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Webdadi Innovations

New products and updates to future proof your business

On this page you will find all our new product releases and updates.

Not only do we constantly develop new product offerings, but we regularly release updates to our existing website templates free of charge.  Our customers' websites continue to evolve and generate leads for their business, even after they’ve purchased their website with us.

Once you’re in our gang, we’ll look after you.

January 2017 Updates

Digital Signage Software


The High Street is a highly competitive for estate agents. Televisions & digital screens provide the perfect eye catching window displays to attract the thousands of people walking past your high street branch.

Our digital signage software allows to create and publish property slideshows to any of your digital screens quickly and easily. Our cloud solution means you won’t need to invest in complicated or expensive hardware; it simply works with any smart TV or device connected to the internet.

The process is simple. Upload your logo, choose your colours and the design you want to use, then simply add any of the properties on your books you want to display. Hit play, and hey presto, you're broadcasting digital window cards. You can even preview your slideshows before deciding to publish!


The following examples are some of the digital screen displays you can generate


Example 1

Example 2

Contact your Webdadi account Manager for more information or call us via our contact page

Release Date:

October 2016 updates

Via Website Edition


VIA is our very latest software.


VIA Website Edition will be replacing our V5 CMS software. It is the software which enables you to add and edit your website page content.

You will have been using Webdadi V5 CMS Edition to do all of this, but VIA is our latest offering which makes things easier, faster, and comes with a host of new features to help improve the look and feel of your website


It's completely FREE!

Most providers would charge you to upgrade to their latest software, but not us. We have a firm commitment to our innovation updates, and this is the very first innovation update to your software.

All Webdadi V5 CMS customers will be upgraded to our VIA Website Edition software over the next couple of months without any additional setup charges or increases to your monthly subscription.

Our Account Manager's will be in touch with you, to help train and give you information about the switch over.


All your data and info will be pre loaded to the new system for you.

Don't worry. When you log into your new software, all of your existing data will simply be copied and uploaded to the new software, so you won't notice any loss of data.

Everything will be waiting for you when you log in, right where you left it. In fact, with our new layouts and features, your data will never have been so easily accessible! Simply log into your new software and carry on using your software as normal.


Absolutely nothing.

Our Account Managers will be in touch with you sometime over the next two months when you're software has been switched over. We'll carry out everything behind the scenes for you to get you ready to roll. We'll simply give you a call as soon as you can access your software, give you a quick training session, and off you go.

Click here for a demo of Via Website Edition

Available for all CMS edition software customers

Release Date:

June 2016 updates

Schools data plugin

Every school near the property is displayed with colour coded pins relating to their Ofsted rating. You can filter by nurseries, primary and secondary schools, and find all the key information about the school by simply clicking the pin. This great new feature is also cheaper than other solutions, and will be plugged directly into your website, rather than linking to a third party API or iFrame.


To see an example of this new plugin, click here.


Contact your Webdadi account Manager for more information or call us via our contact page.

Release date: 28/06/16

May 2016 updates

Property Details Upgrade


We've released an upgrade to your property details page. This new details page has a customisable full width image viewer. You can choose the specific height of the image viewer. You can also choose whether to display cropped full letterbox panoramic images, or full size images with image previews.


Release date: 15/05/2016

Page Load Optimisation


With some clever new loading techniques, we've managed to increase the load speed of your website by 80% from our previous technology.


Free for our customers. You may not even notice, but it's already working on your website for you.


Released: 26/05/2016

Nearest Schools List


We've introduced a nearest schools tile to the property details pages so your users can see the nearest nursery, primary school and secondary school to the property they're viewing.


Free for most responsive template customers (Zephyr, Quantum, Cascade)


Release date: 30/05/2016

March 2016 updates

Quantum video

Want to show off a moving video on your Quantum website? Just like we did with the Zephyr template, now you can do the same if you have a Quantum responsive website.


To see an example of this new feature, click here.


Contact your Webdadi account Manager for more information or call us via our contact page.


Release date: 16/03/16

Let Sold properties


Why not show off the properties you've sold or let at your Estate Agency. This new tick options allows your customers to browse through them.


Free for most responsive template customers (Zephyr, Quantum, Cascade)


Release date: 14/03/16

Video page


Now you can display a YouTube video on your website as a Website Page. This is particularly useful for testimonials or guided tours.


