very smart website... www.hughfshaw.com  


Check out their PropertyPage on Facebook... www.facebook.com/pages/Hugh-F-Shaw-Co/463813040392013

Webdadi's Sister Company Launches Additional Photography Services

Published: 07/02/2014 By Elliott Rowland

Datography is proud to launch its new studio set up.

After taking delivery of a brand new studio set up, the Datography team seemed to forget the end of the working week was nigh.

A 7ft backdrop, a trio of lights, and more accessories than you can shake a stick at saw a flurry of excitement sweep through the office. For the first time ever the team were wishing the weekend would wait just a little longer as people couldn’t wait to play with the new toys on offer.

Shy, retiring personalities were put aside as diva fever swept the office in a clamber for new Facebook profiles and Photo shopped portraits.

Once the initial excitement has died down and the divas are back at their desks, we’ll be proud to open our doors for portrait and product photography in the newly converted office.

If you need staff portraits for a new website or promotional material, give us a call now.

The new set up will also allow us to shoot an extensive range of stock photography to add to our current site, so watch this space for updates on when these images become available on our About Town stock site.
. . .

Will I get a decent return from social media for the time I invest into it?

Published: 04/02/2014 By Colin Breavington

Before answering this question it would be a good idea to understand why a business would spend any time on social media.  While portal advertising provides traditional leads, social media provides a way to spread your brand message and reach out to the local community. Social media is also a forum where your customers can become brand ambassadors; raising awareness of your company by sharing their experiences within their social networking groups.

Malorie Lurich of Facebook once stated:

“People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends & people they know and trust.”

Investing in social media in the long term will help place your business in the front of people’s minds when they or their friends are making house moving decisions.

What social networks are important?

The obvious first choice is Facebook, currently the most visited website in the world, even larger than Google.  Facebook has 32 million UK adult users, this is around 50% of the population and 65% of all adults in the UK.  This effectively means that 65% of your potential customers have a Facebook profile.

Twitter is also worth a look.  Recent statistics are a little unclear and difficult to find, but in May 2012 Twitter stated that there were 10 million active UK users.  Research firm “Beevolve” released stats in October 2012 suggesting that 17% of the UK population is using Twitter. This seems to match up with the official Twitter figures.   There are an estimated 500 million tweets sent every day, with each user having an average of 208 followers this is a great way to spread information about your business.

LinkedIn is often overlooked but is great for advertising to specific demographics.  For example, if you know your target audience are affluent business leaders you can target them easily via this network.  In September 2012 LinkedIn reached 10 million UK adult users.

Pinterest is a way to share images and offers a different way to share information from the more usual “status updates”.  This network is usually frequented by more artistic and creative types which may be part of your target audience.  Or perhaps images and creativity are an integral part of your brand, such as with our sister company, Datography.

These are the major players in the social media world right now. There are others that have sprung up over the years; when researching this article we counted over 30 other social networks.

So, this seems like a lot to deal with, right?  It doesn’t have to be. 

Once you have set up your business pages and profiles, posting to social media sites is very easy.  Web designers often embed links to share and like pages in most websites, such as at the top of this page.  Clicking these links will open a window where you can share content via various networks in just a few clicks, and often add a personal comment.  Sharing pages and articles in this way is a quick and easy way to provide content to your followers, and also provides some links back to your site which Google will appreciate for ranking purposes.

You can use these features to share content from your own website, or from other websites which contain content relevant to your target audience.
A quick note about a product update -  if you are an existing template customer Webdadi can add some links, share buttons and like buttons to your pages free of charge. For those that have bespoke builds, we can likely help you too.  Give us a call to get this set up. Plug over.

But isn’t logging in and out of these sites very time consuming? 

Well… Yes… But there are tools to make this really fast and easy.  Our personal favourite is Hootsuite which will allow you to manage up to 5 social media accounts from a single login free of charge.  These accounts can include different networks, so if you are using Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin you should be set.  If you are going all out and using more than 5 social networks then you can increase the accounts you can manage in Hootsuite by paying a tiny monthly fee.   This tool makes posting to multiple social media sites very easy and quick.  You can also schedule future posts, so if you wanted to post something at a certain time of day, you wouldn’t even need to be in front of a computer.  Other tools include: Tweetdeck and Sproutsocial.

Also, don’t forget your smartphone!  All of the social networks have applications for mobile devices, so you can download, login and share content whilst you are on the move, waiting for a bus or bored at a dinner party.

