VIA Summer Release 2017

VIA Summer Release 2017

Published: 01/08/2017    Last Updated: 16/08/2017 09:36:27    Tags:

We have made a whole host of improvements to VIA, and have bundled them all in our very latest summer release.


Your website is easier to use and more configurable then it's ever been. A full list of the improvements are below:


User Interface
• A host of UI design changes to make the VIA system even easier to use


• Redesigned SEO Review section with clear actions to help improve your Website’s SEO
• Quick links to your website content
• Redesigned stats tile to give you key information about your website


List Views
• Create and edit groups to help organise your website content. All list views for Pages, Links, Items, and Blogs allow you to create groups, so you can organise your content in a way that suits you. You can even customise the colour of the folders to help you further.
• Updated action control with right click functionality
• Double click functionality

Text Editor Improvements
• The text editor menu bar will now remain at the page top when scrolling, helping you to edit your page content more easily

Reference Pages
• Pages tab shows which pages have been added as a related page for a quick reference, with quick links to easily access the page
• Items tab now displays which page(s) the item has been added to for a quick reference, with quick links to easily access the page


Adding to Page/Item/Link lists
• You can now add a related page, item, or link directly from the edit page display

Menu Simplification:
• Software change log is now accessed by clicking the version release in the top left hand corner. The logo now constantly lets you know the latest version you are using
• Settings tabs is now at the bottom of the menu
• Updated icons


Store Improvements:
• New look for the store
• Carousel views added so you can explore the full suite of Webdadi Products, Plugins and Innovations
• The store now displays which innovations you have installed
• Install innovations onto your website directly from the store

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