Free for most customers


Release date: 08/03/16

February 2016 updates

Meet your agent

You can now display the specific details of the negotiator or agent responsible for the property on the property details page of your website. We'll display their photo, email, phone number and even their Twitter handle!

Add that personal touch, and ensure your clients can contact the right person immediately. There's no need for your agents to miss vital messages or emails, making your agency more efficient and customer focused.

Free for CRM customers on responsive templates


Release Date: 16/02/2016

No Results Page

Our new No Results page update will pull in a Contact Us form, your area guides, and a preview of your blog to ensure your results page keeps their attention and ensure they stay on your website. You can even add a customised banner to drive traffic to a destination of your choice!


Free for all responsive templates


Release Date: 16/02/2016

Saving properties

By simply registering on the website, your clients can save any property they want to their account to view later. All of their favourites will be "starred" so they see their choices in the search results.

In addition, all visitors to your website will now see recently viewed properties and similar properties to those they've been searching for at the bottom of the page under a brand new properties you might be interested in section.


We have turned this feature on so you don't need to do anything.


Free for customers on Zephyr, Quantum and Cascade


Release Date: 16/02/2016

New mobile menu

We've updated the menu which displays on all mobile phones and tablet devices. This great, easy to use menu will ensure a better user experience and also make certain people can find the information they need from your website quickly and easily.

If you'd like to add this feature, email us via to get this added.


Free for customers on Cascade, Quantum or Zephyr.


Release Date: 16/02/2016 

January 2016 updates


You can now recreate a little bit of mouse magic with hoverboxes on your website pages. This little feature is available now and all you have to do is go into the WebsitePageItem you'd like to modify and add the effect. You can find out all about it here


Click here to see an example of this new feature.


Free for customers on Zephyr and Quantum.


Release Date: 12/01/16

Lettings Affordability Calculator

The lettings affordability calculator is our latest addition to our growing range of calculator widgets. Along with the mortgage and stamp duty calculators this new feature adds another level of functionality and interaction for the end user.

Click here to see an example of this new feature.

Its easy to add this feature to your website. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

Free for customers on Zephyr and Quantum.


Release Date: 12/01/16

Property Details Page

We've upgraded the property details pages section of your website. Users on mobiles and tablets will now be able to email you, call you, or arrange a viewing at the click of a button.

We've added what we call a "sticky" menu system that appears at the bottom of the property details page. The icons are permanently displayed no matter how far the user scrolls down the page, making your website easy to use which will ensure a better user experience for your customer, which in turn increases SEO.



Free for customers on Zephyr and Quantum

Release Date: 12/01/16

Video on Zephyr Template homepage

If you have a Zephyr website with Webdadi, you now have the option to display a moving video on the home page of your website. The video will load when the visitor clicks onto the page. It's a great way to give your website an update or show some of the latest cutting edge imagery.


To see an example of this new feature, click here.

Contact your Webdadi Account Manager for more information, or call us on 0208 246 6060.


Release Date: 12/1/16

November and December 2015 updates

Live Twitter feeds


If you have a responsive website like Zephyr or Quantum, you now have the option to display your live Twitter feeds on your office page, complete with images. These twitter feeds are clickable and open a new page so the person viewing your website can still come back to it after viewing your twitter page.


Click here to see an example.


Free for most customers.


Release Date: 30/10/15

Advertising banners


We have created advertising banners for your sales and rentals pages. From time to time you may want to display an advert to appear alongside your available properties. This is particularly useful when you want people to know about other parts of your business, be that sponsorship or special offers available, or it can act as a call to action offering a free valuation, or asking 'what's my home worth' or even 'do you need a mortgage'.


Free for most customers


Release date: 09/11/15

September and October 2015 updates

New Template Available - Quantum

Quantum, our newest website template for estate agents, has been designed to give an estate agent a clean, high-end look with minimal hassle and cost. The template is fully responsive so it works across all devices and is extremely Google friendly.

Click here to see an example.

If you would like to know more information, please contact us, or call us on 0208 246 6060.

Release Date: 07/09/2015

Stamp Duty Calculator

We have created two versions of this feature. One version for the property details page. The second is a static page where you can detail further information on the stamp duty should you wish.

