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SEO for estate agents

An Introduction To Search Engine Optimisation

Having spent over 12 years building websites and working to leverage the power of Google and other search engines, Webdadi has amassed a wealth of experience and created some useful technology to help it's customers make the most of Google.   Our website implementations for Faron Sutaria , Goldschmidt & Howland and Anderson Rose perform exceptionally well in their areas including highly competitive places such as Chelsea, Kensington and Notting Hill. 

Webdadi provides tools and automation to give estate agents the best possible chance of rising through the Google ranks, however it is important that businesses work with systems to give themselves the best chance. 


Below is a simple look at the areas to consider for your search engine rankings.

Well Structured

This means a site that Google can make sense of and that has logic structure that users can easily navigate. Help Google to understand your website by having your pages laid out clearly.

Descriptive URLs

A URL is the website address of a particular page.  By using a descriptive website address you are easily able to tell Google what the page is all about.

Lots of Visitors

Highly visited websites are looked upon favourable by Google, especially if there are many visited pages. Drive traffic to your website via traditional marketing means, and by using email alerts and newsletters.

Window Titles

The window title is what you will see at the top of your browser or tabbed window. Like the descriptive URLs this tells Google what the page is about.  This can be updated on a page by page basis in Webdadi CMS

Long visit times

The longer people spend on your website the more interesting Google views your site as being.  Therefore a long visit time would tell Google that there is lots of useful content for visitors.

Low Bounce Rate

A “bounce” is when someone enters a website and only visits one page.  Google will therefore view your website as not being relevant to a particular search term and ranking could drop.


Make sure that your content is relevant for your sales message and contains the keywords that you think people will type into Google and to find you.  If you don’t put this information into your web page Google will not be able to rank your website appropriately.

Regular Updates

Google dislikes stagnant pages, it views them as un-loved and therefore of little use to users. The good news for estate agents is that adding properties is adding new content.  Blogs are also a good way to offer fresh content.


Non-reciprocal are great for SEO.  This type of link can be found on webpages not hosted by you that link back to your site, and where you do not link back.  Also Google will consider a non-reciprocal link from the BBC news website as better than a link from  Get posting and involved in other websites.

Less Duplication

It is really important for search engines to see varied content and so they see duplicate content negatively.  Estate agents have an issue where property listings are often similar, in order to overcome this Webdadi informs Google of which pages are similar in order to reduce penalisation.

User Journey

Search engines like it when users spend time looking at lots of pages.  With this in mind it is important to ensure that users always have somewhere to go.  By adding 'related pages' users can click to more information once they have finished reading content on a particular web page.

Keep On Top

Use the free Google tools to understand user behaviour.  Google Analytics can show what pages people are landing on, how long they are spending on them and where they go afterwards.  This information can help you to make changes and update pages to encourage more user interaction.

Meta Data

These are less important currently but every little helps to achieve a better ranking.  Google may also update their algorithms again to give more importance to this element so it is recommended that these be kept up to date. All Webdadi websites have areas where this can be updated on a page by page basis.

XML Sitemap

This is a basic must have, as it tells Google more about your site and what pages need indexing.  Webdadi’s XML implementation means that this will organically grow as an estate agent adds more pages.

Webdadi Websites

Getting the balance between SEO, design & functionality is at the forefront of every website build. Webdadi provides SEO automation and the tools to give every estate agent customer the best possible chance of success. 


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