Backup policy

We backup our client’s database in 3 ways:

  • We ship to a passive sql server every 15 minutes (transaction log backup)
  • We incrementally backup the database nightly (differential backup)
  • We complete a full backup weekly (full backup)

Webdadi retains this data should there be a catastrophic hardware failure from which Webdadi would automatically restore the data. The client understands that any data written between the commencement of backup and the completion of the data restoration is likely to result in data loss for that period of time.

Clients are advised to export their contact and property data periodically; the client’s data backup should be stored by the client should there be any need for it to be re-imported. This will safeguard against any data loss which could occur should in between a catastrophic hardware failure and Webdadi’s latest backup of a client’s database.

Our data backup policy does not cover the recovery of any data deleted by the client.

Should a client, for any reason, request any or all data normally stored in the Webdadi database on behalf of the client to be individually restored, this shall not be available to the client as this would result in the client losing any changes to the data between the backup process beginning and the data restoration completion. It is therefore advised that the client makes or requests periodic “personalised” backups of their data or such as a manual data export from the Webdadi system so that any part of the data can be re-imported as opposed to be restored, thus avoiding potential further data loss.