Have a look at the example for a property, the widget automatically uses the market price of the property you are viewing.

The stamp duty calculator static page can be seen here.

Free for most customers

Release Date:  19/08/2015

Online Help Desk

We have launched a new online Help Desk on our website. If you're having technical problems with Webdadi, or just want more training on how to carry out certain functions on your website, then the online help desk is the place to come.

Simply type keywords into the search box to find our help desk articles with step-by-step instructions and advice. You'll find instructions to help you perform common tasks within Webdadi such as uploading a floor plan or emailing out a new instruction to your contacts.


With the online Help Desk, you'll be up to speed in no time, ensuring you make the most of your website by using all the clever functionality available.

Have a look at the Help Desk website by clicking here

Free for all customers

Release Date: 03/09/2015

July 2015 updates

Form Tracking

We have now added Google Analytics event tracking when any forms on the website have been completed. This enables you to track leads generated from your website, assign values to these events and even analyse the source of visitors that visited your website and requested a valuation or viewing.

Free for most customers

Release Date: 16/07/2015



A mortgage calculator website page is now available. The page allows visitors to calculate mortgage rates, search for properties within their budget and register interest with your estate agency.

To view an example please click here.

Free for most customers

Release Date: 20/07/15

Page Load Optimisation

We have launched an update to any customer on our new web framework that has seen a reduction of page load times by up to 50%.

This was achieved using a number of different web best practises including reducing the number of calls to external API’s, GZIP content compression, image optimisation and progressive downloading.

Released: 02/07/2015

Google Places

It is now possible to link your office location map to your Google Places account. Links to Google maps are found on most Contact Us or individual branch information pages. The upgrade allows visitors to quickly view information on your business such as reviews, photos and opening hours.

Free for most customers

Released: 07/07/2015

New mobile website template now available

This month we have been busy creating a range of new mobile website templates. The new version creates a mobile version of any content available on your desktop website. This is not only easier to manage but also allows visitors to your website to see a more complete view of your company when on a mobile device. Google recently started to give priority to mobile friendly pages in search listings so this is an innovation in response to this. We have also included a swipe image viewer, quick property search and office click to call features, GPS location search, improved URL structure, mobile friendly menu and Google Streetview. Click here for more information.

Free for most customers

Release Date: 22/05/2015

Feedback form

The new page is available on all templates and allows your customers to rate your services from 1 to 10. Once completed, the results are emailed to your main email address to review the comments.

Have a look at an example of this page here -

Free for most customers

Release Date: 09/03/2015

Available date

Any lettings property with an available date assigned in Webdadi will now display the date as the final key feature for that property.

You can view an example of this feature here.  

Free for most customers

Release Date: 22/06/20015


Zephyr is our latest template offering and the first fully responsive website. Zephyr is perfectly designed to work well on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices without the need for a separate mobile optimised website. Like all our estate agent websites, Zephyr has been designed to allow the user full control of content, great SEO features and simple to use search that is sure to help attract new business for your agency.

Click here to see an example.

If you would like to know more information, please contact us, or call us on 0208 246 6060.

Released: 07/01/2015


The FAQ website page design provides a text based page of headers and drop down text. The page is designed in an easy readable view for the user; perfect for displaying frequently asked questions on your website. Click here for an example

Released: 08/12/2014


We have developed an automatically updating sitemap that is now available for all websites. The sitemap is used by search engines and provides access to all pages on the website.

Released: 18/02/2015


We have now completed work on a new web framework via which all our new websites are now controlled. The new framework has been developed to use the latest programing languages and technology. As a result, we have seen performance improvements for all websites that have since been released on this platform.

The new framework has also enable quicker development, better support for 3rd party web apps. Plus SEO, search and structural website improvements.

We are in the process of moving all our current customer base onto the new platform. The majority of customers will have been ported across by the end of 2015.
Release Date: 15/10/2014


Following guidance from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA, previously the Office of Fair Trading), letting agents are legally obliged to display full and specific fee information against all advertised listings on portals websites from November 30th 2014. Webdadi supports this new requirement in all automatic uploads.