One important caveat for all of this is to be patient, as achieving engagement can take some time, but generally the more posts and content you share that your users find useful, the faster you will see that engagement working for you.

If you want more information or are just obsessed with stats like us, it’s worth checking out these links:





. . .

Welcome New Website Partners

Published: 03/02/2014 By Lucy Rogers

Webdadi has put three estate agent websites live today and we would like to say a MASSIVE welcome to all of them.

It is an absolute pleasure to be working with these excellent brands and their teams.  We wish each of the businesses all the best with their new websites and we are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with them.


Check out their great sites here:

Aspect Properties

Matthew James

City Homes
Well done guys!

. . .

Videos Now Supported On CMS Template Pages

Published: 29/01/2014 By Jacqueline Evans

You can now embed videos into CMS pages.  This is a really good idea for those wanting to add videos about the local area and those that have videos showcasing their services.   Videos are a great way to keep people on a website and the longer people are on a website the more Google rates your site.

Videos are now available on:

  • CMS pages
  • Property Details Pages
  • Blog pages
  • Home page

Hatton Real Estate have got creating videos down to a tee, so here is an example of their work, and the type of video you could create:

Click Here to see how it can look on a website page.


To learn more please contact the Webdadi team.

. . .

£106bn Added To London Property

Published: 25/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

Yesterday The Evening Standard reported that the total worth of London property had increased by £106bn during 2013.   In their report they say:

"London's homes generated more wealth than the entire New Zealand economy last year as their total value soared by in excess of £100 billion, according to new research.
Huge demand for flats and houses added £106 billion to the total worth of the capital’s increasingly precious bricks and mortar market..."

This increase can be positive for estate agents but it is becoming increasingly difficult for first time buyers.  Last year the average London first-time buyer salary was £41,616.  Big deposits are also needed with £66,150 being the average for first time buyers, who bought property priced at an average of £276,881.

Prices are partly being driven up by foreign investors.  At Webdadi we have been seeing an increase in demand for websites to showcase London property to overseas markets.

You'll need to form your own opinions on whether this is a good news for you.  Our overall view of this story is positive, especially as some traditionally poorer boroughs are seeing increases following some much needed local regeneration investment.


Read the full Evening Standard article here


So other than buying New Zealand what could you do with £106bn?

  • In September 2008 Zoopla valued Buckingham Palace at £1bn. Not sure you would need 106 of them though.

  • If you wanted to have a little gamble with some of the money, you could spend twenty billion one hundred thirty-six million six hundred ninety-five thousand and forty pounds, which would buy you,  ten billion sixty-eight million three hundred forty-seven thousand five hundred and twenty lottery tickets.  You would then win you every possible prize that week.  However, assuming it takes 10 seconds to process each ticket, you'll be waiting for around 3,000 years for the shop assistant to processes each of the lines.  Oh and you would make a loss, so we don't recommend this.

  • If you are looking to invest in business then oil and gas firm 'BP' could set you back £84bn and you would have some change to spend on celebrating your purchase.  Or alternatively, if you didn't want to put all you eggs in one basket you could buy 30 of the FTSE 100 businesses.  Of course we are just using the 'market cap' as a measure so don't quote us on it.

  • If you're feeling generous, you could give every person in the UK £1,663 each.  We like the sound of this one.
. . .

Emarketing - Property listings, social media buttons… What sort of information should an agent include in the email?

Published: 24/01/2014 By Tom Masters

Content is king and emails should reflect their audience’s interests and expectations; for an agent, that’s often property and local news-related. Agents should certainly integrate social buttons but be equally clear on the objectives of the email. If the focus is to drive enquiries, then the layout and clear calls to action should reflect that.

Email marketing of relevant properties is used particularly effectively by many of the portals to drive visitors to their sites and enquiries to their agents. The best agents do the same.
. . .

How has SEO changed over the past few years?

Published: 21/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

Google has certainly got wiser to the tricks played by some less ethical SEO practitioners! A big focus has always been generating inbound links, the quality or relevance of which may not have been considered especially important. That’s dramatically changed as sites can be penalised for links purchased or exchanged.

It is essential agents focus on getting good quality links from relevant and reputable sites – ideally within the sector and geography they operate within.

Testimonials (CHK Mountford reach for the stars)

Published: 21/01/2014 By Tom Masters

Testimonials are a great way to demonstrate customer satisfaction.  They are viewed as impartial evidence of the quality of service you can provide potential customers.  When asking your previous customers to say a few kind words, try to think about what sales push you have.  If you are seeking vendors then having testimonials from vendors could make the difference when trying to win an instruction. 

