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Nine + Three

Bespoke Estate Agent Website Design


We dont just offer template solutions. Our team of talented designers and developers can help you create a completely bespoke website tailored to your business.

Below are a mixture of both concept designs weve created for various projects as well as live websites to showcase our work.

Fuller & Lee

You scream, I scream, we all scream for full screen!

Websites have come a long way since the early days of pixelated tiny imagery and slow internet speeds. Its now open season on high resolution media with full screen capability. This bespoke design puts imagery at the forefront of our design. Full screen photos and small interactive logo design allows the image to take centre stage. All the functionality of the site is accessed through interactive symbols, allowing a great user experience, whilst not allowing the usual necessities of functionality to dominate design.


Shields & Rowland

In the words of Iggy Pop, weve got a Lust for Life!

Buying a house isnt just about the bricks and mortar. A house represents a way of life, a lifestyle choice that incorporates the amenities of a local area.

Shields & Rowland (not their real names) tasked us with designing a website which showcased their local area, putting it at the heart of their website design.  A local agent selling what makes the properties in their area so great and putting it at the forefront of their marketing.

Apex Estates

The highest Point of achievement; a climax.

Certainly a bold choice in company name, so it was imperative we designed a website to match. Definitive lines, contours and composition form the basis of this design concept.


Weve chosen a black and white main image to increase the contrast and boldness of the home page, with clear action buttons to get straight to the point.


This website means business, and so do we.