FREE for ALL customers

Released: 20/10/2014

Welcome Emails

We have created a welcome email template and this is available to all customers. When enabled, any applicant that registers via your website or is added to the Webdadi software will receive a branded, automated welcome email. We have also created an option to generate the messages manually via the Webdadi software. Using this option you can send the welcome message to multiple applicants, vendors or landlords.

If you would like this feature then contact us or call us on 0208 246 6060.

Free for all customers.

Released: 22/07/2014

News Page SEO Improvements

We have made some adjustments to our news pages that allows better use of keywords in the page url, window title and meta information.

The update will make finding news stories easier to find via search engines and as a result increase referals to your website.

The update is available free for all customers that have a news or blog page on their website. Contact the Webdadi Team if you want this added to your website.

Free for all customers.

Released: 04/8/2014

Call Me Back

New website page now available….The form allows visitors to your website to request a call back and is a great addition to capture leads when your office is closed. Available free of charge to most customers, click here to see an example.

Release Date: 14/07/2014

Live Web Chat

Webdadi have integrated with Zopim Live Chat. Zopim is a widget that lets you talk to visitors on your website. The chat widget can be customised to suit your brand. You can even target high value customers by automatically sending a customised chat request. The feature is visible on this website but get in touch if you would like more information.

Release Date: 05/06/2014

Broker Alerts

Want to send mortgage leads to your mortgage broker? Well the Webdadi Team have created an easy to use notification system to enable Webdadi users to quickly forward leads to an email address of your choice. Give us a call on 0208 246 6060 if you would like to use this new feature.

Release Date: 27/05/2014

New Template: Velocity

Our latest template that is now available. Velocity is a great template to showcase your properties to help attract new instructions.

Click here for more information.

Release Date: 20/05/2014

Testimonials page

A new testimonials page is now available for most customers free of charge. The page displays customer feedback and a form for customers to send any news reviews to your inbox. If you want to add this page then do please give us a call.

Release Date: 09/05/2014

Area and Office Information Pages

Webdadi have created office and area information pages that are free for most Webdadi customers. The pages are an important upgrade as they provide page content for key search phrases such as ‘estate agents in Putney’ and ‘property for sale in Putney’.

The office information pages include office contact details and location, links to properties available, office information, recently added properties, let or sold properties and links to properties in areas covered by the office. To see an example please click here.

The area information pages provide information on the area useful to your applicants. This includes local photography, video, offices that cover the area, links to popular searches in this area and recently added properties in this area. To see an example please click here.

Get in touch or email us if you would like more information or would like to add this feature to your website.

Released: 14/04/2014

Rightmove real time data feeds

The new technology allows Webdadi customers to add, update or remove properties on Rightmove within seconds. It massively reduces the time in which you can market any new instructions on Rightmove.

This is a free upgrade for any customer that uses Webdadi to publish their property data to Rightmove. Get in touch or email us if you would like more information or would like to add this feature.

Released: 10/04/2014

Vendor & Landlord Automatic Email Alerts

Webdadi's Property Page application allows estate agents to showcase properties within Facebook.  A recent enhancement means that estate agents are now able to automatically email the vendor or Landlord when the property is listed on the app.  This encourages the seller or landlord to share the property with their friends and family.  The idea is to improve customer experience by including them in the marketing process, and to help to spread brand awareness to the local community.


Get in touch if you would like some more information or visit our social media page here


Updated: 27/02/2014

Webdadi Image Watermarker

Webdadi have built launched a new free image watermarking tool. It is a simple and easy application that takes your Jpeg images and lays a watermark over them, thus insuring that nobody can copy your image and display them elsewhere without your consent. Your watermark can be your logo or your company name, we suggest using a PNG image as these have a transparent background. The software also batch processes the images in one go so you can watermark a whole shoot in one go!

You can find this and other great free resources on our tools page.


Released: 26/03/2014

Videos Now Available in More Places

Webdadi website templates now support embedded videos in even more places.  This means that videos are now available on:

  • CMS pages (such as 'about-us')
  • Property details
  • Blog
  • Homepage

To find out more please get in contact with the team.


Click here to see an example.


Updated: 18/01/2014

Twitter Feed is Now Available on Templates

All our templates now support twitter feeds on the following pages: 

  • CMS pages (such as about us)
  • Homepages 

It looks particularly good on our "Terra" website template homepage which can you see here.