They can also make very good blog and social media items, offering an easy way to provide fresh content to keep visitors to your web pages engaged.

A great example of this is CHK Mountford who recently got a great testimonial from the TV personality Anthea Tuner who said:

Amanda and her team took me by the hand and made what I had imagined to be a daunting move simple.  I would highly recommend CHK and their personal touch to anyone

To see the blog article click here.
Another example which they posted on their Facebook page is:
"I contacted Amanda Dobbe of CHK Mountford to find a property on personal recommendation. Amanda and her team were able to assist me in securing a family home, I found CHK Mountford to be very professional and friendly. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Amanda and CHK Mountford to future clients."
Rene Meulensteen
Click Here for their facebook page
. . .

How does an agent get the balance between consumer-friendly content and Google-friendly content right?

Published: 20/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

It’s a realistic objective to do both; done properly there’s no conflict between consumer and Google friendly content. Google’s ambition is to share the most relevant content available with its users and what we’re witnessing is a clear migration away from calculated Google-friendly content to relevant local content.

 The starting point is researching which keywords and phrases generate the highest volume of searches and interestingly, which phrases generate a good volume but with less competition fighting for the top spots. The challenge then is to produce a content plan that scopes how you’re going to produce articles on these particular keywords and phrases.

If you over-reach on Google-friendly content and it’s not particularly interesting, you may attract the visitor but stand very little chance of converting them into a customer. 

. . .

Like kids at Christmas!

Published: 20/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

We got some new servers delivered today for our new “development environment”.  This acquisition in the longer term will increase the speed in which we can deliver products.  Initially this work will be behind the scenes as we build the foundations of our future.

Pretty exciting eh?!  Well our developers are pretty happy as you can see from the pictures above, it’s like Christmas day for them!!  Whilst we are a very excitable bunch, this level of excitement is particularly high so I asked;

What is all the fuss about?”

“Well, this environment will give us the opportunity to test our new framework.  If, or rather when it passes we can start developing products and services much, much, faster.  So these servers are pretty cool” They replied.

I then asked something I wish I hadn’t:


“Cool, tell me about the new server?”

They replied:

“We actually bought a couple, and they have a pretty cool ‘Power Edge R210’ chassis with several cabled HDDs.  It’s got a robust 2C/2T, 3M Cache, 65W TPG Processor. A few GB of RAM, you know… the stuff you would expect.  Oh we chucked in some terabyte hard drives, RAID obviously.  What’s really cool is…….”

I slowly walked away at that point and let them get on with it.  However what I did take from the conversation is that this is an important milestone for Webdadi, and the dev team are thrilled at the progress they are making.


Watch this space for further developments!

. . .

What sort of content needs to be included in a website?

Published: 20/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

The basics aside, it’s absolutely essential that you include content that’s of interest to your audience! Sharing your properties would be considered a basic need but some agents are finding creative ways to do this and bolt on features that enrich the search experience; such as distance and time to work from a property or similar properties searched by site visitors.

We're Hiring

Published: 17/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

Over the next few months have large scale projects to complete whilst supporting our ever increasing number of customers.  As a result we are actively seeking web developers and testers to join our expanding technology team.

At Webdadi we put our customers and people at the core of what we do.  Our values are the heart of our company culture, and it's what we look for in new team members. Click here to see more information about this and to see how to contact us.

What is the best approach to an email marketing campaign?

Published: 16/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

For email marketing to be consistently successful it needs to bridge data, content and technology.

Email marketing starts with data; you can produce the greatest content and design but without the right audience, the communications will never see the light of day. In addition to contact data, organisations now collate a raft of behavioural data to help improve and optimise campaigns. For example, knowing ‘Mr Smith’ clicked on a 4 bedroom house for sale in Brighton and also details of you in-house conveyancing service defines what information he’s interested in and potentially his point in the purchasing process.

The quality of content, and also the design, are the elements that will define not only whether the recipient will interact with the email but whether they receive it into their inbox in the first place. With any content marketing, it’s incredibly important to understand what’s of interest to your audience.

There are a number of technologies to help improve deliverability, analysis and email campaign management. Email broadcasting platforms such as Responsys or marketing automation tools such as Webdadi can help build effective email marketing campaigns.

Those that send quality, meaningful and regular email communication to relevant audiences get the best response back to their website, and ultimately win more business.
. . .

