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Webdadi Tools

Webdadi Tools is a collection of information and applications we have put together which can help estate agents day to day.


If you've been asked to come to this page by the Webdadi helpdesk, you should find your diagnostic information just below. There are also links to software which will allow us to take control of your PC should we need to do so.


Tools include:

  • Diagnostics. This will show you information about your system which our helpdesk team may ask for if they are assisting you.
  • Teamviewer Download.  Occasionally the Support team may want to take control of you computer.  This link will help them to do this.
  • Free online EPC generator.  Create EPCs fast with our simple free to use EPC creator.
  • Image Manipulation.  Free online image editing: resize, re-colour, crop and add effects to images.
  • Free online rental price converter. Select your tenancy term and see what the weekly, monthly, quarterly or daily equivalent would be.

 We frequently add new tools, so check back often!

Diagnostic Tools

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Diagnostic Tools

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Remote Support

We use TeamViewer to help diagnose and solve your support issues.

TeamViewer support is only available for use while on a desktop device, switch to a desktop machine to download and install TeamViewer quick support.

EPC Generator

Create clear and easy to read EPCs to display next to your property details. This tool is best used when not using a mobile device.


Image manipulation

We've provided some tools to allow you to do basic or advanced image manipulation.

Open - click here to launch These tools are best used when on not using a mobile device.

Watermarking Tool

Use this tool to add logo watermarks to images.

If you have already installed this app, just click launch to run it.

Launch Install Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, available here. For a full installation guide, please check our user guide (PDF).

Rental converter

Use our rental price converter to work out your weekly, or monthly price.
Enter your value:
Weekly Monthly Daily Fortnightly Quarterly Yearly