If you would like to know more get in touch with the team.


Released: 18/01/2014



When our customer service team are speaking with you they may ask you to visit our Webdadi tools which you will find on our contact us page. These tools contains a link to take control of your system to help us troubleshoot your issues.  It will also display information about your system which they may ask you to recite to assist them.  


Additionally you will find some other useful tools such as a rental price calculator, EPC generator and picture editing tools.


Click here to visit Webdadi Tools


Release Date: 06/01/2014


Nearest Stations

Want to show people how far a property is to the nearest train or tube station?

Click here for an example

FREE for most customers

Release date: 06/11/2013  

Tube Overlay

See the London tube lines overlaid on your maps.  It works on both map search and property results.

Click here to see an example

FREE for ALL customers

Release Date: 01/11/2013

Lettings Fees

From November 1st 2013 letting and estate agents are required to advertise the fees associated with renting a property.  Webdadi has a flexible solution for this.  Give us call to learn more.

FREE for ALL customers

Release Date: 05/10/2013

New Template Available: Slipstream

This new template takes users to the search results as quickly as possible with a simple search.  You have a choice of search results styles: gallery, list, or map.  The home page can feature properties, banners or both.  It comes with all the latest features which you can pick and choose based on your business objectives. 


Click here to see an example.


Release Date: 25/09/2013

Drop Down Search

Do you have a small operating area?  If so, a drop down search may provide a better solution to ensure that users always find properties when they search rather than an unhelpful "no properties found" message.


FREE for most customers


Release Date: 26/09/2013

Google Translate

We have updated our translation tool to Google's latest version, which includes more languages.  This tool isn't for everyone but if you would like us to turn it on get in touch.



FREE for most customers

Updated: 01/09/2013

Rent Conversion

Do you want to show both per week and per month rental prices on your website?  You can!  Webdadi sites offer a conversion from weekly-to-monthly, or monthly-to-weekly prices.



FREE for most customers


Release Date: 22/08/2013


Estate agents are now making use of videos to showcase properties and local areas. Videos can now be embedded into property details and other pages.



FREE for most customers


Release Date: 15/08/2013

£$€ Conversion

For estate agents that target both domestic and international clients, or those that have international properties; Webdadi offers currency conversion powered by Google.




FREE for most customers


Updated: 03/08/2013

Bounce reporting

Webdadi now checks for invalid emails and bounce-backs, then displays it in your software.  Emails will be highlighted and users can click on an "errors" button to see why they may have failed.


FREE for all customers


Release Date: 09/07/2013 

Social Media buttons

There are now more social media icons available. They are available on all template websites and every page can be shared on social media sites.  This is optional.


FREE for most clients 


Updated: 06/06/2013  

New Template Available: Panoroma

Panorama is for the agent who has stunning photography. The template is great for showing off your marketing prowess to potential landlords and vendors.


Click here to see an example.


Date: 03/04/2013


Notices Mgr

To help manage website notifications we have created a "notifications centre".  This feature enables you to update messages and information presented to your users.  By default this is turned off, so get in touch if you would like us to turn it on.




FREE for ALL customers


Release Date: 19/03/2013

Cookie policy

A bizarre EU directive that no one cares about means that you should be advertising the fact your site is using cookies.  All customers have a policy link on their page, however it is best practice (and regarded compliant) if you have a notification on your site.  This is available on all of our websites. 

FREE for ALL customers


Release Date: 19/03/2013

PDF Generator

For those using Webdadi's media generation tools your creations are now automatically saved as a PDF against the record.





FREE for ALL customers


Release Date: 04/02/2013

Updated Newsletters

Sending newsletters are a great to way reach out to your community of customers.  This ties in nicely with your blog, meaning it's pretty easy.  The newsletter will link back to your website, creating extra traffic that Google looks for when deciding where to list your site in their search results.



Updated: 16/03/2013

New Blog Feature

You can now have a blog on your website.  This is one of the best ways to keep your community informed with what you are up to and encourages return visits. More visitors will help inform Google on where to list your website in their search results.


FREE for most customers


Release Date: 16/03/2013


Our PropertyPage app allows you to showcase your properties within Facebook.  The app can be customised with your branding and is a useful tool for generating viral interest in your business.
Release Date: 10/09/2012