How important is your website for communicating with your clients?

Published: 16/01/2014 By Jonathan Evans

Your website is the bedrock of your online marketing activity; it’s the foundation for your search, social, portal, display and email marketing. Website communications provide three essential roles; brand building, customer acquisition and client retention.

In property, strong branding helps convey a trust and confidence that the visitor has found the right agent. This trust and confidence is converted into leads via customer acquisition; a pedigree in offering the right stock and services to meet their needs.

The third aspect, retention, is helped by the growth of the property browser; existing customers who want to know more about their property and area. This particular audience drives a large portion of monthly property searches.

. . .

Faron Sutaria Launch a New Mobile Site

Published: 13/01/2014 By Tom Masters

Faron Sutaria launch a new design for their mobile website. The fresh feel brings the mobile optimised site in line with the style of their main web platform launched in late 2013.

Currently 35% of traffic to their website is on a mobile device. This figure has increased by 10% every year since the introduction of mobile browsing and looks set to continue to rise in 2014 where we will likely begin to see 50% of all traffic coming from mobile devices. This highlights the continued importance of having a mobile optimised or responsive website.
. . .

Webdadi's new branding

Published: 13/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

It might be a little vain, but our spotlight this month is on ourselves. More specifically our new look and website. We’re really excited about our new image, and hope you like it as much as we do!

For us the most important thing was to create a website which was simple and to the point. Nothing too text heavy, and which would let us use the latest techniques for cool images and web video.  Being keen to practice what we preach to our customers, we also wanted to create reasons for people to come back to our site and engage with our brand.  So we now have a blog (which includes previous spotlight articles), an innovation page which showcases our new products and features (most of which are free to our customers!) and also our Webdadi Tools page which has links to resources which are free for everyone.

Another interesting feature about the new website is its responsive nature. This means the site will adapt itself to look good on different devices such as phones and tablets. Try visiting us on your phone to see the difference, or just resize your browser window. This technique gives us exciting new avenues to explore for our customer websites and templates, so stay tuned to hear how we will be using it in the future. And don’t worry – the more ‘app like’ mobile websites that our customers find so effective will always remain available.

Take a look around. And why not check back later for product updates, blog articles and to use our free Webdadi tools?
. . .

Do Businesses Need a Mobile Optimised Site?

Published: 12/01/2014 By Tom Masters

Mobile internet traffic is increasing rather rapidly.  According to public relations firm ‘Walker Sands’ mobile vs. desktop traffic had jumped from 17.5% to 28% when comparing Q3 2012 to Q3 2013.  That’s a 67% increase!  Now we should be clear that their data set is probably too small to be a precise number (just their own customers) but it does offer a like-for-like comparison and if this momentum is maintained then 2014 could be the year where mobile internet traffic surpasses that of desktop.

Looking at some of our customers the numbers above seem to stack up.  There are examples of estate agents experiencing over 40% of their total visitors reaching them via a mobile device. What we found is that those who are actively advertising in the local community such as putting up lots of boards were getting more mobile internet traffic.  Our thoughts are that people are seeing boards and reaching in their pockets to do a google search.  Those using our emailing platform are also seeing higher amounts of traffic. In total 33% of traffic going to our customers sites is via a mobile device.

So we know people are using their mobiles to visit websites but do businesses really need a mobile optimised site?  Well, that probably depends on what they do and are trying to display on their website.  If all you need to display are images then you might not need a mobile optimised site as phones and tablets are pretty good at resizing those (assuming your site isn’t too old).  However, if you have text content on your site then you probably need a site that is otimised for mobile devices.  This will stop the content looking like it has been written by a member of the ‘Clock family’.

To fully understand this we could simplify the rationale further, why do you have a site at all? At Webdadi we believe that websites help our customers make money by helping them portray a quality brand and by encouraging potential clients to call them.  This means it’s a good idea to make it as easy as possible for a potential client to contact you.  A hard to navigate and non-optimised mobile site is probably creating a barrier which could mean a company is missing out on potential business.

Overall our view is that all companies should have a mobile optimised website, and those that do not are probably missing out.

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New Estate Agents Websites Launched

Published: 10/01/2014 By Lucy Rogers

Today we launched two new websites: Hoya Homes and Madison Eves and we welcome both business to Webdadi family.  We hope you enjoy each of their websites.



In addition to these sites we also pushed live a couple of mobile websites.

The afore mentioned Madison Eves and also Anderson Rose.




Mobile sites are massively important to winning more business and at the end of 2013 it was reported that over 28% of global internet traffic is from from mobile devices, this increased 67% from the same time in 2012. At this rate traffic from mobile devices will overtake that of desktops in 2014 so make sure you are mobile!!

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New Datography Site Launched

Published: 09/01/2014 By Colin Breavington

We are delighted to announce that our sister company Datography Ltd. have launched their new website.

Datography provide professional photography and floor planning services to the estate agency, architectural and interior design sectors. 

They also have a range of other services including local area stock photography, video marketing, event & lifestyle photography and more.


We think that their new photo-centric, responsive design looks amazing.  Check it out to see examples of their fantastic work.



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Microsoft To End Support for XP

Published: 08/01/2014 By Ashley Williams

Microsoft will be ending its support of its 'XP' Operating system after 11 years of service. Here is the statement from their website:

"Microsoft has provided support for Windows XP for the past 11 years. But now the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.

As a result, after April 8, 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP on this date.

If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter greater numbers of apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP."

To read the full statement and for more information click here.

As well as discontinuing support for Microsft Windows XP, as of April 8th 2014, Microsoft Office 2003 will cease to be supported by Microsoft. This is due to Microsoft's Support Lifecycle Policy. To read about their Support Lifecycle Policy click here.

To find out which operation system you use visit our contact us page or visit our tools page.
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Friendly URLs

Published: 07/01/2014 By Will Sullivan

We’ve recently added new, SEO optimised shorthand URLs to our customer websites. Visiting these pages will return all of your sales or rentals properties, and are designed to be easy to type and search engine friendly.

These URLs should make it a lot easier to direct your customers to a page which contains all of your listings. If you are an website existing customer, you can start using these URLs on your page right now. If you need any assistance in adding them to your website, we can help.

Here are the available URLs:

  • yourwebsite/property-for-sale
  • yourwebsite/property-for-rent
  • yourwebsite/property-to-rent
  • yourwebsite/property-to-let
  • yourwebsite/property-for-let

If you have any questions regarding this update, please get in touch and we will help you get started.

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Webdadi Tools Launched

Published: 06/01/2014 By Mathew Morris

We have launched a new 'tools' section on our website  which is free to use for everyone.


Our Webdadi Tools page will provide the customer service team with information that will allow us to diagnose and resolve your issue more quickly. If it is needed, we can also use TeamViewer to allow us to control your system and see the problem first hand.

Additionally you will find some other useful tools such as a rental calculator, EPC generator and picture editing tools.

Click here to visit Webdadi Tools

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New Template Available: SlipStream

Published: 25/12/2013 By Will Sullivan

Our SlipStream template is now available. Designed to look great and streamline the customer experience, this template supports residential and commercial sales and lettings.

Packed with all of our latest features, such as Nearest Stations, Street View, Blogging, Area Links and more, SlipStream has all of the bases covered. These great features coupled with our fantastic natural SEO Optimisation and Content Management systems make this template a fully-fledged solution for any estate agent.

Click here to see an example website, or get in touch now to talk to one of our agents who can tell you more about the available options.
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Christmas Closing Times

Published: 19/12/2013 By Colin Breavington

Please note that we will be closed from 3pm on 24th December 2013 and we will be reopening on January 2nd 2014.   During this time if you do wish to be get in contact please email helpdesk@webdadi.com which we will be monitoring periodically. 


Happy Christmas everyone and see you in the new year!

favourite website build 2013

Published: 18/12/2013 By Colin Breavington

This month our spotlight is on our favourite website build from this  year.  Webdadi created over 60 in the 12 months so picking a favourite was incredibly difficult.  However we needed to choose one, and we chose:

Faron Sutaria

Faron Sutaria are a part of the Countrywide group and have been a Webdadi customer for over 10 years. They asked us to redesign and update their existing website to focus on generating more instructions as well as creating a cutting edge website design that was well optimised for search and easy to navigate.

With winning instructions in mind the site wows potential vendors with powerful imagery and offers call to actions in the way of buttons asking “value my property” and “thinking of selling?”.  Throughout the site this a common theme and hits the balance between design and function perfectly.  The site radiates a classy, market leading estate agency, showcasing some of the best available properties in London

However our most enjoyable part of this project was working with the team at Faron Sutaria who were extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with.

Re-launched in October 2013, Faron Sutaria is one of our most innovative websites.  Check it out here: www.faronsutaria.co.uk

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